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Many users of mobile devices based on operating systems Android want to watch TV, clip art, listen to music or audiobooks directly on your device. And, as evidenced by reviews, is better suited for this universal program Kodi. Configuring Kodi on “Android” beginner user may initially cause some difficulties. Meanwhile, if you look in the main menu, nothing too complicated here. But about all under the order.

What is Kodi?

Application Kodi is a unique media hub that can replace and “iron” (or software) player, and TV, and TV console.

configure kodi

Capabilities of the program so that the user can not only watch TV programs but also to view pictures, video clips and listen to music online, to broadcast the signal to the TV and control the TV directly on the computer with installed stationary analogue from your mobile device as if the user was holding the remote control. All the settings first may seem somewhat unusual, but particular complex did not.

Kodi: installing and configuring in the first stage

First, as expected, the app need to install by downloading it from the Google Play store. At this stage of the difficulties should not be.

However, if the installation is done using the APK file downloaded from the repository, the parameters of the device you want to enable the item permits installation from other sources.

configure kodi xbmc

After installation and first launch the application, it will meet you a somewhat unusual interface in English. To avoid difficulties with translation, first configure Kodi in terms of the language used should be changed.


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configure kodi tv

To Carry out such action in the system tab, clicking on the points System > Appearance > International > Language selecting the desired language from the list.

Setup Kodi XBMC: install text encoding and keyboard settings

The Next step – set the text encoding. At this point, you should pay special attention, because even if the fact that the text will have to enter not so often, to change the settings only in this section.

configure kodi for Android

The default value is English QWERTY keyboard layout. It can not be changed, although if you want you can choose any other of the options in the list.

“Expert” and advanced options

Next, you must configure Kodi to expand by going into expert mode, tap on the corresponding field.

After that, many users will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the parameters can be configured and weather (even "predict" the application is able). Here, too, especially nothing complicated. Along the way, in the section file types it should be noted that it is necessary.

Customize splash

But configure Kodi for the screen saver – a thing very interesting. By default, the user has two preset options: dimming and complete blackening.

However, if you tap on the item “More”, you can abandon the use of the standard screen savers and install, say, a random change of images at some site on the Internet.

Also quite interesting options seems to install as a screen saver RSS feeds. In addition, you can use Video Screensaver that allows you to set the screensaver any video, offering more and download the beautiful screensavers with aquarium, falling snow, fireplaces, etc.

Fonts and sounds

Now it is necessary to pay attention to the section of the cover. Configuring Kodi on the Russian language enables the use of standard and non-standard fonts.

In this section, you can choose big font (it is recommended to use it because the increased will be all the controls). The sounds that accompany an action, you can turn off (like how it is done in the settings sound schemes Windows systems).

kodi set up TV

Again, to select a skin, use the button “”, then you can choose something to your liking. But at least the weather is set, only the list of service providers it is better to choose Open Weather or Weather along the way, Met and specify your own location plus – a data display parameters (C, a wind speed, etc.).


For the settings Kodi asked to choose two options from the preset. But the main problem is that additional topics do not support Russian language, so this will have to accept.

On the other hand, it all depends on the version of the program or even the operating system itself.

Video Options

Now, briefly about the video settings. If you use non-basic and advanced mode settings, you can find quite a lot.

In principle, particularly dwell on them makes no sense. Here and so all is clear. Choose what you need. But one parameter that deserves special attention. It is possible to use the forced 3D effect, or as it's called in the settings of stereoscopic images.


With the settings of the music is not so simple. It seems to be the main parameters are the same as in a regular software player, but for information about tracks and albums from the Internet (like ID3 tags) as a source it is better to choose Universal Scrapper.

configure kodi torrent tv

But setting to preferences in getting information online is better off. The fact is that when you download it fully supersedes all existing tags.

In the playback settings there are setup options steps of rewinding and setting the automatic volume level not only for a single track, but the album as a whole (a function is very necessary).

The lists of files you can specify how to display information about them. Karaoke and CD-ROM all the options can be left unchanged (it is unlikely that most users will want to attach the drive to the mobile device, since it is quite impractical and difficult). Well, if you want to sing, this is optional.


Finally, a few words about how it is set up Kodi TV module. Most users install the app mainly just to watch TV (his main purpose).

configure kodi in Russian

In the app Kodi set up TV made in the relevant section of the PVR modules. To use them is not necessary. In Kodi setup Torrent-TV or regular online broadcasting involves the use of only one module, the PVR Simple Client on which you want to tap and turn it on. The others can be safely disabled.

Later in the section “Menu/OSD" of the need to install switching channels on the display the channel information on the device screen at the time.

Under programs, but here is an update, it is desirable to increase to about 700 minutes, which will help conserve battery power.

But the option of playback last channel it is better to activate. Then when you log into the app you can watch TV, even if you are just going to listen to music.

Then you can adjust the delay time of channel switching. This is useful when quickly scrolling from one channel to another, and not when you select the desired channel by pressing the numeric buttons. Here you can set the recording of the selected channel, while playlists and Torrent the TV it looks downright irrelevant.


So media figured out. Now consider what is offered as add-ons. The first and foremost, enable automatic updates, since application functionality is constantly expanding and supplemented with new modules.

kodi installation and configuration

To Install updates to the modules can be immediately from the repository. However, it is entirely in English, so you can download the Russian version and then use the install from ZIP archive. But as a repository you can use Sippius.

Incidentally, all add-ons sorted by category. For example, if you use audio books, you just need to select the appropriate item and click on the install button.

Video is also simple. Many users prefer the Ukrainian resource FS.UA or Russian portal MY-HIT.RU. You can find almost anything. You can also set the the Torrent-TV.

As a source of information, it is better to choose “MMORPG”. Additionally, you can use fotodepene that allow you to upload and view images from the social network "Vkontakte»....

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