How to deal with malicious programs (malware)


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The Number of Internet users is growing literally every day. Right now it is possible to do almost anything – to order groceries, medications, buy things, watch a movie, and more. The attackers use computer illiteracy of users and to infect computers with malware. Many firms spetsializiruyutsya for cleaning computers from viruses, but it is quite expensive procedure, so no extra is the ability to get rid of the undesirable effects of a visit to the Internet itself. Best free antivirus programs, as well as many others can be downloaded from the website no Intrusive ads and other inconveniences. 

First and foremost, you need to prepare a Live CD. This is a bootable CD that has Linux system and any antivirus programs. You can buy a ready-made solution, which would include more options – checking the disks for errors, the registry repair and other utilities. The principle of operation of such discs is quite simple – you need to insert it into the drive, restart the computer and using the BIOS to boot from disk. This allows you to remove programs that start automatically with the operating system and block the antivirus software. If your computer is missing, you can put a system image on a USB flash-drive (“stick”). On the Internet quite a lot of such proposals, they are free and often contain instructions for entry and use. But it is worth remembering that the drive can no longer be used to store other data – in the process of creating the image of the stick will be write-protected and use it for other purposes only after the full erase. 

In some modern computers have a protection system Secure Boot. This is preset by the manufacturer, the utility, protecting from malware residing at the storage device, runs together with the system. On the one hand, this is a useful feature that protects the computers of those users who do not remove the flash drive when you reboot. But it also interferes with you to recover the system using Live CD. Every manufacturer has its own algorithm disable this utility, so a single no instructions and you need to find in the Internet the recommendations.

In General, the process of cleaning the computer from malware is quite simple and does not cause problems even for inexperienced users – everything is automatic. After the work is completed, a message will appear, you will need to reboot computer and in BIOS choose to boot from the hard disk. 

Despite the simplicity of these operations, it is worth to give preference to preventive measures of protection from infection – up-to-date antivirus program that is periodically run cleanup, do not visit dubious sites and test each drive before using.

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