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When processing and creating the graphics program images with captions and without them it is often necessary to distinguish the boundaries of objects, separate them from the background or just draw the outline. For this you can use “Photoshop” the stroke or brush along the contour. How to do it, the focus of this article.

Two ways to create a stroke

There are two ways how to stroke in “Photoshop”: you can select a layer's boundaries using one of the specially provided effects and obrazovanie vector contour. The first method is often used to visually emphasize the borders of objects and to separate them from the background (most often it is necessary, for example, to highlight text on a busy background). The second method is more used for drawing, especially when creating a clear geometric shapes.

how to make a stroke in photoshop

Outline layer in the “Photoshop”

Under the stroke in “Photoshop” primarily refers to the effect of the layer. This layer can be either an image, or part of, or letters written instrument of “Text”.

the stroke in photoshop

To apply this effect to the stroke layer, do the following.

  1. Select the layer.
  2. In the menu tab “Edit” choose “to Perform a stroke”.

Opens a dialog where you can adjust the stroke and confirm the command by clicking the button “Yes”. Stroking in “Photoshop” will be created, the corresponding layer - circled, its borders will become visible.

The Parameters of the stroke are easily adjustable and features here quite a lot. This adjustment of line thickness, and color selection, and configuration where should be the line:

  • On the border of the outside layer;
  • So that the border was its center;
  • On the border inside.

You can Also configure the mode as any of the fill (color, pattern or gradient). By combining these and other tools to easily achieve a variety of effects.


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An Excellent opportunity this method of stroke is that its parameters can also be adjusted, therefore, to this effect layer can be back as soon as you change the image in General. For example, if the background color you decided to lighten up, and stroke ceased to harmonize with him, it can be adjusted and adjustment.

The Second advantage is that this effect can be copied and applied to other layers or other images or on its basis to create a new one.

Another dialog box “Outline”

The Second way to make the stroke layer – to select the “Layer”, and then – “layer Style”. A window will open where you will see all the parameters that you can set the layer style. Among them to choose the ‘Stroke’.

It's a window with styles by pressing "Add layer style” in the window “Layers”.

stroke text

Call this common window styles using the menu, of course, is not very convenient, and if you use stroke often, then agility work, you should set the window key combination.

To do this, click “Edit”, then – “Shortcuts”, look for one of the above ways through the menu and set your combination.

Meaning of the existence of two dialogs “Outline”

Two alternative window to create the effect of layers similar to each other, so many sure that are working with the same tool. However, this is misleading. The fact that this is a different window that creates a different stroke, and with the aid of combining these two commands, you can draw two adjustable contour on the same layer. Most often it is required for the stroke of the text.

Outline contour

How to make a stroke in “Photoshop?” the Second method is the creation of contour drawing.

Under the circuit “Photoshop” means the vector line that defines the direction of movement of the brush. That is, the stroke in this case – drawing the selected brush along a predetermined path.

The “Selection”, “Lasso” or Magic wand to select the portion of the image that you are highlighting. Via the menu item "Window" call ‘Outlines’. In this window, find the button “Make the selected area the working path”. On the panel “Tools” tool, select the “Brush”, set its parameters (shape, color, etc.). Then in the ‘Contours” click “to Perform the stroke path with brush”. You've selected previously, the area will be circled. Then, remove the loop.

contour in photoshop

Thus, to stroke along the contour does not need to create a new layer, it is sufficient to define a stimulating line that the program will draw the chosen brush.

Please note that the stroke in this case will be placed on the specified layer, including the new.

Stroke text on a path

Customization of the tool, “Brush” in “Photoshop” the very rich, because you can adjust the spacing, texture, dynamics, form, and color, etc. from the drawing manually this line will differ maximum accuracy, and time this process will take much less.

For the stroke of the textit is a layer you must first select, and then convert – as usual the marquee – in a contour. After creating a new layer you can experiment and draw on lines with any brush with any settings. Don't forget that art in order to get the stroke as a normal layer, you can apply various effects to place it above or under the text, change its transparency, etc.

The above-Described two methods of stroke are not interchanged, but complement each other. The advantage of the first is that the line can be adjusted and then returning to the adjustment, and you can copy and apply to other layers, including in other files. The advantage of the second – that the stroke in “Photoshop” will look more artistic, as in the choice of brushes no restrictions.

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