NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti: technical specifications, review and compare


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Every year NVIDIA launches new graphics card, which from its predecessors, featuring improved performance and the availability of modern technology. Because of this, many expensive adapters, like from High-End and middle class are translated into one class below. Naturally, decreasing their cost. Product GeForce GTX 560 and its overclocked modification suffered the same fate. Now buyers looking for gaming graphics card in the budget segment, has a chance to acquire one of the most interesting devices on the market at a very attractive price (560-I modification costs about 6000 rubles, and its overclocked version of the 560 Ti - 10 thousand rubles).

GeForce GTX 560

Mind Games within the walls of NVIDIA

For anybody not a secret that the manufacturer produces first reference chip, and then, disperse it to frequency offers improved modification of the market marked “Ti”. However, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 was built a little differently. Taking on the basis of the graphics core GF104 (GTX 460 video adapter), manufacturer have improved a little and got the result is a very efficient chip that overclocking could claim niche High-End. Naturally, such a solution is clearly not satisfied with the leadership of the company, because the pricing policy is violated.

GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Technology NVIDIA Corporation productive chip assigned labeling GeForce GTX 560 Ti, and its weak modification (560-I) came on the market with one blocked by a multiprocessor. So don't be surprised to see on the shelves of stores two versions of the GPUs on one graphics core with the same core frequency and memory bus. Manufacturer bothering to make the model "Ti" was superior to his brother.


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To better understand all the actions of the manufacturer, the specifications of the chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 better acquainted in comparison with the modification of "Ti" and the representative of the GF104 graphics core, the video card on the basis of the GTX 460.

  1. Single streaming multiprocessor contains 48 cores, respectively, improved modification "Ti" has 384 cores and GTX 560-336 cores (exactly the same as their GTX 460).
  2. Clock frequency of the GPU from 560Ti modification of 822 MHz, 560-810 MHz (GTX460 – 675 MHz).
  3. GDDR5 Memory in all members of the review are identical: runs on a 256 bit bus and has on Board 1 GB. However, on a printed circuit Board new wiring to increase the amount doubled.
  4. Memory clock for the GPU, GF114 is 1002 MHz (GF104 was 900 MHz).
  5. Shader have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti operate at a frequency of 1644 MHz GTX560 – 1620 MHz, GTX 460 – 1350 MHz.

Other indicators form factor (dual slot), interface connectors, power supply and heat release is identical for all three cards, which suggests about using one PCB as the basis for different graphics chips.

Put it all together

Quite strange when compared with the previous generation graphics card, get the new GeForce GTX 560 Ti specifications. They suggest that this is the usual chip on the basis of the GTX 460 that received enhanced graphics core, were simply disbanded. To remove all doubt, it is sufficient to test all three cards.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

The results of the comparison in synthetic tests only strengthen suspicion: a modification of the overclocked GTX 460 will have the same characteristics as the new model GeForce GTX 560. But the improved chip GTX 560 Ti still shows a slightly better performance on regular frequencies. There is one conclusion: owners of the 4-series doesn't make any sense to upgrade my video card next generation graphics cores.

Introduction to the underlying device

The Video card GeForce GTX 560 and its improved modification in the performance of NVIDIA is missing in the retail trade in the world market, but the manufacturer provides well-known test lab this product. Thus it is possible to see the circuit Board with installed elements firsthand.

The First thing that catches the eye is a standard flaw of the manufacturer in terms of placement power components – they are scattered throughout the Board. The memory modules are placed more densely around the GPU for better cooling the cooling system. By the way, the fan hinted to the owners that the device belongs to the middle class (in the budget segment, there is no protective cover, and the representatives of the High-End have the turbine).

As one would expect for a chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 specifications directly depend on decent cooling. The fan in the base unit is clearly not intended for overclocking, so when choosing a graphics card on the market the buyer should pay attention to the cooling system in the first place.


The GeForce GTX 560 under the brand ASUS is on the domestic market best buy. In the ratio the price-quality of this video has no competitors. Manufacturer completely altered the printed circuit Board:

  • Grouped all the elements of power in one sector (on the back of the Board);
  • Replaced the PWM controllers and installed solid-state capacity instead of the usual condensers;
  • Changed the memory modules for controller Samsung with a response time of 0.4 nanoseconds;
  • Graphics processor powered by a separate phase;
  • Fixed an additional radiator to the battery.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Also, the manufacturer has installed a proprietary cooling system (in fact, their was even two). Conventional GTX 560 is equipped with a single cooler, and an overclocked variant has branded casing with dual fan DirectCUII, which is placed on the device High-End. The result is worthy of cooling the video card has a great overclocking potential (threshold of 1000 MHz on the core he overcomes very easy).

A Decent approach to customers

As might be expected, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti under the ASUS logo also will be surprised with its performance not only in the review and in tests. All manipulations with the modifications of the PCB touched and improved representative of the GF114 graphics core. In order to differ from competitors, within the walls of corporations took advantage of the desoldering on the Board to install additional memory modules. The representative of ASUS was the lucky winner of 2 GB of memory.

To Overclock the graphics core plant were not provided that opportunity to the future owner. What was the surprise of the owners, judging by their reviews, when they saw the potential of graphics card overclocking, – the increase in the core average is 40%. However, to reach High-End-class in synthetic tests, though, it is the policy of the manufacturer.

Complex Taiwanese giant steps

Corporation Gigabyte also attracted the attention parameters of the chip GeForce GTX 560. Technical characteristics of the device clearly contribute to the high potential for dispersal. Manufacturer completely altered the PCB of your video card:

  • Set of eight Hynix memory chips with a total volume of 1 GB;
  • Solid capacitors and ferrite chokes made in a single block on the back of the Board;
  • Added the MOS transistors with low on resistance;
  • Installed a proprietary cooling system.

On the Gigabyte cooler called the WindForce 2X legendary. This system has proven itself in High-End, so her presence on the chip of the GeForce GTX 560 is clearly hinting to the owners of the huge potential in overclocking. Aluminum radiator with copper pipes, which are at the base of the contact area of the GPU, cooled by two huge slow-moving fans.

Potential Taiwanese giant

To Judge the performance of the representative of Gigabyte, built on the chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, is possible only through tests. However, as noted by the owners in their reviews, expectations are a bit at odds with the desires. So, the GPU shows a stable performance at a frequency of 950 MHz, any increase in results in the exhibition of artifacts on the screen (colored squares). Memory is also not particularly amenable to overclocking – 1040 MHz is the limit, after which the NVIDIA driver stops responding and the operating system throws a blue screen in Windows.

GeForce GTX 560 Ti specifications

The problem, according to specialists in their reviews, the cooling system, and more specifically, in the air flow of the fans that have a limit on the speed. The manufacturer in the pursuit of quietness is not taken care of decent cooling. This is done intentionally or not, nobody knows, because this video card is currently out of production.


In the laboratories of the Corporation Gigabyte chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti has paid particular attention to. And, as practice shows, the work was performed superbly. Firstly, technicians, along with installation of all branded ...

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