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Has long become a classic game GTA has lots of fans. Unfortunately, when running fifth part of this masterpiece users face lots of problems. Most often, the health of the game is affected by low FPS. How to solve the problem?

What is FPS?

How much FPS in GTA 5

Adequate job of virtually any game depends on the FPS rate. FPS is affected by the number of frames that play PC for one second. Accordingly, with a low rate, the image will simply be “sticky”, and braking.

Most players with weak PC and ask how to improve FPS. In principle, to solve the problem is quite simple, but to approach the question it is necessary complexly. If you use only one method, the result can be unsatisfactory.


How to increase FPS in GTA 5

One of the ways to increase FPS in "GTA 5", is a normal change in the game settings. The user will have to sacrifice image quality in favor of normal operation. In settings, disable shadows, reflections, vertical sync, grass and other stuff. It is desirable to remove as many functions as possible.

To Reduce the should resolution. Even if it's with the monitor, you need to decrease it. Of course, this method of responding to the question on how to increase FPS in "GTA 5" will lead to deterioration of graphics, but the game will become much faster.


How to increase FPS in GTA 5

Before you start to change settings or add the patches, you should check the update “iron”. Quite often the reason for low FPS is the graphics card driver. Users simply forget to update it to the latest version. Also get the driver to function incorrectly, which also leads to poor performance of the game.


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Update “iron” is a very effective way how to increase FPS in "GTA 5". However, Nvidia users should be careful. For the fifth GTA will only fit specially issued by the manufacturer for the update. Driver designed for this game, and will be most effective.

If updates are enough to improve the work, then you need to disable some features. The user must go to the profile, Nvidia Inspector and then disable triple buffering, vertical sync and V-Sync. Such actions can be done with AMD. In Catalyst center, you should disable the same settings for Nvidia.

The easiest way to the user to check using special software. For example, perfect Driver Scanner. The app will automatically detect what needs to be updated, and automatically installs the necessary driver. Concern about “iron” is the most effective way how to increase FPS in any game.


The reason for the low FPS may be a different location of the game and the Rockstar Social Club. RSC should be moved to disk where is the main file. A simple method is the perfect solution how to increase FPS in "GTA 5". Only do not forget to specify via command line the new location of the folders so the game can find the executable file.


I asked the question about how to increase FPS in "GTA 5", you can come to the logical solution-raising the priority. Setting the maximum level on GTA 5 and the minimum additional application will increase FPS. Unfortunately, each time you start the game you will have to re-adjust priorities. To simplify the task of creation of the file .bat, with which you can one-click to optimize your PC.

There is another option of customization that much easier. The user must create the file .reg, which will set priorities each time you start a "GTA". However, you must make a copy of registry in case of an emergency.


How to increase FPS

To Improve the performance of games allow special applications. How many FPS in "GTA 5" will be able to add the program? Of course, it all depends on the software, but the average FPS increased by 20-30%. Such amazing results are achieved due to the fact that the program not only optimizes, allocates resources, but also disables unnecessary processes.

The Best resource for improving the FSP will be a FPS Booster. The program is easy to use and enables you to achieve excellent results. However, the FPS Booster is not always good. Last chance for fan "GTA” it is Extreme Low END. In fact, it's even not a program, and a special mod for the game to run even on slower PCs. Extreme Low END GTA adjusts to the requirements that are even lower than the stated Rockstar.

Swap File

Sometimes the problem with FPS occurs when the lack of RAM. GTA 5 is quite voracious, especially on slower PCs. To improve the situation by using a paging file. The user must go to Control Panel and go to the tab System. Then you need to create a pagefile on the drive where is "GTA". This will solve the problem of shortage of RAM.


The Player a variety of ways to increase FPS. It is best to approach the problem comprehensively, and to use all possible methods. So there is a chance to achieve a stable and fast operation, without significant loss of image quality. However, we must remember that when working with the registry or changing the game files, be sure to make backup copies.


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