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Today, we will be interested in code the money in “GTA: Vice city”. Anyway, what are the cheats in this game. In fact most of them do not have the potential to adversely affect the interest of the players to the process. After all, most codes, and secrets are used in order to fully experience all features of the game. “GTA: Vice city” is not an exception. As practice shows, a huge problem for this game is money. They are not always enough. And they needed in huge quantities in order to explore all possibilities toys. At such moments, the cheats are saved.code for money in GTA Vice city

How to enter?

Before you dial the code for money “GTA: Vice city”, you need to understand exactly how to do it. Because all games have some features of the use of cheats and secrets. "GTA" is no exception to these rules. Although to some extent it can be considered such. After all, what is required of the player – just type the code in the so-called game mode. Or on the pause. That is, no console or any designated lines for implementation of the idea. While cheat codes for “GTA: Vice city” will start to operate immediately. To cancel their possible re-introduction in some cases. But most often the repetition causes the reactivation. And nothing more.

No specifics

Many players are interested in the code for money “GTA: Vice city”. Only those who decided to look for the key to this secret, waiting for a huge disappointment. The fact is that finding the cheat code with the same name and the application you will not succeed.cheat codes for GTA Vice city


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So that ‘GTA" there is no secret receipt of funds? Not at all, this technique is available. Moreover, many players have successfully used them. Simply called used combination not, as is commonly believed. The phrase “the code for money” you will not find anywhere else. But will be able to detect when you use some other combinations to play a pleasant surprise. What are you talking about?

Armor and health

Instead of looking for cheat codes for “GTA: Vice city” that will give you money, you just need to use a very interesting technique. For anybody not a secret that in addition to money problems, players are also faced with the eternal lack of health. And treatment is not always. And if you're wearing armor, I would like to somehow save it. For all this, the game has its secrets. For example, to obtain and fully restore the armor, you need to enter on the keyboard at any moment of game time combination PRECIOUSPROTECTION. After it is typed, you will see a strip of GTA Vice city

You can Also replenish your health to 100% in "GTA: Vice city”. Codes for money ($1,000,000 at one time) themselves do not exist for this game. But if you use the cheat to replenish vitality, you will parallel this money. It turns out a kind of Union that can help. Very comfortable – if necessary, you replenish health, and get paid. Enough to type ASPIRINE and then look at the result. 1 000 000 $ + 100% of your health for the character – that will be given to you. Re-use the cheat if you didn't receive any damage, will bring you a million dollars. Everything is easy and simple. That's such an easy way you can get rich in "GTA".


In principle, no more secrets and cheats for instant earnings is not provided. Code for money “GTA: Vice city”, as you can see, combined with the combination responsible for the replenishment of life. Very convenient. Most often it is used in conjunction with armor. But this is not the only cheats that there are in the game. Still a lot of them. Which ones are the most useful for the gameplay?

For Example, on the weapon. In the game there are three different kits that will delight all players. The first option – small arms and light weapons. It is obtained with the introduction of THUGSTOOLS. A kit for professionals – PROFESSIONALTOOLS. But heavy weapons are called the crazies. And activation occurs by means of NUTTERTOOLS.GTA Vice city cheats for money 1000000

A wanted Level in the “mod” is also plays an important role. You can easily manage them. And will this cheat codes for “GTA: Vice city”. To get two stars to search, type YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE. Re-introduction will increase your popularity among the guardians of the law. But to get rid of the reputation of the offender, will have to use LEAVEMEALONE. Repeat combination will not give any result.

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