What to do if Steam client bootstrapper is not responding


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Many computer users are passionate about computer games. Each person has their own favorite game, a favorite publisher and, of course, our beloved genre. Games cost money, but some gamers do not look at the price and gladly give the last penny to maintain the priority of the publisher. Steam is a marketplace, where it annually sells millions of copies of different games, but sometimes errors occur where the Steam client bootstrapper is not responding. In this article we will show ways of solving problems.

What is Steam?

steam client bootstrapper not responding

To a certain point, there was no unified trading platform where publishers can sell their products Internet. Everything was by the method of “hand in hand”, thus had to pay for premises, employees and more. With the advent of a single trading platform there are plenty of communities where people talked about their impressions of what the game is good, and what - not, and when will the next discount.

Steam – is not merely a website with a shopping platform, but also a universal application for computers, which run licensed games bought there. Summer and winter discounts there is a global gathering excitement from year to year. Steam itself determines the price for each game. Than obree revolutionary and colorful, and the higher its price, i.e. the trading platform does not lose money when doing huge discounts, up to 90%. Moreover. the publisher gets a percentage, and Playground.

When the application starts, sometimes there is a problem: Steam client bootstraper does not respond, what's stopping a good time in the game. This article highlights the cause of the problem, prevention and elimination.


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Why is not responding Steam client bootstrapper

steam client bootstrapper is not responding what to do

This problem often occurs when you overload the RAM or in the case when the computer is switched on. As you know, when you start the system all necessary kernel components are unloaded in memory, and over time, if some part is not used, it is unloaded to the hard drive again. When you run a potential problem in the case where one of the main elements of the Steam application is loaded incorrectly, causing Steam client bootstraprer does not respond or enters an infinite loop, which is impossible subsequent launch of the application.

The Possible problem may be insufficient amount of disk space you are trying to accommodate the updates, or the hard drive suffered damage. Hard disk is quite fragile: even the slightest vibration of the reading head can move, which fails partition or damage the head.

Steam client bootstrapper is not responding: what to do in this situation

why aren't you answering steam client bootstrapper

As already mentioned, the root cause may be the startup apps while the computer is turned on. This problem is completely solved in the following way:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the task bar and select “task”.
  2. Among several points, find the “Processes”.
  3. Processes, find Steam bootstraper, select it and click the bottom button called "End process".
  4. Now it is possible to prevent the subsequent emergence of the problem, go to “Startup”.
  5. Disable the startup of the Steam application click the “Off”.

After doing this activity, the problem will no longer bother you, however, have to enable Steam alone when the system is fully booted. The problem with the hard drive solved the liberation of the occupied space, then the app will work properly.


I Hope that this article has helped you to cope with the problem when Steam client bootstrapper is not responding. Remember that timely care ensures the prevention of virtually any problem the operating system and applications.

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