How to run GTA 5 on low-end PCs? Tips


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GTA 5-the cult game in the popular genre of third-person shooter. The developers of the company Rockstar Games once again delight fans of one of the biggest series in the gaming industry. The fifth part of all elements of the game were finalized and brought to mind. The world has turned to be the most detailed and alive. The plot has reached a new level of humor, satire and passions. The game was released in 2012 on consoles of the previous generation. Players on personal computers for a very long time waiting for the release on their platform. With the advent of a new generation of consoles the game was released on the PC. In this article you will learn how to run GTA 5 on low-end PCs and what it takes.

how to run GTA 5 on PC


All fans of the series remember the fourth part of the series GTA, which after migration to personal computers has received the title of the most unoptimized games. Since the project was originally developed for consoles, the PC was in serious trouble. The game loaded the CPU, while leaving it without a working graphics card. Craftsmen are constantly releasing patches, textures of lower resolution, and many other fixes, which are slightly stabilized the work. GTA 4 still is slow on most modern computers.

With the fifth part, things are much better. At least the players and had to wait more than a year, but they got a full game for the PC, not the curve port from consoles. The game safely run on medium and low configuration with the proper settings. People play with laptops and have fun. However, the configurations that are below the minimum requirements for the game, run and optimize the graphics is quite difficult. How to run GTA 5 on low PC with no lag? Let's start with the easiest ways.


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how to run GTA 5 on low PC's no lag

System requirements

Start by comparing the performance of your personal computer with minimum system requirements. On your computer should be 4-core processor Intel or AMD with 2.5 GHz or higher, minimum 4 GB RAM, 2 GB of video memory with support for DirectX 10 and newer, 65 GB of space on the hard drive for installation. These are the minimum requirements to run the game. However, this does not mean that with this system you will get rid of the lag on the minimum graphics quality settings.

how to run GTA 5 on low PC 32 bit

How to run GTA 5 on PC: simple tips

The First thing to reduce all the graphics settings to minimum. The performance is strongly influenced by the screen resolution, so it is recommended to reduce it. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you will get a grainy picture which will weary eyes. In the settings menu you will see a progress bar of video memory. When the strip turns white, stop «kill» graphics – your video card will handle the load.

Not the last role in performance is played by the computer processor. If you have a good graphics card, but frankly the old and weak processor, then wait for the constant freezes and brakes. In this case, you will have to change the processor to increase performance.

Third Party programs

Reduce load on hardware of the computer by disabling third-party software. Be sure to close browsers, desktop widgets and other third-party processes that are not system. After that, start the game and check the performance. The number of frames per second (FPS) you can check using a small utility FRAPS which can be downloaded for free on the Internet. The optimal number of frames per second – 25 or 30 (the more you have a weak computer or do not receive). Now look at how to run GTA 5 on low-end PCs using utilities from graphics card manufacturers.

how to run GTA 5 on low PC peek-a-Boo

Nvidia Experience and the AMD Catalyst

These two utilities will help to optimize the performance of your video card and graphics settings in the game. With both programs you can configure the video card to performance mode. Because of this, the picture will lose in quality (it will appear “ladder” on the faces of the objects, quality textures and anti-aliasing will be reduced and so on), but you will get a few treasured shots in GTA 5.

Utility from "NVIDIA" to optimize the graphics settings automatically. You just add GTA 5 to the library program and click “Optimize”. Now you know how to run GTA 5 on low-end PCs using the software. However, this option is not suitable for very old configurations. Here you will have to take more drastic measures. In the beginning of the game's release on PC craftsmen began to lay out the patches to replace the textures with lower resolution. Many Amateur fashion be removed from the game shadows, reflections and other delights which satisfied the owners of more powerful computers.

How to run GTA 5 on low PC: patch texture

With this patch you can reduce the graphics settings of GTA 5 more than allow the tools built in the game. Download Pak Extreme Low End PC Settings and extract to your computer. You need to replace the file settings.xml. It is highly recommended to copy the original file in case if the mod doesn't work.

The installation of GTA 5 will disappear almost all the shadows, textures will be replaced by low resolution. You will immediately notice the increase in frames per second. This method is the most effective to date. Now you know how to run GTA 5 on low-end PCs (32 bit and 64 bit).

how to run GTA 5 on low PC patch

More help

If you tried everything described in this article ways and not achieved a positive result, it is recommended to upgrade your old computer. Also on the Internet you can find a lot of workarounds and tips from fans of the game. A site where you will find lots of advice on how to run GTA 5 on low-end PCs – peek-a-Boo. It is often spread tips with detailed guidance and appropriate references.


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