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Today we talk about Sniper Elite 3. The passage will be discussed below in detail. We will gradually describe all the steps that must be taken to overcome the most difficult places.

Sniper Elite 3: walkthrough siege

sniper elite 3 walkthroughThe City of Tobruk, located in North Africa is an important strategic point. It is impossible to give. Here the unfolding events of Sniper Elite 3. The passage begins with the appearance of a soldier who requests to eliminate snipers. Go out into the street. Sit down near the wall. Two of the enemy marked with a marker. Eliminate them. Went down. Find a spotter and are fixed to the enemies stopped attacking us with mortars. On the horizon is an enemy machine gun. He thus fastened to the car. Include a special vision. Shoot under the hood or in the tank. There will be an explosion. In the game Sniper Elite 3 (PC) and enemy roadblocks. It was their now we have to find. Play the card. Determined approximate location of the enemy. Follow through the mountains to the North. We pass through the gorge. Eliminate two opponents. Exit the cave. On the map occurs 4 checkpoint. At each and 3-4 of the enemy. We try to eliminate them. Are quiet. Completing the sweep. The plane opens the way for us, blowing up the gorge. Go on it further.


sniper elite 3The next phase of the game Sniper Elite 3 introduces us to the enemy General Valena. He possesses important information. We need to find data relating to the General. We find ourselves in the oasis Gaberoun. We pass through the bushes. Eliminate the enemy. See garrison. It is necessary to eliminate an officer. You can clean the camp directly from a height. The other option is that we proceed along the path to the left, and find ourselves in the center of the gathering of opponents. Remove all. Inspect the body of our goal. Eliminate the following three officers. Scour body. Follow to the river. Go along it. Come across a gathering of opponents. Throw a grenade at them. Finds the corpse of the officer and searched him. Then follow through the ruins. We were crossing the road. Go to the tents. Go to the first. Wait for the officer. Are fixed and inspected. Follow the left side of the garages. On the way, blow up the vehicles with ammunition. Pass directly. See the temple. It is our ultimate goal. Continue the path through the ruins, and then the bushes. Enters the box structure. Quietly eliminate the guard, and also the purpose. We note. Away goes the enemy convoy. Laying on the road bomb. Leaving the territory through the checkpoint.


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Gorge Halfie

sniper elite 2We Continue to look for Valena. To ensure the promotion of the friendly unit, destroying anti-tank setup and the enemy's camp. To do this, follow the first point. Looking through binoculars. Notice the red barrel, standing near the guns. Shoot it. Our first goal will destroy the explosion. Follow through the village, follow the rocks to the left. Go left at the intersection. Follow the trail towards the mountain. Here game Sniper Elite 3 prepares us to meet the second objective. It can be seen in the hole next to the barrel. Eliminate the enemy by exhaust method. Go right on the left side of the mountains. Climb up, then right. Eliminate the Outpost with four opponents. Then go upstairs and to the right. Fixed on the tower guard. Go to his place. Take the rocket launcher and destroy the target, which is located on the territory of a neighboring gorge. Go to the exit. Along the way we meet a familiar city, and in it the tank. Surround it. Attack the middle apertures. The tank will explode after four accurate hits. Reunited with the group.

Fort Rufugio

sniper elite 3 pcOpponents hold hostage our partner. It is necessary to save. First of all get to the Fort. To do this, go directly, bypassing the house. Guards using melee. Go in the building on the left side. Throw a grenade at opponents on the right. Go straight. Go to the tower. Eliminate the guard in the room on the right, inspect his body. We need to get to the most distant tower. Go quietly. Get on the right tower. To do this, climb up. Open the cage. Speak with the prisoner. Conduct him to the place from which we came. Occupied firing position. Eliminate enemies on the way partner.

Siwa Oasis

sniper elite 3 mechanicsGo through the bushes at a clearing in the isolated closed city. The Central area has a certain height, which is easy to follow the opponents. Went down. Go through the maze. Eliminate opponents. Climb up 3 stairs. Watching the three officers. Mark all. One will be our goal. Watching him with binoculars. As soon as the officer receives the necessary documents, eliminate it. Taking the folder. Go to the right. Destroy the tank near the gate. Unite with the troops. Destroy the remaining enemies in the city, then leave it.

Kasserine Pass

sniper elite 3 cheatsOn the site of the pass located a top-secret base Valena. We need to get to her, and then to steal important documents from the safe. Go to the enemy base through the gorge directly. We need to destroy the three points of collection of enemies. Climb up the mountain. Shoot the red barrels. Go to the North. We pass on territory of a staff of Valena. Study the documents lying on the table. Important information is hidden in the safe. Come back. Find the officer and eliminate him. Go to the temple. Open the safe. Now you need to follow to meet with a partner. Go to the place where it was destroyed by the posts. Our friend killed. We should destroy the tank. After that, destroy the enemy and bury the other.

Airfield and the Pont Du FA

Before proceeding to the final assault, it is necessary to deprive the enemy of military support. Go down, go left to the barracks. We pass quietly along the corridor. After follow left. Open the gate, through which you can penetrate the underground area of the military base. Penetrate in through any entrance. Eliminate the soldiers. Access to the centre. Inspect the documents. Liberating allies. Return to the place of beginning of the mission. Eliminate the scout, set right on the tower, and also a detachment of soldiers under it.

Startup and break-in

If you decide to use a version of the game "Sniper Elite 3: Mechanics", your computer must meet certain requirements. It needs to be set to any of the current versions of Windows. CPU suitable Intel 2.0 GHz or Athlon 2.4. RAM should be 2 GB or more. Graphics card - 512 MB. You will also need compatible with DirectX sound card, mouse, keyboard and 19.5 GB of free disk space.

Now let's look at how to circumvent the rules in Sniper Elite 3. Cheats installed as a separate add-ons that you must first download. In particular, let's consider the possibilities from trainer by MaxTre. First you need to appropriately set the application previously by installing the game Sniper Elite 3. Codes can be entered during the game. They are represented with the digits 1 to 9, each responsible for a specific ability. So, in order to gain immortality, enter code 1. Endless cartridge open figure 2. Remove cooldown you can use keys 3. Items and grenades can become endless, if you click on the 4. Maximum accuracy will help to achieve launched in trainer code 6. Destroy the enemy with one shot is possible by means of keys 7. Quickly to restore the heart rate helps a figure 8. To achieve the capacity to store 50 rounds will help figure 9. You can also speed up or slow down the game by pressing “+” and “−”.

Previous version

sniper elite 3 cheatsNow I will shortly tell about the game Sniper Elite 2, because it also deserves attention. Events describe the battle of Berlin during April and may 1945. The main character will capture scientists involved in the creation of a special missile program called V-2. He also needs to destroy a missile aimed at London, before its launch. The main character of Sniper Elite 2 is the name of Charles Fairbairn. He's at the end of the war, abandoned in besieged Berlin. There he performs the public task. The story has a certain similarity with the operation “Clip”, which was aimed at the recruitment of German scientists for cooperation and work in the USA. So we figured out all the intricacies of the game Sniper Elite 3. The passage was described in detail.

Finally, a few words about the reviews. The game received a mostly positive response. Among the advantages you need, beautiful graphics, good localization. The disadvantages usually related to mistakes in the schedule, not sufficiently developed artificial intelligence, bad storytelling. Some users complain of the monotony of action and the very high price of the licensed version. Some reviewers talking about the fact that sometimes the enemy can not see even close to it. There are also complaints of excessive similarity between different parts of the series.


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