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Today is FSX, though not the most modern, but it is one of the most popular versions of the simulator, however, many people who are interested in this game, I don't know about how FSX setup and installation options. In particular, in addition to the standard options the game provides the possibility of using a number of add-ons for increased realism.

It is worth noting the fact that, before to install Addons in FSX, customize games and all other actions, you should remember the fact that almost all the really interesting add-ons are chargeable.

System requirements

fsx setup

Before you install the game you probably had to understand that the game is pretty demanding of computer resources. While the math here is extremely simple – the more you decide to use Addons, the more realistic will be your aircraft model, and the less satisfactory will be your FPS. It is because you have at least been relevant in the FSX settings, your computer must meet the following characteristics:

  • Windows XP or greater (recommended Windows 7, 64-bit).
  • Intel Core 2 DUO Processor with frequency no less 2.8 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher. It RAM affects the number of frames per second, so if you want to improve something in your computer for this simulator, you should start with this.
  • HDD: any modern drive free volume which is at least 100 GB. It is worth noting the fact that in the process of selecting the Winchester, you should pay special attention to such parameter as the spindle speed, which should be 7200 rpm.
  • Graphics: better use of GeForce, as the Radeon users can experience certain problems. GeForce GTX 460 or above – the best option.

In Addition, you must attend the joystick, because without it, playing is almost impossible. What is best to choose – it is your personal choice. Configure joystick FSX is often rather simple, because all products come with instruction manual.


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fsuipc for fsx settings

Before will be implemented in FSX settings, the game still need to be set correctly, and this is done as follows:

  1. The installation of the simulator. After it is installed, it is recommended to enter it and exit in order to initiate the formation of the necessary configuration data.
  2. Install add-ons. After you have carried out installing and setting up FSX, you need to put an extra puck. This step is extremely important because in this addition there is a package of various fixes that solve most known problems. After you have installed this pack, it is recommended to restart the computer, after which it will be possible to run the simulator.


It is worth noting that tweaking FSX is not as simple for ordinary users, as options are many. That is why we will discuss only those that will impact on the quality of the picture on your screen, as well as the number of frames per second. The following settings can not claim the title the best, because such simply does not exist - this is the main option from which you can build depending on your needs.

fine tuning fsx

Importantly, the slider “General” was at the highest level, because this is required by the majority of manufacturers of aircraft. Once the options are set at the maximum level, exit the simulator to save them in a file and again enter it in order to ensure that the settings were loaded successfully. Now you can close the simulator, as tweaking FSX provides for the introduction of several options manually.

To do this initially, you will need to run the menu “start” with “Run”, and then enter in the following line: notepad %APPDATA%/Microsoft/FSX/fsx.cfg.

Setup the FSX CFG is as follows: into the opened Notepad you need to add several options by typing the following:


Installing Addons

configure fsx

Of Course, setting up FSX allows you to provide a good realistic atmosphere of flight, but in reality, to the reality of him is quite far. That is why today in the Internet you can find a huge number of various add-ons that add to the game a variety of realistic landscapes, clouds, models of aircraft, weather conditions and so on. It is worth noting that if you will be tweaking FSX after the installation of Addons to add aircraft, you will notice that each switch or lever for added modelsin almost all cases, working as on a real machine. To install the recommended Addons in the queue.

FS Global 10

This addon allows you to change the default grid of the earth's surface, making it much more detailed, with a resolution of up to 19 meters. It is worth noting the fact that the size of this addon is about 21 GB, which is quite a significant amount for most modern computers. But if you are a gamer and use my car only for favorite simulator, then you should be quite enough of it, but later you will notice that no in the FSX graphic settings you don't need it, and so incredibly beautiful.

Ultimate Terrain X Europe

The European part of the card becomes more detailed. In particular, the added road markings, additional textures, and more. The volume of this add-on is 1.5 GB.

ORBX Australia

configuration cfg fsx

Excellent addon, which allows to ensure the realism of the entire Australian continent that will definitely notice by any user. Note that this addon is composed of four different parts, and therefore the size of the addon is about 3.5 GB.

The beginning

Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of various scenarios that fit different parts of the world or even individual countries. For example, special attention is given to script Hawaii, and you can find lots of detailed airports. Simply go to SIM market and find what you like best.

Real Environment Extreme

This addon can be called the best among all available in the field of clouds. It is abbreviated as REX. FSX setting then becomes more complex, as the realistic textures make direct experience of the flight more enjoyable.

The plugin allows you to add photo-realistic clouds and various weather conditions, but more importantly-it makes realistic water, turning the flight into a storm of amazing emotions. Also, it uses a dedicated weather engine, which allows you to download real weather at a specific airport and its surroundings. The volume of this addon in the starter edition is 4 GB and the update to it and to approximately 100 MB.

fsx ezdok camera settings

MyTraffic 2010

After you install this addon you will be able to see realistic traffic in the sky and in the airports. It should be noted that it does not affect the number of frames per second, but it makes the flight more atmospheric. In this addon included quite a large number of different models of aircraft, equipped with real liveries of the companies.


With the help of this Supplement, you'll be able to form his own airline, to buy various virtual planes, to engage in the transportation of passengers and earn money. Made the Supplement quite efficiently, and on Board the aircraft if necessary, you can even hire a crew to provide passengers with in-flight conditions, and perform many other interesting activities. Addition significantly increases the interest of the game in FSX online.


Installed FSUIPC for FSX settings have not changed since the addition is not too big. However, most users will use this Supplement for the reason that it is mandatory to install a number of other Addons. In other words, installed FSUIPC for FSX settings other Addons after their installation become more affordable, as they can connect to the simulator to exchange the necessary information.

FlightSim Commander 8.5

This utility provides the ability to plan a route of flight. Of course to do a layout of the route you can directly by using a special scheduler, which is initially present in the simulator, but this addon makes it more convenient for most users. Thus, you will easily be able to plot a route through the various VOR-beacons, and also view a map of a specific airport.

The Original plan the route in the program, and then save it in a separate file format .pln, open directly in the game and can start flying. If you want to provide yourself even more realism, in this case, you can use real maps Jeppesen, who prefer to use a real pilots today. In these cards contains all the information you need, including diagrams, marking rulezhek and more.

 fsx graphic settings

Ezdok Camera

If you are already tired of the constant monotonous camera angles, and uncomfortable view of the inside of the cockpit, then you'll need one of the most important add-ons – this is Ezdok Camera. FSX setup with its installation is complicated by the additional options of the addon, but be sure that after you install it, your flights will be much nicer, and the pilot will then become practical. After purchasing the addon originally download the update.

If you did not work with the settings or failed to correct certain elements, in this case, do not forget that in the simulator there is also a built-in tutorial.Translation into Russian is done very, very well, so even the majority of beginners does not arise any serious difficulty to understand the basics FSX, and familiarity with this great simulator is the place to start. Once you start to take the training mission with an instructor, you will have the opportunity to test the acquired knowledge into practical experience.

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