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The Cold war, which briefly not to describe this event, which has no analogues in the history of mankind. For nearly 40 years, the world powers competed in the creation of powerful weapons of mass destruction. The arms race forced the people to live in fear.

the cold war briefly

The Cold war, summarizes its main events will be outlined below, took place mainly between the USSR and the USA. Two great world powers, the two camps-capitalist and socialist, two powerful military center. It all started with the refusal of the Soviet Union to adopt the so-called “Marshall plan”. The USSR feared that the socialist countries will fall under the influence of the United States. Churchill's speech in Fulton has put everything in its place: so there was open confrontation between the two giants.

local conflicts of the cold war

How is it manifested? Local conflicts of the cold war was dramatic and dangerous: the Berlin crisis ended with the erection of the Berlin wall – the symbol of the cold war and the iron curtain, the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 almost led to Third world war, the Korean war was an indication of how one country can be split into two different States, the Afghan war was an example of cruelty, and the war in Vietnam – one of the major conflicts in the second half of the century.

Also the cold war (briefly about the generated blocks) was a time of numerous political unions of States: the two main opposing block – the Warsaw Pact and NATO, economic blocs of the CMEA and the EEC, and various blocks Cento, ASEAN. Not left aside and science: was created the atomic bomb, the first "public" test which was conducted in surgery in the war with Japan in August 1945, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed.


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Later, the Soviet Union was created and the hydrogen bomb. In addition to creating weapons of mass destruction, the US and USSR competed in space exploration. So, the first man in space was Russian Yuri Gagarin, the first man on the moon – Neil Armstrong. The mastery of outer space could mean the victory to one or another camp.

the end of the cold war

Despite fierce competition in the cold war was a period of detente, when was signed an important Treaty limiting testing and reducing weapons. This period has the following time frame: 1962/1979. In this time there have been well-known conference on security in Helsinki, where the Soviet Union was Leonid Brezhnev.

But in 1979, the cold war has received a new round. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan marked the beginning of a cruel Afghan war. The end of the cold war occurred in the period of perestroika, when Mikhail Gorbachev announced a “new political thinking” and he withdrew Soviet troops from Afghanistan. This was one of the reasons for the defeat of the Soviet Union in the race of military weapons.

The Cold war, briefly describes the events of the arms race, created units and scientific discoveries-all this became an integral part of the history of the 20th century. Confrontation between the two world powers over the political defeat of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the socialist camp.

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