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Just an irrepressible passion for knowledge has helped the son of a peasant to become a founder of such areas of science as science, chemistry, astronomy, engineering, geography, metallurgy, Geology, Philology. Lomonosov is one of the most striking examples of climbing the social ladder from the bottom to the very top.

Early years

Born Lomonosov, Mikhail Vasilyevich 8 (19) November 1711 in the village Mishaninskaya Turotrasli parish, County Dvina, Arkhangelsk province. Now the town is named after the great scientist – the village of Lomonosovo.

Father – a wealthy farmer Vasiliy Dorofeevich. The mother, Elena, died when the boy was only nine years old.

The Family owned a fairly large plot of land. The main income came from fishing. Family Lomonosovs belonged to experienced sailors. Already a decade old and young Misha took part in the campaigns. Along with fishing the boy loved to read. Taught him a tricky business the Sexton of the local Church. Then that boy and wrote on paper his full name is Mikhail Lomonosov. Biography of the scientist says that the work his master was writing letters, petitions, and correspondence.

When the boy was thirteen years old, his father married for the third time. With her stepmother relationships went wrong. And a year later, a severe winter, Lomonosov, briefly describe the biography which is very difficult, quietly left the house. He was lucky-in the right direction went fish cart, which was joined by the future scientist. The boy went to conquer Moscow, where yet no one knew who Lomonosov. Lomonosov


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Hard choice

In tsarist Russia, higher education was available only in three major cities. Of course, it was Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev. Of the options presented Mikhail Lomonosov chose the first. His path to knowledge took more than three weeks.

Start learning

In January, 1731, a boy was successfully enrolled. Teachers know who Lomonosov: first and foremost a diligent student, with all my heart sought to the Sciences. All the free time he spent studying library books.

Tuition even paid a very small salary, one could buy except a little bread and kvass. Times Lomonosov grieved about befallen his poverty, but never seriously thought about how to quit school and return to his native village, where his father wanted him to marry one of the local beauties.

Future scientist was clearly more advanced than his peers. So in one year he could jump two or three classes. Well mastered Latin and Greek language.

St. Petersburg

In 1735, consisting of the twelve most successful students transferred to study in St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Who is Lomonosov, were able to witness the light of science. All major disciplines were represented in the school.

Life was more than modest. But the Academy gave the clothes, and the rooms were simply furnished.

Every morning began with a lesson reinforced learning the German language. In addition to Philology and poetry scientist studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, Mineralogy.

A Diligent student, quickly become familiar, and very soon none of the teachers there was no question about who Lomonosov.

German period of life

In 1736 a group of students, which was Mikhail Vasilyevich, was sent to study in Germany.

Mikhail Lomonosov

The Main objective was to train mining with the purpose of further teaching in the institutions. No one was surprised that the group was Lomonosov.

The Next five years of the scholar's life were spent in Germany and partly in Holland. The result of this period became deep knowledge in physics, chemistry, mining. Even life in debt and starving did not disappoint Mikhail Vasilyevich in the right direction. Lomonosov's biography

Family life

In 1739, after a quarrel with the teacher, Lomonosov, whose biography is presented in the article, leaving education and trying to return back to Russia. It is not possible. He married the daughter of the mistress of the house where he rented a house, – Elizabeth Zilch. In the same year the young couple gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, the girl lived long, died in 1743.

In December 1741, a boy is born Ivan. But without having lived two months, the child died. In February 1749, a daughter, Elena.

Return to Russia

In June, 1741, Lomonosov returned to his native Academy of Sciences and together with Professor I. Amman began collecting minerals and fossils. It grows as a poet. Translates articles from German magazines. Begins to conduct experiments as an inventor. Soon gets the opportunity to teach and participate in meetings of the academic Assembly. Soon the world saw the first dissertation in physics and chemistry.

Mikhail Lomonosov

In June 1745 Mikhail was promoted to Professor of chemistry, St. Petersburg Academy. At the personal request of the academic equipping the chemical laboratory, which was completed two years later.

In 1748 opened historical Department, in which Lomonosov takes a very active part.

In the same year, Mikhail became a journalist. Activities began with translations of foreign letters for the newspaper “Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti».

Further activities

After the rendezvous with the Empress ' favourite, Ivan Shuvalov, Lomonosov gets the opportunity to promote their ideas at the highest level.

So, under his influence, in 1755 Moscow University was opened with the training of the foreign sample. Lomonosov

Already in 1756 Lomonosov began an active struggle for education in high schools and universities for the children of the lower class. In part he succeeds.

In 1758 he became head of the geographical Department. Made huge work on creation of the Atlas of Russia.

In 1763, Catherine II made the scientist a state Councilor.

In the same year gets the title of member of the Academy of arts for work with mosaic.


In 1765, Mikhail is seriously ill. Unfortunately, to recover him failed. The great scientist did not 4 (15) APR 1765. Buried in the Lazarev cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Lomonosov – a unique scientist, who was able to prove himself in almost all branches of science: physics, chemistry, literature, languages. In addition, the world saw many of his inventions. He's one of the few who was able to unravel the secret of colouring glass red. His work with mosaics has long boggled the minds of his contemporaries. The work was very long, intense and laborious. Used a variety of optical devices of our own making. An ardent fighter against injustice. Scientist-practitioner, which differed not only criticism, but a decent offer for the replacement is not a satisfactory hypothesis. Work on mining and metallurgy, and to this day may be of interest to specialists. In General, Mikhail Lomonosov was an extraordinary person. Mikhail Lomonosov biography

The Memory of him will long be handed down from generation to generation.


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