Animation on the desktop. Is it worth it to install?


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Quite often, I don't know what Wallpaper to choose. Seems to pall, it. Want something new and unusual. Besides stalling to try how it will look animated on your desktop.

It's so beautiful and interesting. Even you can relax, looking at this picture. And the stresses individuality, because few have the animation on your desktop. But is it worth it to install? It might be better to leave a normal picture? Let's deal.

animations on the desktop

In the first place, quite often the animation is very much slow down the system. Programs and documents start long to open, especially if you open them from the desktop, the animation starts to "hang", and the computer may refuse to respond to any action. Believe me, it is most unpleasant sight.

You don't even have to restart the computer to get upset because of a problem. How many nerves I spent…

However, this headband has its positive side. For example, if the right to choose and set pictures animation to your desktop, then you can significantly make the work easier and fast to relax during breaks.

So, if you are not satisfied with the usual photo and you are sure that your computer will work the same as always, then you should think about what kind of animation on the desktop would look best.

First and foremost, make sure the image is not strongly inhibited, that is, the transition was smooth, and the pictures were not too much.

image desktop

Next is to determine which image will suit you best. If your soul is sad and you want to relax and dream, then you can install on your desktop an animation with the rain.

If you get really tired working on the computer, you may want to choose a fragment from the movie. According to psychologists, if you look at a funny story, you very quickly relax and unwind, and additionally, these pictures raise the mood.


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For business people, constantly working on the computer, you can choose the screensaver that will be embedded calendar and clock. Thus, to navigate in time will be much easier. However, it is a special "live Wallpaper", not the animation.

In General, you can choose any animation, it all depends on your preferences.

Where to get animation? Best of all, of course, to do it yourself with the help of special programs. It is not so difficult as it seems, especially if you have any skills of work with graphic editors. So you will be able to do exactly the screensaver that you will really like.

image animations on the desktop

If you are too lazy to understand all this, you can always download the animations from any website offering Wallpaper for your desktop. However, here it is necessary to carefully check the site for presence of the virus, or you can easily infect your computer Trojan.

As you can see, the animation on the desktop can degrade the performance, and, conversely, to improve it. The main thing-correctly to pick up a picture and take into account their individual characteristics and some parameters of your computer.

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