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Annoying is today – the reality of our lives. Going to any useful website, the user will in most cases see a huge amount of completely unnecessary information, presented in the form of vivid images, pop up Windows, flashing banners, etc. At some point, these distracting elements begin terribly annoying. In this article we'll talk about how to disable ads in “Opera”.

how to disable ads in Opera

The easiest way

The simplest method to get rid of annoying images, you can consider installing the extension Adblock (Adblock) to “Opera”. This Supplement is designed specifically for blocking ads. You can install it in a couple of clicks. So, how to disable ads in “Opera”, using this extension? First of all, you need to click the browser menu and go to extensions - "to Select the extension". After that “Opera” will open a new tab which will be loaded by the addon. Here in the search bar should drive the word Adblock, and then click on the magnifying glass icon. 

This opens a page with the correct extension. Clicks first row Adblock, and then in the form that appears on the big green button. In the popped up window, click “Install”. That's all. No advertising to bother you no more.

Adblock Configuration

how to remove ads in Opera

This useful extension, you can configure yourself. Sometimes it so happens that some unwanted links and pictures still remain prominent on the page. To understand how to remove ads in the “Opera” all, you just need to click on the icon of the installed add-ons in the top right corner of the browser. After this POPs up the settings menu. The link or the picture to view junk, you will need to click the left mouse button, and then click on the paragraph settings "to Block ads on this page”. After that, the selected item will disappear. Also, if you wish, you can block ads all over the site. For this there is a menu item called "don't run on pages on this domain”.

How to remove ads without using extensions

Ad Blocking in “Opera” is possible without the use of supplements. To remove from the page with unnecessary pictures, you just need to click on it right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select “Block content”. Then at the top of the page you will see the band with a round red icon. Next, you need to click on to view unwanted items. On the strip you will click on the “Ready”.

Block the address of the advertiser

ad blocker in Opera

On the question on how to disable ads in the Opera, there is another answer. The user will simply need to remove from the page the result of some scripts. The fact that the contextual advertising that you see on most sites, taken mainly from the same sources. When this is inserted it to the page with the help of JavaScript.

In order to get rid of the ad unit, you need to click on the words …advertising… or “Is from the…”, located usually at the top, right click and click in the drop-down menu on the line “Inspect element”. Then in the bottom of the browser window will open with a code block. The main task - to find a place with an address that begins, as expected, with http going after the tag img src=.... It will need to be copied to the clipboard (Ctrl + C). Next, open the tab “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Content”. In the appeared window in the field “Add” paste the copied address. You will need to erase all characters to the word .com and put him /*. Then press “Ready”. Now pictures of the blocked advertiser will not appear on any of the viewed network pages.

As you can see, the question of how to disable ads in “Opera”, especially a complex one. There are several methods of getting rid of unnecessary pictures and blocks. The easiest way is just to install the extension Adblock.

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