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Very brief outline “the Story of a real man” will discuss in today's article. What is the product? There is the Great Patriotic war. In 1942 during aerial combat aircraft of Alexei Meresyev - Soviet fighter pilot - shot down. It falls in the middle of the forest. The pilot lost both legs, but not going to give up. A year later he was again in the ranks. Conventionally, this work can be divided into several parts. Below are summaries of “the Story of a real man” at chapters (parts).

Author Boris Polevoy

Part 1. Drop

What to include in a summary of the book “the Story of a real person”? To start with the collapse of the Silt.

Fighter Pilot Alexei Meresyev was flown by the IL, which flew to attack German airfield. The German pilots attacked him from two sides. Alex tried to escape, because otherwise he could be captured. But the enemy managed to make the shot, and the plane began to fall. Our pilot was ejected from the cab and dropped to spruce with strong, broad branches, which greatly mitigated the fall.

Later, when he awoke in the snow, Meresyev found yourself near a hungry bear-rod. Pulling from his pocket a gun, he killed an animal to save his life. When you try to climb it pierced sharp pain in both feet. As a consequence of a concussion, my head was spinning. Having surveyed the surroundings, Alex noticed the road going into the woods.

Soviet fighters


The outline “the Story of a real man" (B. Field) it is worth mentioning how the hero made his way to his own, overcoming the difficulties of the way.

Meresyev was in the middle of a forest somewhere 35 kilometers from the places where the battles took place. Removing his boots, he found that his feet crushed, but decided to go come what may. Along the way he found a German knife, a jar of stew, and in the pocket found a lighter. This enabled him to build a fire. The first night we spent in a young pine forest.


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Then Alex made a plan: to make per day 20 thousand steps, even once a day, in the afternoon. Moved the pilot, throwing themselves in front of a long fir branch with a split end, and then tightened my whole body. One day he had to hide in the woods, as he is passing by a convoy of enemy armored vehicles.

Meresyev was eating the bark, moss, boiled leaves, cranberries in cans of stew. A week later, he approached the front line – gunfire was heard.

The Tests continued, the fuel in the lighter is over, felt the terrible weakness and pain in the legs, had to crawl on all fours. Alex found a little bit of cranberry, caught a hedgehog, who ate it raw. However, after some time, did not have to crawl. The pilot began to roll from one side to the other. Suddenly, it was oblivion.

Barely alive Meresyev was picked up by local residents, they settled in nearby dugouts as the Germans burned their village. Grandfather Mikhailo, who sheltered the injured pilot, after some time, arranged for him a bath, after which health deteriorated. Grandfather found the commander of the squadron, where he served Meresyev. On sanitary plane Alexei was sent to a hospital in Moscow.

Kadochnikov in the role Meresyev

Part 2. Amputation

Continue to review summaries “the Story of a real man” Boris Polevoy. In the next part tells about how the hero of the story lost both legs.

At the hospital, the famous Professor tried one method after another to cure Alexei, but nothing helped, fingers were black and unfeeling, feet struck by gangrene. To save the life of the pilot, the doctors had to perform the amputation mid-calf.

Meresyev was in correspondence with her mother and Olga, his bride. But he didn't tell them that I lost my legs. Alex became sullen, withdrawn. He thought that if Olga and I will marry him only out of a sense of pity. And he didn't want the sacrifice and stopped responding to her messages.


How to proceed with a summary of the content “the Story of a real man”? Not to mention the fact that the main character after the amputation of the legs has lost faith in himself. However, to find her Alex will help a friend in misfortune.

Meresyev lost the meaning of life. From childhood he dreamed of aviation, organized a flying club, the airport, in the forest first took to the sky on training aircraft. Then went to military flight school, he taught in it. With the beginning of the war, Alex went off to fight. What's he going to do now?

But one friend in the ward showed Meresiev a newspaper article about the pilot of the First world Valerian Karpov, who was able to control the plane with one foot. At first Alex hesitated, will he be able to overcome difficulties and to get back in line because he was missing both feet, and the design of the aircraft much more complicated. But the friend supported him with the phrase: “you're a Soviet man!”

Meresyev believed in the success, he developed a set of exercises and, despite the unbearable pain, doing it daily, every day extending the time in one minute.

A. maresiev Marche


The next part tells about how the main character begins to master the prostheses. This moment also should include in the summary the content “the Story of a real man”.

Alex could not decide to write to Olga the truth. With her he had known since high school, and fell in love with her much later. But to make the confession she did not, since the war began. She first explained her love for him in writing. But Alex decided that becoming a cripple, he is unworthy of her. After he became engaged, I decided that I would write it as is after you return to the squadron.

In the Summer of Meresyev was given a prosthesis, which he began to develop with great tenacity. He is infinitely nursed in the hospital corridor first with crutches and then with a thick cane, which he received as a gift from the Professor. He thought that Olga needs to write when he shot down the first plane. But that “the Story of a real man” ends. A brief summary will talk about how the main character tries to overcome his fate.

Part 3. Dancer

In the Summer of 1942, Maresyev sent to aftercare in the suburban sanatorium. There he persuaded a nurse Zina, who danced well, and taught him this art. Now he not only every day were doing the exercises, but also took dance lessons.

The Surrounding could hardly believe that this cute, cheerful and energetic guy has no legs. And she was amazed that he is going back to aviation. After some time he famously danced without parties, smiling widely and hiding a lot of pain. Gradually he became accustomed to the dentures.

Alexey maresev - the prototype of a hero


Will Continue to consider kratkosrochnye “the Story of a real man”, which talks about the unprecedented power of will, a regular pilot. In this section you can learn about how Meresyev sought direction in flight school.

In response to the letter Meresyev Olga tells him that deeply humiliated by his disbelief, and forgive it just because there is a war. Now she is together with many people is Stalingrad, digging anti-tank ditches. She loves him and will take anyone. From that moment Alex writes her letters every day.

In the sanatorium the word «Stalingrad» was on everyone's lips, all the campers began to make their departure for the front. Soon in medical institution there arrived the Commission on the staffing of the air force.

The Medic, seeing as danced legless pilot who agreed to help him, giving a positive medical report for flight service. With this document, Meresyev went to Moscow, but it was complicated: his report was rejected, and he found himself without money and clothing allowances.

A Few months Alex had to walk through the rooms where he was very sympathetic, but real assistance to provide could not. The conditions for admission to flight the troops were severe. But in the end Maresyev was lucky. The Chairman's total fee was the same doctor Miropolsky, which gave him the conclusion in the sanatorium. Thanks to him, Alex managed to get to high command, and he was sent to flight school.

Alexei Maresyev the plane

The Development of LA-5

The outline “the Story of a real man” should be an episode that talks about as the main character learned to fly a plane LA-5.

For the battle of Stalingrad had a large number of pilots, so the school worked with a huge load, and the chief of staff checked the documents Maresyev. He was not aware that he has no legs, and, taking it, ordered to get rid of a cane, walking which has been interpreted as panache.

Your dentures Alex was chained to the pedals using a specially made straps. After 5 months, he successfully passed the exams. Noticing the cane Meresyev, head became angry and wanted to break her, however, the time was stopped by the instructor who knew the student cut off the legs. He received a glowing recommendation.

Alex was sent to school for retraining, and remained there until the beginning of spring. He learned to fly the LA-5, which at that time were the most modern fighters. Initially Meresyev did not feel the closeness with the aircraft that previously gave him the opportunity to feel the joy of flight.

He thought that his dream will not come true, but he was supported by Colonel Kapustin, a former political officer flight school. The result Meresiev managed to master the control of the LA-5 at the highest level, he was the only one in the whole world is a fighter pilot who flew without feet.

illustration for the book

Part 4. Hero

The end of “the Story of a real person”? A detailed look at it the last part where it says about the exploits of the main character. In August 1943 Meresyev took part in the battle of Kursk on the new LA-5. For the first time after amputation of the legs of Alex fought against a real enemy. He fought with the German pilots who ran the dive-bombers Ju-87, doing a few sorties a day.

In a letter Olga had informed him that, commanding a platoon of engineers, was awarded the order of the red Star. And though now he was in the ranks and beat the enemy, he determined not to open the girlthe truth, as it was believed that the obsolete Ju-87 – it's not the real enemy.

Worthy, in his opinion, were the German aces aircraft "Focke-Wulf-190». After they had downed three of the aircraft, he was appointed commander of the squadron. While Alex saved his slave, and running out of fuel barely made it to the airport. In the regiment were all proud of this unique pilot, and he finally opened Olga.

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