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Any person, probably, there were moments of sudden insight, when he didn't know how to do it properly, but in the end worked perfectly. Today we will discuss such behavior in the context of our theme. Consider such a thing as "intuition". This is very curious, because it applies to absolutely everyone.


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Unconscious moments of inspiration are never forgotten later. If the person, without knowing any data, solves the problem, it seems like almost a miracle. However, skip the mysticism aside and refer to linguistic reality, what do think about this dictionary? "Intuition – suddenly came the thought, the inspiration."

Discoveries and insights

house MD, specialist in insight

However, do not think that sudden insight – this kind of God's mercy. No, in this case, such “miracles” we are hard work. The reader may know the history of F. A. von stradonitz and D. I. Mendeleev, which is their most important discoveries appeared in a dream. Such breakthroughs of the human spirit also can be compared with whim, and it's true, although somewhat simplified. Scientists worked hard, before the subconscious has generated a response to their questions and searches. If at the mention of the object of study reader submitted Emelya lying on the stove, this image is deeply flawed. Life – not a great tale, and just like that it nothing is given. Sometimes you can be sad about this, but nothing helped.

By the Way, if someone has forgotten, F. A. von stradonitz – the famous German organic chemist who discovered the structure of benzene.

As mentioned, the scientists imagine the ancient time, according to today's teenagers need a more recent example. Is and action hero, who took the principle to act on a whim. This hero is Dr. house. Every episode he stubbornly thinks, then sometimes the inspiration, as if on schedule. It is significant that such a state of Affairs that is repeated all the time, not boring.


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Knowledge and memory tricks

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There are people who are proud do not know the rules of the Russian language, or rather, not remember them, but quite competently write in Russian. In people it is called "congenital literacy”. The existence of the latter is debatable. Some say it is others say its not. Who is right? The truth is in the middle. People who do not read books, no flair (this intuition in other words) in respect of the Russian language does not possess. Probably under "congenital literacy" to understand the great experience of reading books, during which people remember and grind of word images. The latter, in turn, deposited them in the subconscious. And quite naturally, men and women, faithful to the doctrine of "congenital literacy", I think that this knowledge was always with them, which, of course, not true.

One caveat might be interested to know all the adherents of such theories. If Russian spelling you can still remember, punctuation is harder to pull a stunt like this: too many details, notes, exceptions and peculiarities.

It is Important to understand the problem

Open secret: we've been thinking about what to write about the meaning of the word “intuition”, apart from the obvious. The result of long and serious thought, and was the text that the reader sees in front of him. That is, the overall design was clear, he set the theme, but what exactly to discuss, wasn't too clear. And here the object of study was in all its splendor and suggested the idea of "congenital literacy" and the puzzle fell into place.

What follows from this? Important above all the relevance of a tool in the solution of the problem. Intuition is good there where already assembled the material, gained some experience, but lacks some important details, without which the objective cannot be achieved, here is where the intuition comes to the rescue. When we talk about such normative issues as the rules of the Russian language, it is not necessary to rely only on your memory, because it often fails. It is best to verify the information in dictionaries and reference books.

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