How to recover the password of ICQ?


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In the modern world it is difficult to imagine life without communication, including communication via the Internet. For this there is not only the famous “Contact” or “My world”, but also an Agent and ICQ. However, often situations arise when one forgets their password, their account is hacked or fails. How can I recover the password of ICQ, so as not to lose touch with your friends?

First, note that if a combination has stopped go to your ICQ number, you need to scan your entire PC for viruses good modern antivirus program with updated databases. There are viruses capable of “stealing” password, change it and communicate the information to outside people. It may therefore be a risk that the combination of your e-wallets, accounts on websites and so on falls into the wrong hands. You should quickly to protect yourself and your information.

password Recovery

To recover password of ICQ, you need to go to the official website and select “Forgot password”. You will be asked to enter in the field the number ICQ, email or phone number for the account from which you want to recover the combination, as well as confirm that you are not a robot. There is also the possibility to go to the recovery page directly from the program ICQ by field to enter a combination of link "Forgot password”. Here you will be able to recover your password from ICQ. If the account number was entered correctly, a window will appear, which will contain a request to check the email that you entered at registration to the ICQ system. Directly from this window, you can click “Go in the mail”.


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Email Inbox will receive a letter that will contain further instructions on how to recover the password of ICQ. You'll need to click on specified in the letter or, if the link does not work, copy it into the address bar of browser you are using. It should be noted that the period of work links expire within a short period of time, so do not put off the password recovery for later. The whole procedure will take you no more than a few minutes. If the letter to your mailbox for a long time does not come, wait a while and re-submit the request for change of combination. Sometimes letters to the electronic mailboxes in the system can come within the hour. A message on the box Yandex comes within a couple of minutes. To make sure you could remember the email address you used to register your account ICQ, the page will be marked with the first letter of addresses and, for example, it will look like the following “j****@yandex.EN”. It is hoped that the combination to access e-mail, too, was not forgotten.

After clicking the link a window will open entitled “reset password” where you will be asked to enter and repeat a new combination of ICQ. To recover the password in case if you remember the post, which was registered account is quite simple. Now you only have to enter a new combination. It is best to choose a combination of 8 letters, which will contain letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers. A combination of an arbitrary set of letters and numbers is much more difficult to crack, however, and remember it is not so simple. So don't forget it just in case to write down somewhere so I won't have the need again to recover your password.

If the new password twice, click on the “Ready”. New password saved. Now you can log in to ICQ and chat with friends. Restore ICQ password simply. But it is best to periodically change, so no one could hack into a combination to sign in to ICQ and deprive you of the opportunity to Obinitsa the latest news and to talk with those who are so far away from you.

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