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In recent years, becoming more and more important problem is selecting a suitable information storage device. Famous CDs, first appeared in 1982, passed a long and glorious path of development. Initially on this disk you can store 700 MB of data (the first model with a 650 MB quickly evolved). With the growth of software distributions took more capacious disks – so there is a DVD. Currently, all popular Blu-Ray technology, with its 25 GB or more capacity. But increasingly, there are opinions that the development of CDs for backup and storage of information will end, giving way to solid-state media. It is not always obvious, but progress in this area particularly closely laptop owners. Replace the CD-ROM or install inside the system unit of a personal computer for additional hard disk is not a difficulty. But in laptops it is not so simple. The usual way the second hard drive on the laptop can not deliver, because inside the case components are densely Packed and no free space.

However, with the development of the USB bus, there are a lot of devices, including external hard drive for a laptop. Unlike the usual varieties for indoor installation, such hard disk drives (HDD) have a USB interface, supports “hot” the connection/disconnection devices (which was not, for example, IDE). Hard drive for laptop connects with just a USB cable coming from the HDD, to include in any free the corresponding port on the laptop. In the result, the operating system will determine the fact of connection and, if the disk already has a file system will automatically assign a drive letter, allowing you to work with the device. If you select the external USB drive is recommended to pay attention to a way of organizing power. Some models to communicate with the laptop using USB, but to power small external unit that is less convenient. Others do not require such a unit, with 500mA from the port (or 1 And, in the case of using Y-Cable). Still, it is worth noting that the models with power supply often have higher performance and capacity. External HDD is most often used as a backup storage for sensitive data or portable device (remember CD-ROMs).


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Hard disk for laptop and computer (PC) to choose   different. If PC is the main criterion for performance and capacity, for portable models to the list of added energy efficiency. Because mobile computer should run on batteries for a long time, which is why hard drive for laptop is almost never the case with 10,000 rpm spindle. This would be very wasteful in terms of battery consumption.

Purchasing an internal hard drive for laptop, you must determine the type of interface. At the moment there are two: IDE and SATA. Between themselves, they are not compatible, so the interface and HDD controller on the motherboard must match.

Spindle Speed (RPM) determines the performance, heat and energy consumption. The fastest models with 7200 rpm, a compromise – 5400, and the slowest (there are less) – 4200. The higher the speed, the more heat and energy costs.

One of the characteristics of hard disk drive – the amount of cache memory. What it is, the better.

Currently, there are drives based on solid state flash memory. They have no moving mechanical parts, have low power consumption, low weight and speed characteristics approaching (and even ahead) analogues with magnetic disks inside. One of the drawbacks-high cost.

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