What was the attitude of the Unit to the revolution of 1917?


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Who's been Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok is a poet, writer, publicist, playwright, translator, literary critic. In addition, AA Block - one of the classics of Russian literature of the twentieth century. Unthinkable without Russian symbolism this author. He made an enormous contribution to its development and is one of the leading members. A. A. Blok lived in difficult historical times was rich in events. One of them was the October revolution. The ratio Block to a revolution is impossible set up a unambiguous what will be discussed in this article.

Historical background - the October revolution

The October revolution came out of nowhere, she had her own reasons. The people of that time were tired of hostilities, utter collapse threatened industry and agriculture, farmers have become increasingly impoverished with each passing day in the absence of a decision on the agrarian question. Conducting social and economic reforms is continually delayed, the country experienced a financial crisis of a catastrophic nature. As a consequence, in early July 1917, the Petrograd shaken by riots that require to overthrow the Provisional government. The government issued a decree to suppress a peaceful demonstration with the use of weapons. Carried by a wave of arrests, executions everywhere start. At this point, the bourgeoisie wins. But in August, the revolutionaries play their positions.

block the revolution

The Bolsheviks from July spent most agitation among workers and the military. And it has yielded results. In the minds of people rooted installation: the Bolshevik party is the only element of a political system that truly protects workers. In September the Bolsheviks receive more than half of the votes in the Duma districts. Burguesia fails, because they do not have mass support. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the elaboration of a plan of an armed uprising with the aim to win power for the Soviets. 24 Oct uprising began, the loyalist armed units were immediately isolated from it. On 25 October in Petrograd happens successful for the Bolsheviks seizure of bridges, Telegraph, government agencies. October 26 is seized the Winter Palace and the arrest of members of the Provisional government. The October revolution of 1917 divided the world into two sides - the capitalist and the socialist.


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Critical time, heavy and global change

The 20th century was a complicated period in Russian history. The October revolution of 1917 shook the society. This historic event left no one indifferent. One of the community groups who responded to the incident, was the Russian intelligentsia. In 1918 was written by the famous poem "Twelve" by Alexander Blok.

the ratio of the unit to the revolution in the poem of twelve

The Attitude to the 1917 Revolution author has been discussed by many generations, and each time appear all new and new interpretations of his position. No one can say that A. the Unit adhered to a particular party (say as simply as possible: "Good for the country was the rebellion?"). Let's look at what the contradictory relations Unit to the revolution.

Short story poem "Twelve"

For those who badly studied at school, let us briefly recall the plot of the poem. The first Chapter provides setup. The author describes winter the snowy streets of Petrograd, revolution (winter of 1917-1918). Portraits of passersby striking short, but the imagery. In the streets of Petrograd is a detachment of the patrol, consisting of twelve people. The revolutionaries discuss his former comrade Vanya, who left the revolution for the sake of drinking and took up with a former woman of easy virtue Katya. In addition to talking about the friend patrol sing a song about service in red army.

relation of the unit to the revolution

Suddenly, the patrol faces a wagon, which drove Vanya, and Katya. Revolutionaries attack them, the driver was able to escape, but Kate was shot and killed one of the patrol. Killed her regrets about the incident, but others condemn him for it. The patrol moves down the street, and they added a stray dog, whom they were driven off by bayonets. After this the revolutionaries saw a vague outline of the figure before them was Jesus Christ.

Not just "Twelve"

In that period of time when the Block was created the poem "the Twelve", he worked on the poem "the Scythians" and the article "Intelligentsia and revolution". The ratio of the Unit to the October revolution in these works was quite unique. He urged all to fully listen and hear the Revolution.

what is the relationship of the unit to the revolution

Delight - that what was initially experienced by the author in relation to the incident. The unit has seen great changes, which were in future to lead Russia to a time of prosperity and truly a better life. However, the relationship of the Unit to the Revolution eventually began to change. Because sometimes hopes have not justified.

The Winds of change. A new relationship of the Block to the revolution

In the poem "the Twelve," the author is redefining history. Missing the old enthusiasm and praise. Objectivity in relation to what is happening - that comes to the fore in determining the relationship of the Unit to the Revolution. Historical events begin to be perceived as a natural phenomenon. He compares them to a storm, the storm, which in its movement and action have no specific goals and direction.

what is the contradictory relationship of the unit to the revolution

What is the relationship of the Unit to the revolution now? The symbol of a new, better life she transformirovalsya in the natural will and necessity. All that accumulated over the years, grievances and complaints, at one point broke free and started to destroy everything that stood in the way. This is the reason why at the beginning of the poem when describing the winter streets the wind blows bourgeois posters.

A World that is dying

The Symbolism of the Block, the embodiment of which he was, is present in this poem. Predzavodskoy the world dies - it is "the lady in karkula", "bourgeois" etc., who feel uncomfortable under the revolutionary wind.

the ratio of the unit to the October revolution

The Lady slips and bourgeois buries his nose in the collar to keep warm. The Unit involves not the death of the entire large countries, namely the departure of the old way of life.

Contrasting colors of the events

The Natural contrast of black nights and white snow is transferred to people. Their emotions are painted in two contrasting colors: rage black and Holy. The ratio of the Unit to the Revolution in the poem "the Twelve" becomes contradictory, because he understands the evidence that the revolutionary good purpose is often achieved through violent and depressing.

the ratio of the unit to the revolution in the poem 12

Everywhere is installed, the Kingdom of robbery, rape, murder and immorality. But through the whole book goes through the thought about whether there is still a shred of hope for the creative force of the revolution.

Twelve red

The Main expression of the relationship of the Unit to the revolution in the poem "12" is the image of the patrol. The purpose of the patrol is to establish order. However, the red guards are uncontrolled, as a storm or the wind. They are absolutely unpredictable, their actions are impossible to predict, and the emotions and feelings unknown. This is a tragic situation.

block attitude to the 1917 revolution

In addition, the external expression of the image of the patrol is not correlated with a new better life. They are more like prisoners, battered cap, in the teeth of cigarettes. On the other hand, for a poet patrol is a simple Russian who is ready to sacrifice his life for the Revolution, but specifically for what purpose - remains unclear.

Questions of morality and Holiness

The Revolutionaries believed in the creation of a new world, but what? The ratio of Block to Revolution and a new world is frightening. In the newly created state people robbing, looting, bring death not only guilty, but absolutely innocent people. This represents the death of Katka, who was killed in a spontaneous impulse of the patrol, who succumbed to the minute outbreak of violent emotions. Block does not not to emphasize the tragedy of the death of Kathy, as Blok kill the woman. Holiness and sinfulness in the poem come together. In the course of the narrative patrol are constantly talking about the renunciation of Christ. For the Russian people has always been characterized by "Holy" symbol of morality and spiritual purity. But in spite of all, to completely deny Christ guards cannot. At the end of the poem they still Dating him, while the patrol waited for the enemy, and there the Holy image. The importance of the image of Christ is that he is stepping gentle pace. Which is how he came two thousand years ago for the salvation of souls. One of the provisions relations Unit to the revolution is that he understood and accepted the inevitability of what is happening around, but did not accept immoral and inhumane revolutionary methods.

In conclusion

Considering the twentieth century, and intellectuals who lived in that time, you may notice a...

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