How to connect the joystick from PC to PS3: tips, advice, instructions


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Games on the computer and game consoles have become more convenient thanks to the gamepad. Remote management allows you to relax and play comfortably. Often players think how to connect the joystick from PC to PS3 and Vice versa. Next, we describe in detail the correct connection. What information might be useful to the user in a particular case? What to pay attention?

The Chances of the connection

First of all they have razobratsya how real the task. The main problem is that the computer and game console is different devices that support peripheral to connect the joystick from PC to ps3

The Gaming joystick from the computer can be connected to the PlayStation 3. The gamepad from the console in some cases will work on a PC. Accordingly, the chance for success is always there. Especially if you prefer joysticks from Microsoft.


There are several options for connecting your controllers. This choice often depends on the success of the task.

Today it is possible to connect the joystick using a cable or Bluetooth receiver. This includes working with a gamepad from the PC, and when playing on a console component. Note that a wired connection is easier. Wireless controllers are sometimes not recognized by the game console or computer, so it is not always possible to connect them.

What is required to connect

The Next important issue is the collection of the necessary procedures for the inventory. Without it will not work realize the idea. Fortunately, you will need a minimum of items.


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How to connect the joystick from PC to PS3? This will require:

  • Game console;
  • Controller;
  • USB cord or a Bluetooth adapter.

game joystick

Agree, nothing special. If you want to attach to a computer game joystick PS3, you can be useful extras:

  • Software emulator to configure the buttons;
  • Drivers for the controller.

It is actually much easier than it seems, so the connection of gaming controllers can handle even a novice user.

Connecting to the PS3 through the wire

In General, the task is not much different from working with a native gamepad. The presence of all requested accessories will reduce the probability of failure to a minimum. Some problems may arise when working with wireless gamepads. In the case of use in 90% of cases it is possible to hope for a successful conclusion of the operation.

How to connect the joystick from PC to PS3? To do this, simply follow the instructions. It looks approximately so:

  1. Put your gaming console in a convenient location. Connect it to a power source by means of special wires, and then to the TV or monitor.
  2. To Turn the unit on. To wait for its full loading.
  3. Connect the USB wire to the controller. Insert it in any USB hole on the console.
  4. Turn the controller. To wait for its initialization.

All of the steps over. If the PlayStation 3 supports a particular joystick from your computer, it will work. Otherwise, you will have to leave the idea. It is important that the controller was installed as a Gamepad 1.the joystick from the computer

Wireless connection to PS3

How to connect the joystick from PC to PS3 wirelessly? It is important to remember that the first work with the device must be carried out through the wire. Otherwise not be able to recognize the controller. Accordingly, he will not.

If you want to use wireless connection, you must:

  1. Connect your PS3 to the screen and to the network.
  2. Insert the USB connector of the WireLess receiver. It is sold with or separate from the controller, or bundled with it.
  3. Turn on the controller and console.
  4. Press the PS button on the controller.

No More manipulation will be required. After done action is detected joystick game console. You can play!

Important: any connection to pre-charge the controller, otherwise it simply will not turn on. Enough for 10-15 minutes of charging before starting work.

From consoles to PC

Now you know how to connect the joystick from the PC to the PS3. How to do a similar operation, but in reverse? That is, to work with the gaming controller from the PlayStation to the computer?

To Translate an idea into reality is easier than it might seem at first glance. As in the previous case, it is recommended to give preference to a wired connection, which allows to avoid many problems.

The sequence of actions when connecting the game controller from consoles boils down to the following steps:

  1. Turn on the computer and establish a connection to the Internet.
  2. Download and install the driver for a specific joystick. It will have to download a special program such as Motioninjoy.
  3. Using a cable to connect the controller to a PC.
  4. In the application click Profiles and tick the box opposite to Select one mode.
  5. Turn the controller. Wait its initialization.

After synchronization is complete on the joystick will light up a light bulb. This is a sign that it was done right. Configuring the joystick is implemented with the help of additional software xPadder.configure joystick

In the case of the wireless controller you will need:

  1. To Install the driver for your controller on your PC.
  2. To Insert a computer WireLess receiver.
  3. Charge the controller and turn it on.
  4. On the computer to find Bluetooth joystick and click on "Connect".

Fast, easy and convenient. Now we understand how to connect the joystick from PC to PS3 and Vice versa. Even a novice user can handle the task!


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