What "Yandex.Disc"? How to install, use and remove "Yandex.CD"


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What is the cloud? A few years ago PC users would say that the so-called clouds in the sky. But not now! Today, “cloud” technology by leaps and bounds make their way to the masses. What is it?

what is Yandex diskThe So-called storing files on remote servers. A similar service today provide its users with a company or otherwise relevant to the IT field. Of course, "Yandex" could not remain aloof from fashionable trends today. And so today we learn about what «Yandex.Drive”, what it is and how to use it.

General description

As you might guess, is a service for storing user data created and maintained by the company "Yandex". The information in this case is on the company's servers.

All documents with a maximum size of 10 GB can be stored indefinitely long time. In addition, all files on the virtual disk are checked by the antivirus and because download any content from the ‘Drive’ is completely safe. That's what the «Yandex.Drive”.

How to install it on your computer?

 Yandex a disk on the computerWhen the service just appeared, new users were registered exclusively by invite (invitation). Today to make anyone who has a computer and Internet access. To start using “Drive”, just follow a few simple steps. Let us see how to install «Yandex.Disk" on the computer.

First go to the official website of "Yandex", using any appropriate to your browser. If you are not registered in any of the company's services, it's time to do it. You need to click on the button with the appropriate label and follow all instructions.


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Then click “Sign”, enter your username and password into the main window of «Yandex.Mail”. Almost in the very title there is a link to “Drive”. To get your personal 10 GB disk space, you'll need to follow three simple steps. First you have to click on the link “Set… drive”. Of course, choose the version that is offered for your operating system.

install Yandex diskAfter we learned what «Yandex.Drive” and how to find it on the website, let's talk about its installation.

Download the installation file

After downloading in the browser or your download Manager starts the download process of the file online installer. When the download finishes, click right button of the mouse, then select in the popup menu, click “Run as administrator”. The utility automatically starts, starting to upload all the missing files from the servers of the company.

Complete the installation

After some time (depends on the speed of your connection) the installation is complete. Attention! At the end of installation window appears, in which bude checkbox "to Establish the elements of the Yandex». To this kind of “wonderful” additions, many are wary, so uncheck this box or not – your business.

Other options mark according to your desire and needs. When the setup program will report on the completion of the work, just click the button “Ready”. This will bring up a dialog in which you will be able to see with our service. Then you can press the button “Next”.

Here's how to install «Yandex.Drive”. You can see that nothing complicated about it.

Yandex disk how to use

The Uploaded files to the server

To Find “Drive” in the system tray, “Explorer” in the menu “start”, scroll down the list of programs that are installed on your computer. How to upload your photos, videos and other files on the server? Everything is very easy: copy them to a folder «Yandex.Drive”, which can be found in the left pane, “Conductor”. When the document is loaded, next to it will light blue signal. Once the process is complete, the icon will change its color to blue.

In addition, the default setting involves the creation of folders «Yandex.Disk" on the desktop. It is also possible to copy and move the files you want to upload to the server. Attention! When you synchronize files, they are stored on your computer, so make sure you have sufficient free space. By the way, after the initial adding new documents, you will immediately receive an additional 2 GB of free space on a network drive.

You Can get 3 GB when you share on social media with a link to the service.

Make the documents publicly available

The Advantage of “cloud” lies in the fact that you can easily make all your documents available to friends or everyone. To do this, simply click on the file with the right mouse button, then select in context menu "Copy public link”.

Smartphone App

Given the increasing popularity of smartphones, it is not surprising the emergence of mobile application «Yandex.Drive”. How to use it?

how to remove Yandex diskFirst you need to install it on your device. This can be done using the AppStore, Google Play Market, or Microsoft Store, depending on the model of your smartphone. Install the app, then enter your username and password. Tap on the button “Login”. If all goes well, the program is synchronized, and then will display an appropriate message.

Note: since not all have smartphones or tablets with more internal memory, the developers have provided the ability to download files to the device, but only to display them.

Delete application

How to remove «Yandex.Drive”? There is nothing easier! To do this, click on the button “start”, open “control Panel”, look for the item “Programs and features”. Click on the link, which opens a list of all available on your computer programs.

Select the «Yandex.Drive” the left mouse button, and then click “Delete”, which is located in the header of the dialog box. Utility will be uninstalled from your system. Attention! The files you have previously uploaded to the server will remain intact. If you don't need them, uninstall them before uninstalling the application from its folder, wait for synchronization. In addition, it can also be done via the web interface.

So what is «Yandex.Drive”. Now you know how to use it.


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