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How Often do you meet with computer viruses? Lately massive attack on the system of public organizations have become commonplace. Regular users of these viruses does not always apply. Attempts mostly aimed at undermining the economy and building political conflicts. But there are viruses that can relate to personally on your PC. How to remove QQPCMgr and where it appears, will be discussed later.


This is one of the dangerous files, which last year hurt a lot of custom PC. Interestingly, he considered antivirus China. Worked at Tencent. The developers are convinced that the program will protect your computer from hacker attacks and viruses. She quickly finds spyware and other threats and eliminates.qqpcmgr how to remove

In fact, it appears that it is one continuous virus. Many users think so, because notice how it is installed together with the OS. And people may not know.


Of Course, Tencent QQPCMgr – it's not such a terrible virus as "worms" and all sorts of "Trojans". He rarely removes your personal data is not blocking access etc. But, as you will not even know that the program is on your PC may cause incompatibility issues. If you want to have reliable antivirusnik Chinese competitor will do its utmost to interfere with it and obstruct.

In addition, over time you will notice a lot of extra information, an infinite system lockups, etc.

How goes?

Before we deal with how to remove QQPCMgr, try to understand how he came to us on PC. Of course, a whole lot of options and they are all quite simple. Hard to tell where you may inadvertently stumble across qqpctray.exe. But, in practice, make it very easy. In General, there are two options of where it can hide the installation file:


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  • When downloading the usual programs, especially not the most popular, you always find a large number of archives and additional advertising applications. That's where it can be stored pest.
  • Program Options installers – is another way of catching the virus. Even the largest and most popular software unscrupulous inserted in such a program. So, clicking “Next”, an inexperienced user may not even notice that with a text editor naustralia a lot of advertisement «garbage».tencent qqpcmgr

Despite the fact that, according to the developers, this is superprogram to cleanse your PC, optimize performance, protect and other things, in the end you don't even know the Chinese language. How are you supposed to understand it? In this lies the main problem of how to remove QQPCMgr from the computer.


Well, before you start the uninstallation, you need to understand what awaits us if we leave the program on your computer. Perhaps it is us and not hurt. First, it is absolutely useless. That is due to the fact that we Chinese interface, we from it neither hot nor cold.

This antivirusnik can change your start page of your browser. This is akin to thereby advertising small pests that often knock us search, add unwanted bookmarks and change the toolbar.

In addition, there is the possibility that the program may use the data on the hard drive. For example, if she suddenly saw that you rarely use a particular tool, it is without warning will remove it. Also she doesn't like duplicates, which may be important to you.


Many users not knowing how to remove QQPCMgr, you can try to do it at random. Of course, there is a probability, which can be “blind” to get rid of virus scan, but it is extremely small. Therefore it is better to follow the instructions.how to remove qqpcmgr with computer

To do this, go through the “start” to “control Panel”. Check that in the top right corner in the line “View” was selected “Large icons”. Now looking for the “Programs and features” in the window that opens will look for those utilities that seem suspicious to us.

Here, we may not like PC Manager, Download Manager, QQ Phone Manage. As practice shows, despite the fact that they will be removed from the system, in fact antivirusnik will still continue to do their “dirty work”.

So then go to the "task Manager". To do this, use the combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete. You will notice the tab “Processes”. Will be a lot of rows. Then you need to find the processes that have the name of virus scan Tencent QQPCMgr. What is this program you already know therefore complete and the processes that have Chinese characters. Process qqpctray.exe also we do not need.

After the computer will need to find the folder with the program. You need to search for the path C:Program Files (x86)TencentQQPCMng. In the last folder, select the serial number of virus scan, it presents a simple set of numbers like 10.10 16434.218.

In this folder and is a file of the Uninstaller. It has an extension of .exe. It needs to be run. But, do not try to choose Uninstall.exe. This is an installation option. Looking for Uninst.exe and run the file.

You will see a Chinese virus scan Uninstaller. In this case it makes no sense to talk about some words and names because everything is in English. It will be easier to describe the process of “onfingers”. Click on the left button. And this is the main recipe for removing such programs. In the subsequent window, always choose the left button.qqpcmgr how to remove windows 7

After all this, you will need to reboot the PC and clean the registry. The editor will need “to procurate” all the branches with the names and derivatives of the virus, and poudalyat all. To search, use Ctrl+F3.

No file

When all else fails and you are still looking for a way to remove QQPCMgr with Windows 7, then most likely you have not found the file Uninstaller. It turns out that in some versions of virus scan, the Chinese hid Uninst.exe”. If you can't find this file, then try to do the following:

  • Roll back Windows to a restore point. The time before you installed the virus.
  • Use secure mode and delete the folders with the name of the virus.
  • Go into safe mode and from there to complete all the processes through dubious “task”. Remove then the utility program Uninstall Tool.
  • To Stop the virus in the toolbar (on the panel with the clock). Terminate the processes in "task Manager" in the startup. Delete all in the browser.


How to remove QQPCMgr, you know. Of course, sometimes there are situations when you have to "demolish" operating system. If you have nothing to lose, or you have contracted this virus, just when I installed everything, it is better to do it all over again, carefully.qqpcmgr what is this program

If you accidentally picked up the program and found the file Uninstaller, then you are lucky. The remains of the virus can be cleaned out with a reliable antivirusnika. Can try to download a good Uninstaller, but not the fact that the Chinese virus will give you to install it.

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