The common amoeba, its habitat, features of the structure and functioning of


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the common Amoeba apparently a cell is directly related to the type of protozoa, class of corneous, or even call them Sarkodie. They have pseudopods, which are the organs by which they move and capture food. Dense shell at the cells, in connection with which the amoeba can change its shape. Outer coating-a very thin cytoplasmic membrane.

The common Amoeba structure.

The Amoeba is very simple to arrange. One of the simplest living beings. Has no skeleton. The common amoeba lives on the bottom of the various ponds, the sludge. There is one thing: the only fresh water bodies: pond, ditch, etc. If you look at it, it is noticeable that this a gray transparent BLOB has no permanent shape. The name of this creature translates as “volatile”. Body cells all the time pseudopods are formed, due to the fact that the cytoplasm flows back and forth. The lump size may be at least 0.2 millimeter and a maximum of 0.7 millimeters. Organelles – pseudopods contribute to the movement of this tiny creature. The movement is very slow, it resembles a flow of thick mucus. During the movement of the amoeba encounters different single-celled organisms such as algae, bacteria. It wraps around them and as it sucks in its own cytoplasm, forming a digestive vacuole.

The common Amoeba cytoplasm secretes specific enzymes that digest food. There is a process of intracellular digestion. Digested foods in liquid form come in the cytoplasm, and the undigested remnants of food – are thrown. This method of capture write is called phagocytosis. In the body of the amoeba there are subtle channels through which flows the liquid in the cell body. This process is called pinocytosis. Is available one vacuole, dumping the excess liquid out of the products. It is called the contractile vacuole. Gets rid of excess every five minutes. In endoplasm has the core. Reproduction occurs in the following manner: the cell divides in half, that is, asexually.


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The amoeba is fenced off from the adverse effects from the outside.

If there are adverse conditions for the existence of this microorganism, such as the drying of the pond, cooling the water in the reservoir and the other, the common amoeba always tries to dissociate itself from them. Draws its organelles covered by a double sheath and, thus, forms a cyst. Under favourable conditions, e.g. the summer, the amoeba leaves the cyst. The cyst is carried by the wind, thus, the common amoeba settles. The breath of this creature going on the entire surface of his body, i.e. body cells. The amoeba consumes the oxygen available in water, releases carbon dioxide. With the help of oxygen, food substances are decomposed into simpler compounds. In humans and many animals, in particular, in their gut, live amoeba-parasites. One of the representatives of such parasites is Entamoeba histolytica. It feeds particles to the intestines (destroyed), also red blood cells. It is the causative agent of infectious disease, which is called amoebic dysentery.


- the common amoeba and Entamoeba histolytica are single cell animals. Move with organelles-pseudopod are corningcom;

- the class of corneous like algae, which testifies to their kinship.

- feed on organic material inherited from other plants or from other protozoa, and amoeba distinguishes them from algae.

The Amoeba is though simple but the whole organism capable of independent existence.

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