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Although the Golden age of piracy ended more than 250 years ago, today, the history of Maritime adventurers are of interest not less than in the days of Robert Louis Stevenson. And if they were inspired writers to create adventure novels today about the brave freebooters of the film and develop computer games. For example, the pirate Charles vane was both a character and is embodied in the virtual world of assassin's Creed 4.

Charles vane

Who is he?

The Question is quite natural, because we want to know who were the real pirates Charles vane and than he deserved such attention to his person.

So, in those days, documents were not so good, so date of birth is unknown. It is assumed that this occurred in about 1680. About his childhood and how he put himself outside the law, no information is also not preserved.


For the First time about Charles vane the inhabitants of the New world began in 1716, after he along with his comrades attacked the Spanish ships that were engaged in ascent to the surface from their silver Galleons, shortly before it sank off the coast during a terrible storm. After the brutal massacre by pirates, sailors from different countries began to experience the horror, when on the horizon appeared Brigantine “Ranger”, which became the flagship of the rogue.

Charles vane was able to make friends and to choose companions, and his quartermaster in different periods were known pirates Jack Rackham and Edward England. Unquestioning obedience of such notorious thugs only further raised the prestige of the captain of the Brigantine “Ranger” among adventurers of all stripes, who fled to the colonies to escape from the rope awaiting them at home.

When, during the so-called War of the Spanish succession the English fleet and his command were forced to leave their base and Fort in new Providence in the Bahamas, she was busy with pirates. One of the most influential among them was Wayne. For several years his team is committed bloody attacks on merchant ships and inhabitants of coastal cities. After three years of successful “career” pirate was captured. The court was postponed for various reasons, but in 1721, it is still executed by hanging in Gallows point in Jamaica.

Charles vane black sails

Character Charles vane: "Black sails”

The Premiere of this series was held on 25 January 2014, and he continues to demonstrate in many countries to this day. His story is in some sense a prequel to the famous works of Robert Louis Stevenson ‘treasure Island”. Charles vane, there are the captain and steward of the Fort on the island of new Providence.


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The Role of a pirate played by American actor Zach McGowan. Many viewers are crazy he created the image of a villain, who loves the fair sex.

In the record of the actor mainly includes main and secondary roles in the series. In addition to working in "Black sails" of the praise from critics has earned his playing in the soap Opera “Shameless”.

pirate Charles vane

The plot of the series

Events in a pirate television Saga called "Black sails" takes place on the island of new Providence in 1715.

After the British left, it became a base of pirates of all stripes. There from time to time arrives the daughter of an important colonial official Eleanor Guthrie, which is buying the pirates stolen goods for resale.

The Most powerful person on new Providence is captain flint. It will differ cruelty and cunning, as well as the ability to intrigue. Along with Eleanor pirate devises a plan to make the island an independent state, not subordinate to the British Empire. For this flint, you need to capture a Spanish Galleon carrying treasure. Help him, and sometimes join with him in a brutal confrontation the rest of the captains of the Fort of new Providence, including Charles vane. He is not inclined to always play second fiddle, so waiting for an opportunity to Express themselves.

According to the authors, some episodes of the series filmed based on the actual “exploits” Flynt, Wayne and the like. However, several of them embellished and added special effects. By the way, the work of those members of the crew "Black sails" which is engaged in providing entertainment of the series, did not remain without attention of specialists. In particular, the film received four nominations for “Amy” and won two of them: for outstanding visual effects of the second plan, and for the excellent sound editing.

Charles vane assassin's creed 4

Virtual character Charles vane

Assassin's Creed 4 — is a computer game developed by "Yubisoft Montreal". One of her heroes is none other than the pirate vane. Events in the game take place in the early 18th century in the West Indies. In the story the pirate Charles vane was taken prisoner by the British, what will happen next - it depends on the player who will choose a member of his team.

Presentation of the game took place on 27 February 2013.

Now you know who the real Charles vane, and the imagination of the authors of the series "Black sails" Assassins Creed 4.

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