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The case is that home users or terminals in the local (corporate) network, when you visit some Internet resources are faced with the fact that the screen is popping up a script error. How to remove this message and how to remedy the situation, we will now see.

What is the script error?

Let's Start with the fact that modern Internet resources in the form of pages or multi-page sites contain in its structure is quite complicated structural forms. It is naive to believe that the page displays only the text, pictures or animations. There are many forms created by means of systems such as VBScript and JavaScript.

script error how to remove

It is an error in the code of these add-ons can cause conflicts with open HTML pages, which leads to the appropriate message appears. Now we consider the simplest methods to understand how to remove a script error. Today there are two. The first has to do with the settings “native” of browser Windows, the second involves more complex actions and consists of two stages.

Script Error: how to remove it in Internet Explorer?

Unfortunately, among all known today Internet browsers Internet Explorer susceptible to these errors the most. For example, in the browser window appeared script error. How to remove it the easiest way? Yes, just refresh the page (F5). Perhaps this error has nothing to do with the download page, and just at some point there was a communication failure.


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how to remove script error

On the other hand, the correct option would be the rejection of the use of this browser. Just install something else, say, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, 360 Browser or the same "Yandex. The browser". Such programs on the Internet today you can find a huge amount.

But if you are determined not to abandon Internet Explorer, see how to remove the window "script Error" using built-in own funds of the browser and the OS is Windows. Before the action in the message window, click “No” to stop the continuation of the script execution.

Now the browser need to use the service menu where you select the parameter properties (to be accessed through the standard "control Panel") and then takes you to additional options.

how to remove window script error

Here, we are interested in three fields. Mark the lines containing the disable script debugging for Internet Explorer and for other browsers. On the contrary, the same fields display notification about every error remove a tick. Remains click “OK” to save the changes and reboot the computer system.

Now look at the situation again when “flies” script error. How to remove it using the additional funds? Very simple. The fact that conflicts can be associated even with the wrong security settings of the browser.

There will have in your browser to use the security tab and set the default level. After carrying out of such actions it is strongly recommended to completely clear history, delete cookies, temporary Internet files (clean cache). But, in General, only an additional measure and not the primary method.

How to remove script error when Windows starts using the registry

Sometimes errors of this kind can occur when the operating system starts. Of course, to say that this is some kind of serious failure, it is impossible. System sooner or later will be loaded. But the constant appearance of such messages, to put it mildly, nervous.

Assume that you do at boot you receive a script error. How to remove it, you can see if you use the system registry. For this you can use either command-line or menu “Run”, which prescribes the regedit (by the way, if the system is not loaded, the command is entered directly in the download window, after issuing the message).

POPs up a script error how to remove

In a branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE find the permissions section and select user group. In the new window, on the bottom you need to set full control, then use the advanced settings button.

Here for all subjects select change permissions and you can set type “Allow” and put a checkmark in the row read and full access. By clicking "OK" save changes. A little bit difficult. However, that's not all.

Additional commands

After working with the registry, you must restart your system and again cause a command prompt where you alternately have to register some commands. In the simplest embodiment, it regsvr32 msxml.dll. Next, with the same first part of the command (regsvr32) spaces msxml2.dll and then msxml3.dll.

script error how to remove

If this does not help, commands entered serially, there will be more (with the same unchanging first part of regsvr32 with a space after it): atl.dll, corpol.dll, dispex.dll, jscript.dll, scrrun.dll, scrobj.dll, vbscript.dll, wshext.dll, msxml.dll, msxml2.dll, msxml3.dll, ole32.dll and oleaut32.dll. Needless to say, after each input commands, pressed enter key (Enter).


So we understand the theme “script Error: how to remove it?” as for the proposed solutions, of course, use Internet Explorer settings is the easiest way, but it has its disadvantages. It may not work in other browsers, and especially if errors occur when the system is booted. So, if anything, will have to use more complicated methods to edit the registry and enter specific commands in case of changes in the registry does not give a positive result.


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