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The Trend in the notebook market is that the risk to buy a big money a pacifier are more likely than the probability of low-end models to select the functionality and performance of the device. Therefore, if the demand for inexpensive copies must be presented with the expectation of low capacity, then, picking up the option for active play or work, it is necessary to strictly delineate the boundaries of the technical capacity at the disposal of the device. For those who have doubts about this choice, is to evaluate the Asus K750J and its data. Perhaps the unit will not be able to satisfy all demands of advanced webmasters or gamer, but this model is not cheap, and at least its hardware platform has many advantages.


asus k750j

The lid raised – or rather, there are small ribs, which is a minus in additional functions "dust". In addition, over time it can build up scratches, so the word "care" should be closely linked with the operation of the Asus K750J even at home. But the flap control is quite ergonomic and comfortable – calculation of the pressure exerted on opening optimal. Finishing inside unit represented by a brushed aluminium panel, which looks solid and fully corresponds to the price category of this model. The keyboard arrangement is organized properly – the creators have verified its removal from the edge so that the wrists do not get tired in the process of typing. And the quality of its execution do not cause criticism. The keypad is working keenly and quietly, but with a touchpad may experience problems because of the unconventionally narrow keys.


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asus k750j

If features of design, texture and texture everyone appreciates your taste, operational capabilities are defined by very specific indicators Asus K750J. Technical characteristics, in particular, will help determine if the model user needs:

  • Size – length 3.7 cm, width 42 cm, depth 28 cm.
  • Weight – 3 100 grams.
  • CPU – Intel Core i7.
  • Graphics accelerator – GeForce GT740M.
  • Video memory-2 GB.
  • Webcam – the number of megapixels 0.3 million
  • Drive-optical DVD-SMulti.
  • Network port Connector-RJ 45.
  • Battery-Li-Ion with a volume of 3,000 mAh.
  • Hard disk capacity-750 GB.


asus k750j characteristics

Perhaps many will be surprised, or even disappointed glossy screen Asus K750J. Its characteristics are: with a good diagonal of 43.9 cm rather modest resolution format 1600x900. These data are considered the weak point of the laptop though if you read more to grasp them, it is not so bad. Of course, more doubt is precisely the resolution, as it immediately darkens thoughts about movies in the format FullHD and video games with beautiful graphics. However, if you think about it, not much point in a trendy resolution of 1920x1080 just yet. 17.3-inch laptop super high quality will not be felt, but the games still have to lower resolution to improve picture quality.

That is the supply of Asus K750J screen at 1600x900 can be considered justified. This leaves the issue with a glossy surface, and it is not so obvious. On the one hand, these screens are brighter and clearer compared to the matte counterparts. But, on the other hand, you will need to put up with the feeling of unnatural colors.


With processors that are currently being used Asus connected is quite interesting strategy from Intel called “Tick”. The essence of this approach lies in the fact that in the first stage, “Tick” is microprocessor - based, and the second stage is “So” - provides beneficial from the point of view of productivity upgrades of the device. Simply put, this separation devices to third and fourth generation. So K750J Asus got Intel i7 processor in the modified series 4700HQ and RAM, clocked at 1.6 GHz. In other words, the hardware has Quad-core engine, the frequency of which is 2.4 GHz.

Graphics Specifications

asus k750j specifications

The Graphics system is integrated core HD 4600, coupled with a discrete graphics card GeForce 740M. Again, experts will quickly find a mismatch of outdated device Nvidia with the productive development of HD 4600. In practice, the difference in potentials is very sensitive – the kernel is actively performing the acceleration, while the GeForce 740M does its work inhibited. Of course, you can mitigate this inconsistency due to selection of appropriate drivers, but it makes sense to choose a replacement 740M, refitting Asus K750J. Graphics long search is not necessary – the previous generation in the form of a GeForce 650M in full to satisfy requests of the processor and seamlessly complement the efforts of the core HD 4600. However, the upgrade is a new laptop itself looks unattractive. Then it is better to pay attention to competitors ' models. Most interesting is that the practice of using the model shows that even with a poorly chosen graphics card it is very good solve their graphics problems.

asus graphics cards k750j

The Nuances of Windows 7 installation

By default, the model comes with Windows 8, which in itself is nice. However, not all users appreciated the advantages of the 10-th version of the OS from Microsoft, as 8-ka turned and did the fan. So the current is still Win7, translation which can cause some problems for owners of Asus K750J. Windows 7 on this model, you can install the disk or flash drive, but the main thing-correctly to adjust the BIOS before installation. The fact that the device prefers in all cases to seek to boot Win 8 by all means possible, ignoring in the meantime the inserted discs with the new system. To cope with the task, you must perform two adjustments in the system BIOS. First, we need to put in the line Lauch CSM value is “Enabled”, after which the same action you perform with the newly opened line below. Second, for the download from the disk or flash drive, you must designate one of these carriers as a priority. Further installation is performed according to the classical scheme. Also should prepare for the fact that the BIOS on this model has a wide range of options, the knowledge of which will allow to avoid many troubles in the future. For example, it can be used to override the system if the laptop is stolen. For this, you will need to send to a special code received from the system BIOS.


asus k750j windows 7

In terms of the solution of multimedia tasks laptop cope with the work. Users speak positively about the characteristics of the processor and graphics filling. Although, if not for a weak graphics card GeForce 740M, the capabilities of the device could significantly increase. Also there are comments about the overheating Asus K750J. Motherboard in devices of this manufacturer often fails because of poor cooling system. However, there are other opinions on this. For example, many praise the elaborate heatsink, which operates under a specially designed angle without heating the nearby objects, equipment and table.

Many of the reviews criticize the developers for the fact that the model potentially has broad functionality and high performance, but to realize these opportunities, the company failed. This is evidenced by the installation of the same graphics card. On the other hand, the builders left some space for a custom upgrade by increasing RAM to 8 GB and the installation disks of the SSD format.


k750j asus motherboard

Due to its characteristics, the model can be called successful. It has no weak sides in the performance and the build quality and design is just a delight. Nevertheless, the disadvantages Asus K750J appear as minor, but still annoying nuances. Among them are narrow and uncomfortable touchpad buttons, no keyboard backlighting, and volume on the body, flashing screen and weak battery. However, all these disadvantages overlap a good technical stuffing – there's only so much CPU in modern versions of the Intel i7. Thanks to him, the laptop can be used for watching movies in high quality, demanding games and other tasks, which require high performance hardware.


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