How to clear the history in "Yandex" ("Android"): tips and advice


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The Internet has become an integral part of life of modern population. World wide web use on a variety of platforms, for example, on your computer or mobile devices. Lately, the latter is becoming popular and widespread. The Internet requires a browser. By using such applications, you can surf in the Network. All visited pages are saved in your computer or on your phone/tablet. So today we are going to understand how to clear the history in "Yandex". "Android" operating system, which will be discussed.

On Android browsers

The First thing is to understand what kind of program will be a conversation. As has been said, we are talking about browsers. This apps allows users to work with web sites. They are for PC and for mobile devices.

how to clear history in Yandex Android

To date, Yandex, Opera and Google Chrome are the most popular when working in the Network. So many people are thinking about how to clear the history in "Yandex" ("Android").

Actually there is nothing difficult or special about this process. By default, all browsers store browsing history, and passwords and logins. The process of removing this information on computers and mobile devices is slightly different. But the principles remain the same.

Separate page

Initially, it is recommended to pay attention to cleaning all the information that has accumulated in the section "History" in the browser. To carry out the process in several ways. How to clear browser history on the "Android"? "Yandex" - here is the program, which will have to work. To get rid of a specific page in the history, you can:


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  • Turn your mobile device and open it to the corresponding browser.
  • Click on "+".
  • In the list that appears go to the "History".
  • Click on any website, which wants to get rid of. Needs a few seconds to hold the address of "pressed".
  • POPs up a small menu. There will be several actions. How to clear the history in "Yandex" ("Android")? Simply select "Remove".

clear search history with Yandex for Android

But this method is not suitable for mass purification. In such a situation are invited to do otherwise.

Bulk delete

How to clear the history in "Yandex"? Android, like any other operating system, allows you to completely clear the list of visited pages. It will have:

  • Open the settings of your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Select them in the Privacy section.
  • Click on "Clear". Before doing this it is important to note the components from which I want to get rid of. To do this, the user will be offered a special dialog box.
  • Wait for the process.

This way you can clear your search history of "Yandex" on the "Android". As already mentioned, the method is suitable for removal of pages visited.

Disable history

But there is another method. It will help users to think about how to clear the history in "Yandex". Android allows you to disable the save in the browser information. Accordingly, the pages visited and queries will not be stored in the phone or on the to clear browser history on Android Yandex

To translate an idea into reality, you need to:

  • Visit "Settings" in your mobile device in the browser.
  • Go to the Privacy section.
  • Remove the tick next to "Keep history".

Nothing special and complex. Now I understand how does clearing history in browsers on mobile devices.

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