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The City of Odessa in the first place is famous for its Maritime higher education institutions. However, the agricultural institutions also deserve attention. Additionally, in Odessa there are many universities with economic trends. In order to understand this issue, consider the most popular places.

National University "Odessa law Academy”

Considering the best universities in Odessa, definitely should pay attention to this school. According to many experts, it is considered one of the best in journalism. Created by national University "Odessa law Academy” in 1997. Forms of learning, it presents day-to-correspondence. Looking at other state universities of Odessa, it should be noted that the accreditation of specified educational institution has the fourth. Free training for students in the act.

universities of Odessa rating

Faculties and specialties

Many universities of Odessa and legal professions do not have the judicial and the administrative Department. However, in this case, students have the opportunity to study international legal relations. Another school provided by the Department of economic and civil justice. Like other universities in the city of Odessa, national University "Odessa law Academy” preparing specialists-lawyers. The legal science it is taught. There is also a Department of sociology.

The Odessa Academy of management and quality

If you look at the list of higher educational institutions of Odessa the third level of accreditation, the Odessa Academy of management and quality is considered the best. First and foremost it should be noted that it provides for the doctorate. There is also the possibility to study for free. If we consider the qualification levels, in this case, there are bachelor, specialist and master.


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Based stated the Academy was in 1945. The main direction of the institution is considered to be electronics. Other universities of the city of Odessa, in contrast, institutions are able to boast such a high level of computer technology.

sea educational institutions of Odessa

Faculties of the Academy of management and quality in Odessa

Considering all the universities of Odessa with budget places, it should be noted that only in the Odessa Academy of management and quality engineering is taught. Additionally, the Department of Metrology. Information and measurement technologies are studied in appropriate in the Department. Individual attention, discipline, standardization and certification. In this case, educational measurement are also studied in the Academy. Therefore, considering the universities of Odessa state Academy of technical regulation and quality definitely need to pay special attention.

The Odessa agrarian University

If we consider all universities of the city of Odessa, agricultural higher education institution in the city, you can find only one. It was created in 1918. Degree accreditation of the University fourth. Diplomas issued in this state sample. Provided by the University both day and correspondence form of training, which is very convenient for students. In this case, the qualification level of master in the University provided.

If you compare the specified University and other universities of the city of Odessa, it is important to note that the presented high school provides its students with Dorm rooms. Also, people have the opportunity to obtain postgraduate education. All teachers in the Odessa agrarian University has approximately 330, while students today there are about 6 thousand people. The main areas of the University should include agriculture and fisheries. Additionally, the University teaching Economics and management.

Odessa institutions of higher education with budget places

Faculties and specialty agricultural University in Odessa

Specified the University is characterized by the presence agrobiotechnological faculty. Other universities of Odessa do not have this. Studied at the faculty of agronomy and plant protection. In the Odessa agrarian University has a Department of veterinary medicine. Among the specialties it should be noted surveyors, and cartographers. Agricultural production in this University are also taught. Other universities of the city of Odessa in this area do not exist.

top universities in Odessa

The Odessa Institute of the Academy of personnel management

Considering the best universities of Odessa, we cannot forget this Institute. The distinctive feature of it is considered to be a good Department of psychology. Founded the school in 1998. Degree accreditation it received third. Diplomas all students of the Academy of personnel management receive the state sample.

In this case, the master's degree at the University missing. However, among the benefits it is important to note the presence of the military Department. Additionally, comparing all the universities in the city of Odessa, it can be concluded that this Institute is one of the few that can boast of the graduate school.

Faculties and specialties

The Main faculty of this Institute can be called psychology. However, pedagogy inthe University is also studied. If you compare the mentioned Academy of personnel management and other universities of Odessa, it is important to mention that the law in this higher educational institution teaches at a very high level. Additionally, the University has a faculty of law.

Odessa Maritime University

If we talk about the Maritime universities of Odessa, the first note of the Odessa Maritime University. Specified school work, starting in 1930. Accreditation status the University has the fourth. Day and correspondence form of training it provided. Military Department at the University, of course, available. Also to advantages include the availability of dormitories for students.

All of the Odessa Maritime University has over 400 faculty members. While students enrolled about 6 million people. Qualification levels are a specialist and bachelor. Diplomas students at the end of study will be state sample.

universities of Odessa

Faculties and specialties of the Maritime University in Odessa

Marine educational institutions of Odessa are considered to be very skilled, but only this University famous for the presence of Department of transport technology. Law courses is also studied. The engineering faculty in this case provided. Individual attention, discipline of shipbuilding and ocean engineering. Last, it should be noted that in the Odessa Maritime University has a faculty of water transport and shelf constructions.

Odessa Polytechnic University

The University is primarily known for its graduate school. In this case, a correspondence course for students provided. Directly, there are qualification levels of specialist and master. Degree accreditation at the Odessa Polytechnic University fourth. The preparatory Department of the University there. To date, it has trained about 10 thousand students. It should also be noted that the University is able to boast of a great military Department.

state higher education institutions of Odessa

Faculties and specialties of the Polytechnic University in Odessa

The Most popular faculty of the Odessa Polytechnical University is considered to be engineering. In this case, applied mechanics in the University being studied. Additionally, students are able to receive education on road transport. Still the University provides the chemical engineering Department. It examines the environment and ecology. Faculty of industrial technologies in the Odessa Polytechnic University provided. In the first place the students on it are engineering mechanics, which affect health and safety.

list of universities in Odessa

Studied At University of engineering technology. Additionally, the teachers introduce students to foundry production. Another area of the Odessa Polytechnic University can be called Metrology. It includes in itself information-measuring technologies and standardization. At the Department of industrial technology students take the course "welding".

Summing up

The Centre for international projects "Evroobrazovanie" was viewed by all the universities of Odessa. Their ratings were as follows:

  1. The Odessa Maritime University.
  2. The Odessa agrarian University.
  3. The Odessa Institute of the Academy of personnel management.
  4. The Odessa Academy of management and quality.
  5. National University "Odessa law Academy”.

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