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Often children, like adults, need to remember any words or letters. This applies not only to foreign languages, which do not just learn, but also to our native Russian language, which is rich in a variety of simple and complex words. But what if nothing happens? To give up and take on another thing? Or try all the same?

If you have encountered ever with this problem, then this article will be the salvation for you. These exercises in remembering words will help you and your kids to develop their memory, learn faster memorize words or letters. Here you can choose what exercise will be best.

an exercise in remembering


One simple exercise in memorization enumeration. For example, the word "picture, carb, charger, flowers, nebula, grapes, kitchen...". People read these words twice and then memory needs to remember what he just read. Words can be selected according to the age of the person, his family activities, the nearest holidays or the changing of the season.

This exercise you can modify and complicate. For example, one should not only memorize words, but to make them an offer, don't lose any.

Exercise "Describe the picture"

Imagine a picture of a parrot sitting on a perch. We are given the word: "claw, diamond, grass, autumn leaves, crimper, chocolate." And now, using the maximum of their imagination and explain how can be connected the parrot in the picture with these words.

Her legs parrot clings to the perch, like CLAWS, his eyes are like DIAMONDS, its plumage is green, like GRASS, but there are glimpses of orange, like AUTUMN LEAVES, parrot's beak like appearance on the FORCEPS, a perch on which sits a parrot, color "bitter CHOCOLATE". This exercise in remembering will not only help to develop memory of the child, but also show his imagination.


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 exercises for memorization of letters

Rows phrases

For the next exercise for memorizing letters you will need an assistant. Write the number of words. Let's say 20 pieces. In the row on the right, write the words that are somehow related to the left. For example:

  • Globe.
  • Dog – a booth.
  • The Gardener – the car.
  • Pencil-eraser.
  • The Hypotenuse the other two sides.
  • Honey - bee.
  • Tree - the leaves.
  • Flash drive.
  • Web - social network.
  • Flowers - a flower bed.
  • Space - the planet.
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Washing - powder.
  • The Farm - a cow.
  • Earphones.
  • Toothbrush toothpaste.
  • Box - decoration.
  • Coffee – Turk.
  • Sausage & ndash; sandwich.
  • Candle – flame.
  • Portrait - pencils.

Read all the phrases, and then close the right column. Memory restore the words and write them next to each left. Don't forget that a number of words also depends on the age of the child. This suggests that words that are used in the exercise must be familiar to the child. Such tasks are widely used in teaching children English.

Many one

Another exercise in memorization. (Submitted by one of the most typical options you can finish it based on the age, capabilities, Hobbies and desires, you can make it easier or more difficult, the main thing - principle). Before you pictures of animals, things, flowers, insects, books, cities, cars, musical groups… within one minute you should remember all the pictures. Then on the paper to record all the items in alphabetical order.

exercise for memorizing multiplication tables

This task is used in different interpretations and almost every intellectual marathon or playing. His serve at the pleasure both adults and children. You are given some long word, for example: "shipwreck". The task is to make as many words out of the letters of the given word. (RAB, cancer, varnish, balloon, shock, block, seam, wide, slag). The same principle applies exercises to memorize the English alphabet. This exercise can be turned into a game, charging a child for each word as many points as the letters in the word.

Exercise "personal advice"

exercises for memorizing words

Once teachers of Russian language and literature were forced to rewrite large artwork of those who have had problems with spelling, punctuation... Want something to remember, write these words or texts. Overwrite several times a day, write in drafts, on the tabs in prominent places, social networks. This will help you quickly memorize the material. Also the more you read, the better developed your visual memory.

These exercises for the memorization of multiplication tables are widely used for children in primary school, which is difficult to learn large quantities of numbers.

Double letter

If you can't remember words with doubled vowels or consonants, what to do then? It will help the memorizing a certain subject. Take a few words, which you always forget how to spell the letter “t” or “TT”. Words: thaw, certificate, attraction, confetti, cottage, shade. Now create a small script, which could meet those words. “When it camethaw, and the boys of cottage village "Confetti" received their certificates, they went to ride the “shade”. All this, of course, very subjective. Everyone should choose the words that he cannot remember. In my mind using imagination to put it into a coherent story and to remember.


exercise for memorizing English words

Do You know the word “encryption”? It's some encrypted letters, numbers or other useful information. You too can feel like a detective or an archeologist studying an ancient language, and besides, and pumped his memory and ability to remember words or letters. You can come up with the cipher yourself, and ask that someone from your environment (so it will be more interesting). You should encrypt, for example, the alphabet or numbers and arithmetic signs. Encryption can be a variety of simple image-geometric figures or just any characters. Decipher every day at least one “message” or “example” and your memory will be just stunning. You can also use exercise to memorize English words, encoding them with numbers and symbols.

exercises to memorize the English alphabet

Opposite Poems

To Learn poems we were taught in kindergarten. But the point of this exercise is not to memorize as many poems from beginning to end and tell to their environment, and to memorize a poem from the end to its beginning. Yes, word-for-word from the end to the beginning of the poem. Turns out not: “You don't love me, no regrets, Except I'm not handsome?”, and: “Handsome is not a lot I did not, regret not, not you love me?”.

A Variety of puzzle games, monopoly, strategy will also help you to develop your memory and remember words and letters with ease.

Surely, someone some exercise on memorization may not be appropriate, anyone can help to a greater degree, someone in smaller. Some people it seems complicated, while others will master them in no time. Always the most important thing – it is a desire. Not worth the stay. If you know in the face of his enemy (usually the enemy man is his own shortcomings), you will be able to win, to win yourself. Practice, overcoming all difficulties, and you can conquer any vertices. Your memory will be very powerful, and great ability. As the great physicist albert Einstein: “Life — like driving a Bicycle. To keep balance you must move”.

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