"Mozila" sucks: what to do? Why slow "Mozilla"?


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Today we will try with you to deal with the question: "If the "Mozilla" sorry, what?" There are a couple of reasons. The options for dealing with the "glitches" are quite diverse. So let's try to understand this complicated matter.

Little space

Well, let's start with the most innocuous of reasons. If you pondered the question: "When "Mozila" it what to do?" check how much you have free space on your computer. Maybe this behavior is justified by lack of space?Mozila crushes what to do

The Thing is that the browser when working with files and information on the Internet always uses some space on your computer. But still leaves behind a temporary permit. If you are a true fan of cinema, and even movies programe the world wide web, it is no wonder that you have miraculously "disappeared" gigabytes.

To answer the question: "Mozila" tupit - what to do?" try to clean your computer. Perfectly for this purpose you can use the utility Ccleaner. It is capable of in just a few seconds to release a lot of space. Now, when the space is restored, start the web browser. Not helped? Then let's see what else can be done.


Let's look at another point which is able to explain to you the question: "If the "Mozilla" tupit what to do to restore work?" We are talking about the various plugins and extensions that users love to load into their system.

So the browser is a pretty important part of the modern computer. Without him (and without Internet) it is impossible to imagine the user. So, everyone wants to make its browser more sophisticated and "cool." The world wide web you can find many free and paid add-ons, plugins and extensions. However, there is a limit. At certain times your browser will simply "fail", if you will install more and more new features.tupit clueless what to do


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If you have tupit "Mozilla", then try to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary plugins. Go to "Manage add-ons" in your browser, and then save yourself from what is really not so necessary. Look in the "Extensions" and "Plugins". After that, simply restart the browser. Work has not improved? Well, then continue to think, if it "Muff", what to do. The scenarios are many.

"Discharged" computer

Another small way that will help you to improve the performance of the browser is renaming its folder. In order to solve this problem, you'll need to "unload" the number of running processes when you work at a computer. But how to do it?

If you think well, it open in a browser page, usually take a lot of CPU power. So it is necessary as-that to overcome this problem. Go to shortcut properties "Mozily". Click the right mouse button, and then select the desired line. Ready? Then look at the "Object". Scroll through it until the very end. After the closed parentheses, write the "/Prefetch" and save the changes. Now when you start the browser all the information will be placed in this daddy. It will help a little work.Mozila tupit

1000 and 1 day

Well, if you have any problem and "Mozila Firefox" tupit, it is an occasion to ponder how long you had been taking care of your operating system. Indeed, sometimes it becomes quite important for the smooth and efficient applications.

So let's try to think what can we do to help. To start is to get rid of old and unnecessary programs and games. It helps to unload operating system. In addition, it would not hurt to do a disk defragmentation. This service is in the "Standard Tools" in the "Start" button. This process can take quite some time. Especially if you decide to hold it for the first time in several years of work at the computer. Take your time and proceed. After the case is completed, restart the computer. Try to work in the browser. Help? Not really? Then let's see why else the browser "Mozila Firefox".Mozila Firefox tupit


Now our conversation a little will change its direction. The thing is that if you wonder why tupit "Mozilla Firefox" and previous steps didn't help, then most likely you have a computer infested with viruses. So now we will start with you to understand how you can "banish" them from the operating system.

The statistics show that computer viruses are the major sources of problems with any application. Especially with the browser. For example, the Trojan can enter your computer any malicious file that prohibits the launch of "Mozily" at all. And other browsers too. Not the best option.

Things are Even worse when trying to access the Internet, the start page is replaced by some "gibberish", but still everywhere there are banner ads. It's spam. Very often, this infection can steal your passwords and logins which have been stored or entered in the browser. It is rather dangerous and unpleasant. So let's look at how we can answer the question: "If it "Muff", asfix?", if this issue is caused by the suspected virus.tupit browser Mozila Firefox

System Check

So the first thing you need to do is, of course, to scan your computer with anti-virus programs. Sometimes this step helps if not getting rid of the infection, then at least to facilitate the work with the browser.

In order For the idea to succeed, you'll need to get a good antivirus. Dr is fine.Web. He copes with finding different spam and other infection. If for some reason this antivirus you don't like, you can use Nod32 or Kaspersky. In General, when you have anti-virus, then scan. You will only fit deep inspection.

Now I have to wait for some time. At this point, it is better not to use the computer because "Mozila Firefox" it is very much like other apps. Scanning ended? Then just cure everything. That is not treatable - remove. Restart the computer and see whether it had helped. Not quite? Then do not be discouraged. There are still a few trumps in his pocket. Now, let's look at them.

If you think, why "Mozilla" is stupid, then you should look into the registry of your computer. This service helps to find and remove hidden from the antivirus program folders and files. So it's a very good move. Especially if you have encountered spam.

why Mozila crushes

In order to get into the registry, hit Win + R. Now enter the command "regedit". Ready? Wait until you see the window. Now look what happened. On the left side are folders with long and incomprehensible names. In them we yet that alone is not useful. Instead, visit "Edit" and "Search". In the next line write the name of the virus or spam that bother you, and then start the test.

When the process is complete, view the result. Something was discovered? Then you can safely click on the lines right-click one by one, and then select "Uninstall". When this case is over, try to start the browser. Still have some failures? Then let's deal with the question of whether "Mozilla" tupit what to do next.

Working with labels

Another very interesting and simple, but no less effective than the previous one, is to work with the shortcuts of your browsers. If you know what to do, can be done in just a few clicks away to get rid of unwanted home page and spam. So let's try to understand what you need.

If you think, why "Mozilla" is stupid, but still don't know how to fix it, then look at the shortcut properties of the program. To do this, click on the icon, right-click, and then select the desired line.

You will see a small window. In this note the "Object". Scroll through it to the end and see what it says. If the file fifefox.exe in a separate quoted something written (website or name of the virus), then just erase this inscription. Directly with quotes. Now save the changes and see what you get. Restart the browser. Help? No? Then try another method that sometimes helps to cope with the problem.

Mozila purchases Firefox

Radical methods

Well, if all options have already been tried, and the sense is still there, then you have several ways. What to choose - decide. We will tell you how to act.

So, the first scenario is to perform a system rollback to the date when you have regularly worked "Mozila". This will need to go to "restore", then choose the desired date and wait a bit. However, if your computer has dangerous virus, the rollback is unlikely to help.

The Second method is to reset browser. Yes, I have to sacrifice my bookmarks and info, but sometimes it helps. Therefore, download all of the new distribution "Mozily," old scratch, and that downloaded, install. Maybe this will help.

Another option is to change the General browser. Some viruses and crashes the system quite often can cause the inability to start a particular application. Now a lot of browsers, which are hardly distinguished from each other. So decide for yourself, which way you choose. Now you know what to do if you suddenly became blunt "Mozilla".

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