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Want to buy for little money a quality reliable work laptop? The HP 620 is a classic design, good specifications and affordable price. The model is compact and ergonomic. High performance along with other benefits makes a laptop leader in the segment of inexpensive portable computers.


The Laptop is HP 620 will take over the implementation of a number of everyday tasks. The model is made in retro style. In this case, this characteristic is technology. The laptop has a lot of ports, matte TFT display, middle performance and outdated dual-core processor Intel Pentium. The relatively low cost of the laptop caused by the installation manufacturer, processor, entry level. The Pentium T4500 is rarely used in modern laptops, as it has limited options of energy saving. Office laptop is such a performance is enough.hp 620 specifications

RAM ensures good productivity, as well as the processor. This allows effective work with various multimedia files. Here for the schedule meets the integrated video chip Intel GMA 4500MHD, and high-performance network module provides a reliable and fast connection to the Internet. The laptop has a convenient slot under a memory card, USB connectors, and a comfortable touchpad. Roomy hard disk allows to store a large amount of information and any software used in the HP 620. The graphics card is integrated, but it is a weak link device. The laptop can cope only with very simple programs and undemanding games.


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The appearance of the model HP 620, features and functionality fully consistent working style. The concise, classical design, clean lines - this laptop is built for office routine. The body is made of quality textured plastic silver color, it is not deformed under mechanical action. Matte finish provides reliable protection against oily and sticky residue. In the center of the top panel is a silver logo of the brand. The laptop is difficult to open because the two halves tightly adjacent to each other to form a monolithic product.hp 620

Internal style completely matches the look and uncluttered design. Above the keyboard is a decorative grille that hides the speaker. Frame for display and the wrist rest is made of matte plastic. A big plus of the laptop is good build quality. Display size of 15.5 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The screen has anti-glare, uniform brightness distribution, but low contrast and small viewing angles. On the lower surface of the housing is a removable battery for notebook HP 620.


To ensure the Autonomous operation used battery for notebook HP 620 Lithium-Ion (4200 mAh), which proved to be very hardy. It withstands a four-hour operation without additional charging. Work in Word, you can about five hours with minimum brightness and disabled Wi-Fi. The maximum load a battery can withstand more than an hour without charge.

battery for laptop

Thus, the lower loads allow you to work on the laptop for a long time in an unsuitable environment, for example on the street where there is no mains power.

Pros and cons

Laptop computer brand Hewlett Packard has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the model HP 620: features (good performance), unobtrusive classical style, practicality, great interface, the set includes a carrying bag. The disadvantages of inconvenient keypad, a matrix with a glossy coating. In addition, the ports are distributed is not very convenient from the point of view of ergonomics, and the bottom base of the laptop heats up quickly.

Buttons keyboard gives way a little when pressed, they are not very durable, but soft and does not make loud clicks. Keyboard has no number pad, but is highlighted by the led. The fan in the laptop doesn't stop working instantly, even if the device is already off. This enables to cool the computer. The noise level is low.

hp 620 price

Overall, HP has released a cheap office model that copes with basic tasks. Durable case, elegant design, good ergonomics and performance, the hardy battery - perfect data is a budget device. Cheap laptop HP 620, the characteristics of which meet the criteria of the modern user, equipped with an easy input system, good display and many other benefits.


Notebook HP 620, price of which is relatively low, some users seem not worth that kind of money. Today this model can be purchased for seventeen thousand rubles, while the price range varies from twenty to twenty-five thousand. The model is designed for office, modern look. Ideal for those who value optimal performance. The computer has a high-quality and accurate Assembly of all of the housing parts, expensive appearance and conservatism.


Many users say that the HP 620 laptop specifications meet the requirements of modern devices. Judging by the reviews, this model has good performance, great and also undemanding games. High autonomy, minimal design, durable housing of the main advantages of the laptop. In addition, the matte screen allows you to work in daylight conditions.

hp 620 video card

The disadvantages of the users attribute is not very comfortable keyboard, no number pad, the touchpad is a slippery, small angle, dim screen, inflated price.


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