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Improving data transmission technologies has led to the emergence of fiber-optic network to connect devices requires the use of special equipment – SFP transceiver. The SFPS replaced the more cumbersome equipment and GBIC are used in the telecommunication lines with a speed of data streaming above 100 Mbit per second.


SFP transceivers are used as the acceptance / transfer of equipment. In other words, they act as intermediaries between the fiber-optic cable or an unshielded twisted pair cable and network devices-switch, modem or router. The main advantage of the module is the connector is very small in size. Due to this SFP transceiver with a width of only 20 cm can accommodate up to 20 slots.

sfp transceiver

Equipment used for high-speed data transfer (>10 Mbps) in the following technologies: SDH and Fibre Channel. In addition, the equipment that is able to operate three types of broadcast signal.

Types of SFP transceivers

Depending on the task, the type of fiber-optic cable, as well as used equipment, all SFP modules are divided according to several criteria:

  1. Data transfer Speed. Ordinary SFP transceiver re-broadcasts the signal at a speed of 100 MB/s and 1 GB/s, standards, SFP+ and XFP – up to 10 GB/s.
  2. The Type of the connector. SC-slot is used to connect the single fiber cable, where the reception and transmission of information takes place over a single fiber, LC-connector-for dvukhpolosnykh where reception and transmission of signals carried on the channels.
  3. The Form of fibers. For connection to single-mode fiber signals wire used SM transceiver, for multimode – MM modules.
  4. The Most power of the transmitted signal. This characteristic varies in the range of 1310 nm and 1550 nm for singlemode fiber connections, and at around 850 nm and 1310 nm for multimode cabling.

Each SFP transceiver has a certain optical budget, or a range of reception and signal transmission. As it passes the cable signal light fades. The difference between the maximum distance that can send the signal module, and the power of the received light flux and is called the optical budget. These data are specified in the data sheet of the transceiver in dB.


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Working with modules

During data transmission SFP module emits a light signal in the invisible spectrum (for this, inside the equipment there is a special laser). Therefore it is strictly forbidden to look in “eye” device to prevent damage to the retina.

Connecting the SFP transceiver you must wear an antistatic wrist strap after connecting it to the body. Otherwise, the discharge of electrostatic current can withdraw the device.

sfp transceiver

In addition, “eye” of the laser is sensitive to dust, so do not remove the protective plugs before turning on the device in the network. To prolong the service life of the module, try it without the need to remove the cable from the connector.

Rules for the choice of SFP modules

To Choose the SFP transceiver is required in accordance with the characteristics of your fiber-optic cable. It is necessary to focus on several issues. First, it is necessary to accurately determine the optical budget. To do this, it is recommended to use special devices. When there are none, you can find out this value “eyes”, enough to know the distance between point of transmission and reception with an accuracy of one kilometer.

sfp optical transceiver

Second, determine the type of latch on the Board for your network device. SFP optical transceiver must be in the same castle. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to use the module. Currently on the market you can find devices with snaps of three types: Button, Mylar Tab Bale-Clasp. To determine the type visually.

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