How to penetrate Т26Е4 in "World of Tanks"?


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If you like to play against other gamers (or the team with them), and you like tanks, this game will be perfect for you. The developers of computer games for a long time has created various projects that would allow the player to feel like a real fighter on a tank, but in most cases projects were either complete failure, or mediocre. And just when was born the project "World of Tanks", everyone realized that this genre has come. The most attractive feature of this game is as realistic as possible - the developers have ensured that each model tank were as close as possible to the real sample, and it affected all items - from armor thickness to models of radios on Board tank. Of course, the battles in this game are as close to reality - that is why you may have a question about where to break Т26Е4 or any other tank.


how to penetrate т26е4

If you are surprised the question of where to break Т26Е4, then you most likely have not played "World of Tanks". The fact that this is not a standard simulator, where different tanks have an indicator of life and armor, which just removed the damage from guns. Each model has the supply of life, but to reach it you need to punch thicker armor - this can only be done with the help of powerful weapons, and then not always. Many people try to exploit the weaknesses of other tanks, not to penetrate the armor, and immediately get to the margin of life. That is why there are questions about where to break Т26Е4 and other tanks with too thick armor. And that is why there was the term "breaking zone", which is designated points on the tank where it has minimal armor protected or not protected at all. These points are not invented by the developers specifically - they are real pieces of hardware, which also leads gamers excited.


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The Hatches on the tower

т26е4 zone breakthrough

In this article you will learn how to penetrate Т26Е4. This is one of the most unpleasant opponents in all conditions. This is due to the fact that the tank is very thick armor, but not so many breakout areas, and they are not too large. Therefore, each of them must be considered separately, so you know where you need to aim when dealing with this tank. The first option is the hatches on the tower, to them you will not be so easy to get to if you go to the direct field, but if your opponent is moving at an angle, you will be much easier to get to them. If you can't hook the hatches, aim the range finder is also very easy goal that you can catch even in that case, if the collision occurs head-on. However, you should pay attention to the fact that Т26Е4 of breaking through there are more convenient and you also should not be forgotten.

"Cheek" of the tower

tank т26е4

If you look at the tower Т26Е4, of breaking through for you can become instantly obvious. The fact that the naked eye can notice the areas where the tower is covered with an additional layer of armor - getting there from even the most powerful weapons may not lead to the armor penetration. But there are two small lateral portion on both sides that players are called "cheeks" - they obviously are not covered with an additional layer of armor that does not interfere with movement of the tower. That's where you need to aim if you want the best effectively counter this tank. But again, you need to look for a moment to attack, because the slightest movement of the towers of the enemy and your projectile will land in a thick layer of armor, but not in your chosen "cheek". Fortunately, the tank Т26Е4 not too mobile, so you will have plenty of chances to attack as you expect.

Between the tower and body

how to play т26е4

In this case, the principle is exactly the same as in the previous paragraph, between the tower and body of this tank there is a gap, not protected by a particularly thick layer of armor that do not hamper movement of the tower. That's where you need to aim. However, you should remember that people who know how to play Т26Е4, well aware of the disadvantages of the reservation of your car and will always try to cover these gaps together with the cheeks so that you can experience some difficulties in trying to reach their zones. But you give up not worth it in any case because if you are not playing on the powerful tank, the armor of a tank you are unlikely to break. Aim, wait for the moment - and you all must succeed.

Machine-Gun point

Well, the latest and the finest piece is machine-gun point. On thick-skinned tank cut anti-personnel machine gun looks like a real target. Through it all and try to aim, as it is one of the biggest "highlights" from this tank. It is clear that, as in the previous cases, here are experienced fighters will be struggling to remove your ability to attack at gun point, for example becoming sideways to you, but if you want you can play a proactive and hitting the cherished goal. Moreover, do not forget about the rest of breaking through that tank can open.

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