How to open a dll? Guidelines and recommendations for beginners


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It so Happens that if long ago I use a computer all the main programs you know, even friends sometimes ask to help with a particular app, as there…

In General, I think that you get a similar feeling when you are faced with some confusion in the computer world. One day I stumped the question of what to open dll.

Yes, and the fact that at that time I had no idea of this issue. I never met a file with this extension, so, as you can probably understand, about what to open a dll file, it never was.

Sat. Understood. Did it! Shared experience.

Section 1. How to open dll: definition

As it turned out, the files with that extension are a library. Honestly, if you delve into the etymological meaning, find out what dll-is an abbreviation that can be deciphered as Dynamic Link Library, and translated into our native language it means that the file format is really a special library containing the various software codes and resources.

What's is it unusual? It has a feature to connect dynamically.

Resources for such a file can serve as anything: image, text, and audio files, and videos, and cursors, and many other elements that are used by applications installed on your computer.

But I would like to caution…

Before to set myself a task and try to open the dll, think, and whether it is worth to do it. Why? After consulting the experts, I learned that view and edit files of this kind is possible, but only with the help of special software. However, it is worth doing very carefully, since it can result in complete failure using data files in programs.


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Section 2. How to open dll. Detailed instructions

The Way first. Cygnys Hex Editor

In the computer world there are a special program called a disassembler, that they allow not only to access but also modify the code of dll files. There is a perfectly logical question. Rather, even two.

  1. Where can you find and download such a program? What's it called?
  2. Is it possible to do it for free?

The Answer is at once both. Such apps are very much. Personally, I use a free and very effective version called Cygnys Hex Editor. The last came to my liking for several reasons. First of all, thanks to its simple interface, and secondly, due to the fact that it does not require a tedious installation. To load only necessary to use a direct link to the official website of the manufacturer.

Download and almost immediately can use. The information contained in the dll file appears on the computer screen rather convenient way. At the same time and in the form of a table with a set of hex codes, and in a more familiar display – as text characters. You can see, examine and if necessary make the necessary changes. Moreover, amendments made to one of the tables at the same time will automatically change in the second. Convenient, right? Don't need to do any extra work.

The second Way. Resource Hacker

To Answer the question about what to open dll may be different. If the files of your dynamic library, you need to review and replace some of the resources, use some specialized program. Personally, I chose a reader with Resource Hacker. With his help, I can not only see and change the code inside the file, but also to monitor the appearance of the resource, which is created in code. The program's interface is very simple and straightforward even for beginners. It allows you to replace not only the image but also audio or video file on your own. And all this takes place even at the code level, and the higher level objects. This application is also free.

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