Popular methods of grouping elements of an array: insertion sort and using the key


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One of the tasks when working with such a program element as an array – this ordering is contained in the members in ascending or descending order. The search for solutions to problems related to the sorting of an array – a timely task today as programmers and mathematicians-theorists.

When working with arrays under the sort understand the process of regrouping the existing and certain set of elements in the required order. Quite often when working with large volumes of data programmers prefer to produce not sort the data directly and carry out the rearrangement of indexes of the elements. This assumes that sorting is done according to the requirements of a particular task, and thus this method is not universal and the specific nature.

The Task of sorting is, along with issues of fundamental in the development of algorithms and programming. This is due to the fact that the regrouped objects – the key to reducing time and resources during the program, which, of course, is purely positive. Wide application in programming found the insertion sort and using the key.

One of the most elegant methods of sorting – with the use of a special key, i.e. the section of data that uniquely identifies the order of the elements, but does not store the full values of the structure element. To illustrate this method using a postcode. The index does not provide complete address information, but it uniquely identifies the location of the post office, and, therefore, the primary movement of the letters. In the case of arrays and element values of the key are equal.


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The Essence of this method of sorting is the following scheme of action. First create the new dataset, which is consistent with the reproduction of elements of the original array. Thus the ordering is as follows: at the end of the created array is formed cell, followed by analysis of the element standing in front of this empty cell. If the item is no longer inserted, then it is a shift in an empty cell, and in its place a new. And thus the position calculation, which is necessary to move the member from the old array. In the case where an empty cell is the first element of the array, it transfers a member from the previous array.

The insertion Sort – also one of the most applicable methods of ordering of a sequence members. This in itself this method of regrouping is very simple and that it is important for the program does not require allocation of additional memory. The scheme works as follows: first, I take a few located close to the array members, and if the first element is greater than the second, then they switch places. And such a simple operation continues until no such pairs will not be detected. If the sorting algorithm is successfully completed, all the data in the array was successfully sorted. Of course, the insertion sort is possible, and in descending order, and you want to change the condition of the moving elements of the pair. If the first member is smaller than the second one in the pair is the rearrangement. The insertion sort – one of the most popular sorting algorithms arrays, which are widely used in solving problems of all kinds.

Sort method of insertion can be improved in its performance. To enhance the functionality changes to the search schema. The development of this procedure obtained a new method for rearrangement – the sort of binary inserts. The feature of this method is to apply binary search in the array, resulting in a shrinking processed by the algorithm sequence.

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