The App "Periscope". What is it? Why need this app?


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With the development of the Internet began to appear a huge number of applications to users for every taste, which are constantly supplemented with new opportunities, adjusting to the convenience of the customer.

With the advent of new applications much easier life. So, with all the well-known Skype has the opportunity to communicate with people from different corners of the planet, AliExpress Shopping gave the opportunity to shop through your smartphone, without leaving home, and Shazam will recognize any song, if you do not know the artist and title.

Along with the most popular applications you can allocate released in 2015, the app Periscope. The number of people using them, in August of the same year reached 10 million.

App "Periscope" - what is it?

This app from the makers of Twitter allows in real time to exercise and watch live video directly from your mobile phone. For example, did you notice something amazing. Then include the app and the camera and broadcast it to millions of users.

periscope it

I Wonder what really means the word "periscope". The meaning of the word: it is an optical instrument used for observation from the shelter. This interpretation can easily understand the essence of the application.

How to install the "Periscope" on the phone?

Log in to the app using the Twitter social network or mobile phone number.

  1. A Downloadable app on Google Play.
  2. Go to "Periscope" through a Twitter account.
  3. Select the user name.
  4. Included in the application.

If you go to "Periscope" through the phone, in the second paragraph you must enter a mobile phone number to receive your verification code via SMS and enter it.


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periscope social network

The Purpose of the application "Periscope"

"the Periscope" - SOC. new generation network, which allows everyone to solve their problems. For viewing the broadcast is an opportunity to learn a lot from different parts of the planet, and for filming video - a chance to show not only the interesting moments of his life, but also conduct master classes. The application allows you not only watch video, but also to communicate with the author and other participants.

Advanced features of the application Periscope

  • After the broadcast to make it available for viewing in replay mode.
  • You Can set a limit on viewing of the broadcast that it was only available to specific users.
  • Broadcasts can be shared on Twitter.
  • Offers a Periscope to view the video users, but you can cancel the notifications in the settings.
  • The more hearts your videos get, the higher you are in the list of top events.

periscope the meaning

Application Rules

It's Easy to understand what a "Periscope". That is why, we already know. Special attention should be paid to the rules that absolutely can not violate, otherwise follow the account. So, you cannot:

  • Use the app for any illegal purpose;
  • To disclose the confidential information;
  • Impersonate another person;
  • To buy and sell accounts;
  • Spam during the broadcasts.

How to view and broadcast?

When you run the application opens a tab Periscope, which displays a list of running and recent broadcasts. You must click on the selected videos and you can start viewing. It is worth remembering that video is available the day after airing, this is done in order to focus on broadcasts in real time.

To create a movie, you need to go into the app and enable video broadcast. After this "Periscope" will send a push notification to all your subscribers. Don't forget to include an interesting title for the video and the place where you're recording.

The Application can be used not only on phones, can also be "Periscope" on the computer to install and conduct broadcasting from a web camera.

periscope on computer

Many, of course, interested in the question of where to find people who can follow? It's very simple. To do this, go to the tab "Users" select those who interest you, and subscribe to the broadcast. Every time you will receive a notification about the initiated records of these people. You can also subscribe to users of a man who is already in your "Favorites", which you need to log in its subscription profile. If you are reading someone on Twitter, when you sign up in the "Periscope" you will see it in the tab "Users".

The application has the ability to block users, and inclusion in the black list. In this case, you cease to see these participants.

If you still do not understand, "the Periscope" - what is this app, you definitely need to try it on personal experience. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Thus understood, the "Periscope" is what this application is, you have replenished its Arsenal of tools used. We can say unequivocally that Internet users who do not neglect new opportunities, willing to use a "Periscope". We can conclude that the program is an application of the future that allows you to see the world through the eyes of other people.

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