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Today we consider the passage of Styx: Master of Shadows. We are talking about exciting game, the main story campaign which will be in detail described below.


walkthrough styx master of shadowsWalkthrough Styx: Master of Shadows begins with the interrogation of the protagonist by the mayor of the city. In this case, our hero will remember their own past. The game starts.

So, go ahead. Jump up and get to the opposite side by the beams. Follow through the corridors. Went down. Lights out in order for the guards not to see us. Now we can navigate in the dark. Get to the room and find the knife on the table. Take it. Leave the room. Jump on the carpet. Eliminate the enemy. Jump up. Go past the guards. Open the gate using the lever. Get into the next room. We have to walk three enemies through the window, and then hide the Central table. We pass the corridor, break open the lock and move to the plant. Pressed against the wall. Go right, avoiding the guards, turn left, take the bottle of amber drink it. Create your clone, they begin to manage. Sneak through the grate, open the gate. Go straight, climb up on the right column. We pass the beam straight. Eliminate the guard at the bottom. To reach the next room. Use amber vision to see enemies. Go right, jump down into the hole. Follow to the left. We pass the sleeping guard. We pass to the refuge. Jump down. Talk to the man in the corner. He will open the floodgates. Leave the room, along the way with all the negotiations. Walking down the corridor. Talking to next counter. Go out into the square. Walk quietly past the guards to the wall. Open it. Take necessary documents on the table. With the help of amber's abilities to become invisible, to get past the guards. Climb on the building, we pass to the desired point and follow in their shelter. Here we find many useful vials and can improve ability. After the movie talking with the elder. From him we will get the job.

The atrium Akansha

game styx master of shadowsGo along the corridor, go out into the air. Follow the stairs on the left. Past the guards, climb the wall. Making their way to the Embassy. Go to the pointer, passing the guards, and the room. Go into the room where the map is. Take the schedule. Go to the Hector, talking to him. Further guards, not allowing them to kill our friend. Committed a long way and into a room where is a statue. Alternately activate the lever. The result will be a map on the walls. Go back to the shelter.


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The Mission is done.

Skeleton Key

Walkthrough Styx: Master of Shadows continues the mission where we have to get to the ancient tree. In order to have access to it, need to get the key. Quietly go through the corridors and the steps leading upstairs. We need to catch the eye of the guards and come to a long bridge. Throws down the two guards, the rest of the round. Turn right. Move along the walls and small ledges. Overcoming the long trail. Move to the right. Hide behind the crates. Lights out. We reach the gate. Go to the docks. We get to the train station. Sneaking into the trunk, it will allow access to the desired location.

If you follow these steps, success is assured.


styx master of shadows reviewNow we understand the secrets of the game Styx: Master of Shadows, the review will present in this section. Events in which we will participate, taking place in the world of dark fantasy. Game Styx: Master of Shadows was created by Cyanide Studio and combines the capabilities of spy RPG. The main character is Styx – Goblin, who for two hundred years. He was the first representative of his people. Elves and Men particular protect the World Tree, in which is hidden the mystery of the origin of the race of goblins. Styx will discover all the secrets hidden in the tower. Here we have considered the passage of Styx: Master of Shadows, and gave a brief description of this game.

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