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In the course of education the student will have to complete several independent work aimed at the development of his ability to think logically, to put forward hypotheses and to prove them. Many experience serious difficulties, because it can't allocate enough time to visit the reading room, selection of literature, analysis of sources, develop their own hypotheses. Modern students are often forced to combine studies with work and family life, so I prefer to order in specialized institutions. But this often costs them quite a tidy sum, and the result is not happy – even the most conscientious contractor knows the requirements of a specific teacher and can not meet them. We offer you to familiarize yourself with how to write a term paper that must be considered that it received a rating of “excellent”.

What this is

The Course project is the independent work of the student on a particular subject, in which there is a content analysis of the existing literature on the subject, and developing own proposals. Often such work is the analysis on the basis of which conclusions are drawn and suggestions are made.

plan of exchange

When Deciding how to write a term paper, a student first determines with the supervisor – the teacher with whom he would like to work. A few years ago, the choice of supervisor was not given much attention (important to not really find fault with), now students can join among themselves in real battles for the right to work with a specific Professor or doctor of science, to learn from his experience.


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Distinctive traits

Before considering examples of how to write a term paper, we will present the main features of this project are:

  1. Autonomy – a key requirement. You can't just download the text exchange from the Internet. First, practice shows that students are rarely able to perfectly protect the work that they themselves did not write. Second, the antiplagiarism program detects an attempt of deception and nothing but shame, such a “author” does not expect.
  2. Scientific approach. It must be present in everything from the analysis of the literature before developing their own proposals. To use methods of analysis and synthesis, comparative, graphical, trends and more. This will help the teacher assess what the student actually learns to conduct research.
  3. Compulsory presence of the practical part. It can be an analysis of technical and economic parameters of work of the enterprise, calculation of coefficients, conducting competitive analysis to economic disciplines. This includes evaluation of current legislation and analysis of court practices for legal disciplines cycle; analyze literary works for students of Philology and so on.

Volume of the course project is 35-40 printed pages, most often on the practical part will be allocated from 30% to 60% of the total.


Deciding how to write a term paper, you must define what semantic part it will be. Most often, students receive manuals, which clearly define the requirements of a particular teacher, such a booklet is very desirable to meet you, they will help to do the right thing and save a lot of time. Now get acquainted with the most common structure of the work corresponding to the state standard. It is presented in the figure.

Structure of the course work

So, after the title page and contents follows the introduction, which explains the choice of the theme of the project, formulated the goal and objectives of the study. Then written two chapters: theoretical and practical, each of which is divided into paragraphs. The volume of a paragraph-4 to 6 leaves, it is very important to build the text so that the contents of the previous and subsequent paragraphs were interconnected, build “bridges”, transitions. At the end of each structural element of the student summarizes the results.

The Following structure elements – a conclusion which formulated the conclusions of the work. Sometimes it is written in a continuous text, but most teachers prefer that the results have been divided into subparagraphs and meet the challenges. This will illustrate whether they have been implemented.

Completed work bibliographic list and appendices.


Review how to write introduction to term paper. This is the most important structural element. As an example, consider the work of the student of the third course on the topic “the Economic substance of credit”. The standard amount of injection, in accordance with the state standard, – 2-3 of the sheet (14 PT, half interval). It should be clear, concise and contain all the necessary blocks. In the picture you can see an example how to write introduction to term paper.

Sample of introduction to thesis

So, the introduction begins with a few introductory sentences in which the student briefly describes the phenomenon, on which to write, explains, why choose such a topic. For example, the block highlighted in dark green.It is very important not to write the pronoun “I” (“I decided to consider this matter…”), in the scientific world decided to write “We”, referring to himself and his supervisor, who is directly involved in the work.

Advice on writing

When Deciding how to write a term paper on their own, many face difficulty at the first step – while working on the introduction. Therefore, experienced teachers are advised to write it last, when all the work has already been completed. Therefore, it is best to sketch a rough draft, and to perfection bring it after conclusions will be drawn.

Lectures will help in writing work


There are many standard phrases that will help the student with the most correctly and clearly to make the introduction. The information is presented in the form of a table.

Guidelines for writing introduction

An Element introducing

Standard phrases


The Relevance of the research topic is determined by the following circumstances.

The Theme is actual, because modern society is very interested in this question.

We believe that the relevance of the research topic was influenced by the following realities of today's world.

The Aim of this work was formulated in the following way.

The Aim of this work is the study and development…

The Purpose of this course – testing the hypothesis…


To solve goals were set and implemented the following tasks.

The Aim of the course work was fleshed out in complex tasks.

We set several important tasks.

The Subject

The Subject (object) of research is (is)

The exploration of the topic

The Theme (because of its importance) has been the object of research specialists.

The Issues examined in the framework of this course, worried many researchers.

… found reflection in the studies of scholars such as…

However, despite this abundance of research, the problem does not lose its relevance.


The Method of theoretical analysis of scientific and educational literature

The Method of statistical analysis


Prediction Method

SWOT analysis

Competitive analysis

It is Very important to write an introduction, because not all teachers conscientiously reading texts student work, but the introduction, its content and structure, is given special attention. Therefore, all elements must be present.

First Chapter

Will Continue consideration of the example and recommendations how to write a term paper. The first Chapter is theoretical in nature, by doing so, the student should get acquainted with what has already been said on the subject, that is, to study the works of researchers in the past years. In the total work of the theoretical Chapter should be from 30 to 50%.

an Important step is the selection of literature

It is Important to use not textbooks, and monographs and articles in periodicals, that is, the primary sources of the author's ideas. Giving a definition of terms, use the law (if they contain the necessary information), the positions of different authors. Each paragraph of the theoretical part should end with a summing up, and after completing the entire Chapter is a General conclusion.

The Second Chapter

Will Continue to consider how to write a term paper, namely – the practical part, which is the independent work of the student. From the correctness of its implementation depends largely on the final evaluation of the project. There are a few rules that will improve their chances for the coveted “perfectly”

  1. In the practical part should include charts, diagrams, illustrations, tables. It will give visibility. The average figure should be approximately 3-4 pages.
  2. Special importance is the design of the text, better and prettier just look on a page, divided into 3-5 paragraphs.
  3. Each paragraph inevitably ends with the summing up, all the work ends with a General conclusion in which the student indicates whether he managed to meet the target set in the introduction the purpose.

When working on the paragraphs of the practical part should be as small as possible to use sources, it is important to show independence. Of course, you can take any technique as a basis, but the analysis and calculations shall be performed on a unique material.

to Write the coursework difficult, but interesting

Head Elements

The second part of the course work looks like this:

  1. A Description of the research object.
  2. The Definition of his problems.
  3. Develop recommendations to address these problems.
  4. Economic justification of the effectiveness of the proposals, calculations. Approbation.

For each question requires a separate paragraph, it is also permissible division within paragraphs (e.g., paragraph 2.1 allocate 2.1.1 and 2.1.2).

The example

Here is an example of how to write a term paper, its practical part. Supposethe theme of the project “Development management decisions on introduction of new directions of activity of the enterprise (on the example of LLC «...»)». Plan second Chapter looks like this:

  1. 2.1 General information about the company and analysis of its technical and economic characteristics.
  2. 2.2 Problems and prospects of development of the enterprise.
  3. 2.3 Development and substantiation of the basic directions of work of the enterprise.
  4. 2.4 calculation of the expected economic efficiency.

After each paragraph the student makes a brief summing up, the Chapter concludes the overall output, which indicates whether it was possible to realize the goal set in the introduction.

Student with coursework


There are various methods, called “How to write a term paper for morons”. Despite the strange and insulting name, they often contain valuable tips, such as how best to arrange the practical part of the work which tables and schemas to be included. Will continue consideration of the example about the company «...». In the second Chapter of the course it is recommended to include the following illustrative material:

  1. Organizational structure of the enterprise, which shows how an employee who is subject.
  2. Main technical and economic indicators of work of the enterprise for 3-5 years. The table can include sales, revenue, costs, profit, number of employees. It is also desirable to carry out the calculations, for example, to calculate the profitability, to know absolute and relative change of the index during the reporting period.
  3. Growth in the indicators can be represented in the form of a graph or histogram.
  4. In economic work can include a matrix of SWOT-analysis or any other analysis conducted by the student (e.g., PEST, ABC, competitive).
  5. In the form of a table or figure to present the current problems of the company.
  6. If you did a survey – the results are best presented in the form of a table.
  7. The Principal changes of technical and economic indices after implementation of the proposed activities.
  8. Schedule Gannt – the project implementation schedule by years and quarters.

Optionally, you can complement the work and other illustrative material, the main thing – so it was appropriate, and the student was able to answer any question on the table.

Students working on material


Go to how to write a conclusion to a term paper. As introduction, conclusion – it is a key structural element of the project, so many teachers claim that, even if the work itself is weak, but well written these two fragments have a chance to teach the desired estimate (assuming a successful defense, of course). So you should try.

How it correctly to write, and most importantly – what? In the introduction we formulated a goal and objectives, that is, in the conclusion, the student must show whether they managed to achieve them and how.

Rules for writing

Consider a sample of how to write a term paper, her final piece.

You should First write an introductory sentence, for example: "to Sum up the results of the work, making a set of key findings. In the first Chapter of the project were considered… Next, for each paragraph is its own conclusion and then prescribes that solve a particular task recorded in the introduction, is good."


"We have reviewed the economic substance of the loan and noted that it is a very complex and multifaceted. The most accurate seems to be the definition of the term…"

Then spells out the conclusions on the practical part: “On the basis of the current state of the enterprise and a study of the theoretical materials have been developed and substantiated a set of measures allowing to solve the following problems (are listed issues)”. “the Proposed activities are recommended to introduce gradually, stage by stage, each stage must be completed summing up, the analysis of achievements and challenges”.

Students passed the course

We have now discussed how to write a term paper according to GOST. Of course, there are many requirements to follow which is not easy, but do not forget that the exchange rate – it is an independent study opportunity to show themselves, so to write it is better to be creative.

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