IFIs middle class HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF: the perfect balance of price and quality


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Multifunction device entry-level with good technical specs, affordable price and an impressive monthly print volume-HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF. This is a universal solution that combines a printer, scanner and copying machine, and go further.

hp laserjet pro m1536dnf

This Niche is a multi-function device

Any MFP HP by default is the quality. Is no exception in this respect and is the product considered in this review. An impressive volume of monthly printing, various additional options (e.g. integrated Fax), fairly substantial cost indicate that the manufacturer of this product is referred initially to the decisions of the middle class. An additional argument in this case is the speed in which the apparatus if inferior only printing and copying devices premium.

Primary market segment for this device — are the offices of primary and secondary level. In the first case, the number of PCs should be less than 7, and the second — not to exceed 25. In any case with the documents within such organizations is the hero of this article without any problems cope. Another use of this MFP may be a copying or duplicating center. It is also possible to use such a multifunctional device at home, but only in this case it is necessary to consider a sufficiently high value, and the validity of its use from an economic point of view.


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List configuration

Complete this multi-function device includes the following components:

  • Device.
  • Cable of the power supply system.
  • Interface cable to implement connection to a personal computer.
  • Cord for realizing the Fax function.
  • Guidance on installation, connection and configuration.
  • CD with drivers and electronic version of the document.
  • Cartridge the start.
  • Cover for control panel.

MFP hp

Print Technology, the possible values for permission, the list of formats

HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF is based on the technology of laser printing. It can print only in black and white, and uses only the toner of black color. The same applies to the mode of obtaining copies, and a Fax machine. But the scanner in this case supports the possibility of obtaining electronic copies of color, the depth of which is limited to 24 bits. Mode printer the highest resolution value of 600 corresponds to aX600. This same value is true for mode copiers. If you use an MFP as a Fax, the maximum that you can count on — 300X300. But the presence of the improved sensor of the scanner allows in this case to 1200X1200. The Largest print size in this case — A4. You can also print and any other smaller print size. Both standard and custom.

hp laserjet pro m1536dnf cartridge

Cartridge: his model of the resource

As noted earlier, only the toner of black color dressed HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF. Cartridge Model HP 78A Black something more does not allow to. It one filling the assurances of the manufacturer should be enough for 2000 copies. Well, the monthly volume of printing of the MFP-8000 pages. That is, when the most intense mode of use of the device the cartridge will have to refuel 4 times a month.

Communication Suite

Only wired connection methods include the HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF MFP. The first of them — that USB. Is the primary method of switching a variety of duplicating and printing machines. Its main disadvantages is the need to position the MFP close to your PC and the functions of the print server on the last. There is also an alternative way of organizing the printing subsystem in this case — it is using port RJ-45 And the computer network. In this case, the print server, multifunction printer, and this approach within the office is more reasonable.

hp laserjet pro m1536dnf mfp


Quite good performance in terms of speed boasts MFP medium level HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF. In the printer mode, it is possible to obtain 25 monochrome prints. In Fax mode, the hero of this review material can issue 1 page after 3 seconds. A lower speed in the case of using the copy or scan. In this case, the number of processed pages will be no more than 10-12 pieces.

Reviews. The price of the MFP at the moment

For its class, excellent technical spec boasts HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF. The price is currently 9000 rubles. Given the fact that this product is aimed at offices, primary and secondary level, it becomes apparent that he is in this part of the market of printing and copying equipment excellent prospects. Cons he has no significant, and the pros were previously marked on the text. Among them: high performance, an impressive set of interfaces and the ability to use MFP as a full print server. Also do not forget that this multifunction device is equipped with integrated Fax.

hp laserjet pro m1536dnf price


Balanced all-in-one is HP Laserjet PRO M1536DNF. It is perfect for offices small and even average. It is worthy of the hero of this article will look even in a large company, employing over 100 people. Also perfect is the MFP for copy shop. Essentially, this is a versatile product that can be successfully applied to all conditions. And excellent technical specifications in such a situation would be a nice bonus, which will further improve the situation and make a purchase of this MFP even more justified.


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