Slow "Yandex.Browser" - what to do? Computer viruses and antivirus programs. How to clean "Yandex.Browser"


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Today to find out why the brake "Yandex.The browser". What to do in a particular case? What advice and recommendations will help to improve the situation? To understand all this is easier than it might seem. But the reasons for the braking of the browser very much. What are some ways to speed this program? All this will be explained later. It is likely that "brake" is the result of serious problems with the computer or the operating system. Or a similar phenomenon represents a minor fault?


Some users complain that they "Yandex.Browser" slows down when you run. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. It is impossible to say exactly why this is happening.brakes Yandex browser what to do

It is likely that the user's old computer. And he does not "pull" "Yandex.The browser". Extremely rare, but it occurs. The solution is to change the browser on a less demanding or replacement of any computer more powerful.

In General, if it is when you run slow "Yandex.Browser", it is good to reflect on the causes of this phenomenon. Most likely, the slow work of the program will be to settle certain problems. What?


Slow "Yandex.The browser"? What to do in this case? To check the hard disk space. More specifically, attention is given to the partition that the operating system is installed. Usually it is marked as "Drive C".

Lack of space on the disk slows down all programs, not just browser. That is why the "Yandex.The browser" starts to slow down, both at startup and during operation. The only solution here is to cleanse your hard disk of unnecessary documents and files. As soon as the space appears, the performance of the browser will come back.


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Computer problems

Slow "Yandex.The browser"? How to fix this situation? To do this, you must correctly identify the cause of this problem. If the methods above did not help, it is recommended to think about another question.brakes Yandex browser how to fix

How long do disk defragmentation? And anyway, whether she's on the computer? The fact that this process has a serious impact on the performance of the operating system. Defragmentation helps speed up the computer responds to user actions. This process of "tidying up" in the file system and programs. Due to this accelerating the work of the OS.

Slow "Yandex.The browser"? What to do? To defragment the hard disk. This feature is available in standard Windows. After the process is complete, restart your computer.


Another reason can cause problems with the performance of the browser is filled in the cache. It is possible that the user simply has not carried out the cleaning of application memory. And therefore, it has accumulated a variety of unnecessary files, CPU and memory.

How to clean "Yandex.The browser"? This is not so difficult. Even the beginner will cope with this task. Simply open the app, go to settings and select there the menu item "History". Then you will have to checkmark "Clear history" and "Clear cache". Actions to be confirmed. After that "Yandex.Browser" it is better to viruses and antivirus software

But before that it is recommended to clear the download history. To do this, in the browser, click on Ctrl+J, then select "Delete download". Now the performance of the program should be increased. Now it is clear how to clean "Yandex.The browser".


Another option is the abundance of extensions and plugins in the program. When you run "Yandex.Browser" automatically start the appropriate software. Therefore, the health utility decreases.

The Only true solution is to remove unnecessary plugins. It will have to visit settings "Yandex.Browser", choose the "Plugins", then view the on-screen list. To continue with deleting all unnecessary plugins. It's definitely a little bit, but will help.

Still slow "Yandex.The browser"? What to do? That's not all the ways to remedy the situation. There are several techniques that will definitely help in certain to clean Yandex browser


Another reason for this phenomenon becomes advertising in the browser. A variety of banners, advertising pages and other spam significantly reduce the speed of the browsers. So you'll have to get rid of the listed components.

How to do it? It is recommended to install a plugin called AdBlock. It is designed to protect your browser from ads and spam. After installing the proper software it is possible to hope for acceleration of work "Yandex.Browser."


A Huge role in the study process is played by computer viruses and antivirus programs. The fact that the most common reason for slow computer and browser be malware that has penetrated into the operating system. They destroy the computer.

As already mentioned, the main reason of "brakes" in browser be computer viruses. And antivirus programs helpto get rid of this infection. It is sufficient to scan, and click on "Delete" after checking the OS. But first the user will be prompted to "Treat" hazardous objects.

Which antivirus is best to cope with the search and removal of viruses? Today distributed the following options:

  • Dr. Web.
  • Avast.
  • NOD32.

Other anti-virus software can also be used. Additionally, it is recommended to use the program to search for spyware on computer. For Example, SpyHunter.where settings Yandex browser


Even after all these methods slow "Yandex.The browser"? How to fix the situation? You can try to clean the computer's registry. The process helps really often. It is better to resort to using additional software, to the procedure went without any problems. Slow "Yandex.The browser"? How to fix the situation and clean up the registry PC?

For the goal, you can use CCleaner. The program runs, then it is required to press alternately on the button "Analysis" (there will have to wait a little while the computer will check), then "Cleanup". That's all. After that, registry will be cleared. By the way, on the hard disk (the partition with the operating system) will be some free space. The browser must be closed.


The Last trick is to re - install the app. Sometimes the answers to questions about where the settings "Yandex.Browser" that will help to fix the brakes, what antivirus to use and how to clean computer help. Then we recommend that you remove "Yandex.The browser". In some cases, incorrect initialization of the program results in the release of the application failure.Yandex browser slows startup

It's extremely rare, but it can not be excluded. Removing and installing "Yandex.Browser" is carried out by standard methods. Nothing difficult about it. Now it is clear how to clean "Yandex.Browser" and what if it did "brake".

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