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In games, usually there are special cheats. For example, the code for "the Sims 3" for happiness points. They quite often use because these points provide access to new items, and earning points is difficult. So let's talk how you can use cheats in "the Sims".code for Sims 3 for the points of happiness

Cabbage - not important...

If someone already played in any part of "the Sims", then he is probably familiar with the difficulty of earning money. Sometimes a lack of it prevents the player to enjoy all the features. Therefore, there is a code of money in "the Sims 3". It allows you to add a certain amount to the Treasury cimolino your gaming family. Agree that to start the game in a penthouse better than ending with a huge family of Sims in a small house. So to use this method of "earnings" - it is a normal solution that does not prevent the study of all possibilities toys.

First you need To know how to enter "the Sims 3" cheats. Those who are already familiar with a ruler and a cheat, I know how to do it. For newcomers to announce: during the game press Ctrl + Shift + C. you will then see a white line at the top of the screen, there are entered the necessary codes.

To give your Sims 1000 money, drive Kaching and press Enter. It's a long way to "making a fortune". For more get rich quick use a popular code of money in "the Sims 3" - Motherlode. It's a pretty old combination, which saved the nerves of many players. To add a certain amount of money to any family, type FamilyFunds [last name] [number cimolino].code of money in Sims 3

Happiness is

There is a code for "the Sims 3" for happiness points. It usually needs to be administered before the start of the game one way or another to the selection screen of the city. This special combination of developers - TestingCheatsEnabled. To enable it, through the space, write True off False. This command opens the player features not in the console.


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In the third "the Sims" introduced the scale of happiness. You can fill it, fulfilling the desires of your ward, or enter the code for "the Sims 3" for happiness points. Remember that to prepare for the manipulation of happiness are still needed during startup. And so should be done each time you log on. Let's discuss why exactly you need happiness points in "Sims 3".


Before you tell me how to fill up the happiness scale, you need to understand that typed give SIM points. In fact, they make life much easier for your character and open before him many new features.happiness points in Sims 3

Codes for "the Sims 3" happiness is something that will help you make a real live terminator from your SIM. But let's discuss in more detail the characteristics that give you "happiness".

If you look at the "skill tree", we can see that different ages have access to those or other skills. Each has its own characteristics. Children usually get skills training, communication, cleaning, opportunities to do several things at once with great distinction the opportunity to get free entertainment. This is quite interesting, especially if your ward has a large family. What are the opportunities at each age, we'll talk further.

Transition to adulthood

Of Course, code for "the Sims 3" for the points of happiness will help and Sims teenage to your skills. They usually allow the player a little "pohalyavit", but to significantly increase their skills and knowledge in any field. Now consider this category in more detail.

Skill "lazy Pro" requires 5,000 points of happiness. In return the player will receive extra points for their hard work and the ability not to strain while holding the current level of development at altitude and falls.the Sims 3 cheats happiness

"Great master" is the skill of conducting a stunning party. In the end, all guests will be happy, and you don't get failures in the invitation. You need to score 5000 points too.

"Quitter," is the ability to skip work or school without a significant reduction in performance. Requires 15,000 points. This also can be attributed to "attractiveness" which includes other Sims to your.

"Perfectionist" - this allows a player a long time to take a bath.

"Shopkeeper" is in all stores the character will get a good discount. Quite a useless skill if you use the code for money.

"green thumb" - can grow gorgeous plants and fruit.

"Sculptor shapes" - gives the character to your inventory a special device to control its appearance and weight.

"Genius" and "poet" - skills that help the player to develop. Creative skills (especially writing) are growing rapidly, and the creatures become hits. Genius increases the speed of study skills several to enter the Sims 3 cheats

"food Synthesizer" is a device that will give the SIMA a special item. If interact with food, you can easily "save" it into memory, and then at any time to reproduce the dish using this machine. Right Skatert-Samobranka!


Young people with points of happiness can become the "office of authority", a career which will grow withgreat speed. Also, your Sims can get a "fertility" - the possibility of conception of twins and even triplets. Big family - it was wonderful!

"the midlife Crisis" is a feature that allows you to change the entire character of your ward. Pretty interesting thing, especially if your family was born a child with the characteristics that you are not relished. All these skills will help the player achieve certain goals. Let us tell you a secret use the code on happiness.

How to use

So, the first thing you need to run the game. On the selection screen of the city/family, bring up the console (using "Control, Shift and C"), then type TestingCheatsEnabled True. Go to the family. Now select the desired character, go to the tab "happiness of life" and hold left Ctrl and click between the points and chest. With one click you will get 500 points. If a very long time to use this code, the points will increase to 1000 per click. When finished, you can use them for their own purposes.

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