How many people died on the Titanic? The true story of the disaster


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The Legendary first voyage of the Titanic had become a major ceremonial event in 1912, but instead he became the most tragic in history. Ridiculous collision with the iceberg, the evacuation of people, nearly fifteen hundred victims – this was the only voyage liner.

History vehicle

Banal rivalry served as a stimulus for the start of construction of "Titanic." The idea of a liner is better than that of a competitor, came up with the owner British shipping company «white star Line” Bruce Ismay. It happened after their main rival “Cunard Line” in 1906 was sent sailing its biggest at that time, the ship called "Lusitania".

Construction of the liner began in 1909. On its creation worked about three thousand of specialists, had spent over seven million dollars. The last works were completed in 1911, and at the same time, the long-awaited the descent of the ship on the water.

Many people, rich and poor, sought to obtain their ticket for this flight, but nobody suspected that in a few days after the departure of the world community will discuss only one thing – how many people died on the Titanic.

How many people died on the TitanicDespite the fact that the company «white star Line” managed to surpass a competitor in the marine, the subsequent death of the "Titanic" struck a strong blow to the reputation of the company. In 1934, she was completely absorbed by the company «Cunard Line”.

First voyage “unsinkable”

The Solemn departure of a luxury ship became the most anticipated event of 1912. Tickets to get was very difficult, and they were sold out long before the scheduled flight. But as it turned out, those who traded or resold their tickets, lucky, and they have not regretted that I was not on the ship when he found out how many people died on the Titanic.


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How many died on the TitanicFirst and last voyage of the largest liner companies ‘white star Line” was scheduled for 10 April 1912. The sailing ship was held at 12 p.m. local time, and after 4 days, April 14, 1912, tragedy – ill-fated collision with an iceberg.

Tragic foreknowledge of the sinking of the Titanic

The Fictional story about the crash in the Atlantic ocean, which later proved to be prophetic, was written by British journalist William Thomas Stead in 1886. Its publication the author wanted to draw attention to the need to review navigation regulations, such as required number of seats in ship's boats, corresponding to the number of passengers.

After several years of stead again went back to the same theme in a new story about the crash in the Atlantic ocean, which occurred as a result of collision with an iceberg. The death of the people on the ship, due to the lack of the required number of lifeboats.

Titanic the true story of catastropheThis author's work was prophetic. Major shipwreck occurred exactly 20 years after it was written. To the journalist, who is at this moment on the Titanic, could not be saved.

How many people died on the Titanic: the composition of the drowned and the survivors

It has been over 100 years since the discussion of the shipwreck of the twentieth century, but each time in the course of the next trials investigated the new circumstances of the tragedy and appear the updated list of victims and survivors as a result of the sinking of the liner.

Wreck, “Titanic”. Victims and survivors: composition by gender
AffiliationTotal amountDied% deadSurvived% spasennykh

This table gives us detailed information. The ratio of how many died on the Titanic women and children, more than anything speaks of disorganization of the evacuation. The percentage survivors of the fairer sex is even higher than the number of surviving children. The wreck killed 80 % of men, most of them just don't have enough space in the lifeboats. A high percentage of deaths among children. These were mostly members of the lower class who have not managed to get on deck for evacuation.

How to save people from high society? The class discrimination on the Titanic

As soon As it became clear that to keep the ship on the water a short time left, the captain of the Titanic Edward John Smith ordered to put in lifeboats to women and children. The yield on the deck for passengers the third class was limited. Thus, the advantage of salvation was given to representatives of high society.

The Death of "Titanic." The composition of the victims and survivors of class
AffiliationTotal amountDied% deadSurvived% saved
Class I3251223820362
Class II2851675911841

A Large number of dead people was the fact that for the past 100 years continuing the investigation and litigation. All the experts say that on Board during the evacuation, there was gender discrimination and social class. Simultaneously, the number of the rescued crew members was more than the representatives of class III. Instead of helping the passengers to the lifeboats, they were saved first.

How was the evacuation of the Titanic?

Unorganized duly evacuation of people is still considered the main cause of the mass death of people. The fact, how many people died during the wreck of the "Titanic", it shows a complete lack of any control over this process. 20 lifeboats could accommodate not less than 1178 people. But in the beginning of the evacuation they were launched half full, and not only women and children, and whole families, and even the tame dogs. As a result, the occupancy of the lifeboats was only 60 %.

the sinking of the Titanic composition of victims and survivorsThe Total number of passengers of the ship except for the crew amounted to 1316 people, the captain was able to save 90% of passengers. People in class III were able to get to the deck only at the end of evacuation, and so even crew members in the end saved more. Many ascertain the causes and facts of the shipwreck is confirmed that the responsibility for how many died on the Titanic man, is solely the captain of the ship.

Memories of eyewitnesses of the tragedy

All those who pulled the winning ticket from a sinking ship in a lifeboat, received a memorable first and last flight of the airliner “Titanic”. Facts, number of victims, the causes of the disaster managed to get through their testimony. Memories of some of the surviving passengers was published and will forever remain in the history.

In 2009, passed away Millvina Dean – the last woman of the surviving passengers of "Titanic." At the time of the shipwreck she was only two and a half months. Her father died on a sinking ship, and the mother and brother escaped with her. And although the memories of that terrible night the woman remained in the memory of the catastrophe I had made such a deep impression that she will forever refuse to visit the wreck of the ship and never watched movies and documentaries about the Titanic.

Titanic facts number of fatalitiesIn 2006, in the English auction, where it presents about 300 exhibits from the Titanic, over 47 thousand pounds were sold the memoirs of Helen Churchill candy, which was one of the passengers ill-fated flight.

Helped in drawing the real picture of the disaster published memories of another Englishwoman Elizabeth Shouts. She was the governess of one of the passengers of the first class. In his memoirs, Elizabeth pointed out that in the lifeboat, which towed it, it was only 36 people, that is only half of the total number of places available.

Indirect causes of the crash vehicle

In all the sources of information about "Titanic" the main cause of his death indicates the collision with the iceberg. But as it turned out, this event was accompanied with some circumstantial circumstances.

Titanic victims and survivorsIn the course of studying the causes of the disaster from the ocean floor was raised to the surface part of the hull. A piece of steel subjected to tests and the scientists have proved that the material from which made the body of the ship, were of low quality. This was another circumstance of the crash and the reason, how many people died on the Titanic.

The Perfectly smooth surface of water is not allowed time to detect the iceberg. Even a small wind would be enough to the waves lapping on the ice have highlighted him before the collision occurred.

how many people died during the crash of the TitanicThe Poor performance of radio operators, not timely reported to the captain about drifting in the ocean ice, too much speed, not allowing to quickly change the ship's course, – all these causes together led to the tragic events on the Titanic.

Sinking of the Titanic – terrible shipwreck of the twentieth century

The Tale, turned into pain and horror, – so you can describe the first and last voyage of the liner "Titanic”. A true story of disaster, even in a hundred years is a matter of controversy and investigations. The loss of almost a thousand people with empty lifeboats still remains unexplained. Every year called the all-new causes of the shipwreck, but none of them are no longer able to return the lives lost.

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