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What is the unit of density? Find out the features of this physical quantity.

This term is an important indicator of oil and various petroleum products.

unit of density measurement


In the modern petrochemical use such units of density as kg/m3 and g/m3. With this size the calculations associated with determining the mass of a substance. In the presence of a volume and at a known density, you can determine the amount of oil.

the unit of density in si

Definition of magnitude

The richness of the mixture of substances or a pure component represents the amount of mass contained in one unit volume. The unit of density in SI-kg/m3. For the value of taking the mass of one cubic meter of distilled water, which is taken at a temperature of four degrees.

Basically calculate not its absolute value have substance or mixture components, and relative density, which expresses the ratio of the mass of the mixture (a component) to the pure water of equal volume.

On the numerical index values of relative and absolute density are the same, there are differences only on dimension. A relative of a missing unit density.

In our country there is a special GOST 3900, according to which the determination of density at temperature 20 degrees Celsius.

density units

For the export of oil and oil products use a special international standards for the calculation of the density. They involve the use of hydrometers and digital density analyzers.

In the United States of America and England use a conventional value, such as degrees, introduced even special degrees Baume and API. Between them there is a relationship expressed by the arithmetic equations.


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In some reference material mentions the designation of the density of d204. In reality, this physical value is determined at various temperatures using the value of the coefficient of volume expansion.

The Density is an independent indicator is important for the petrochemical industry. In addition, this physical term is used in the determination of the structural-group composition by analyzing the mixture of hydrocarbon fractions.

unit density

What it depends on-density

Units of the density suggests that this physical quantity is related to the volume and ground. What other indicators can affect the value of the density?

The density is influenced by the chemical nature of the component substances, fractional composition, molecular weight constituents, dissolved substances, the content of resinous substances. Depending on the depth and geological age, there is a change in the density of oil. The chemistry used in such units of matter density as g/cm3.

the units of the density of matter

Methods of determination of density

In Russia to determine density is used aromaticheskie and micrometrically method. The second option is time-consuming and laborious method, it gives high accuracy measurements. Its basis is the comparison of the masses computed the volume of the analyzed oil or petroleum from the ground water at equal temperatures. The result is a unit of density with an accuracy of 0.0001. Represent the pycnometer glass vessel with a ground stopper. The volume of vessels allowed in 1, 5, 25 ml.

What are the specifics aromaticheskie method? There is an international standard that is laboratory method to determine density of liquid petroleum products, pure crude oil. The method involves the use of a glass hydrometer at +15 and +20 degrees Celsius.

A Hydrometer is a cylindrical vessel, the bottom of it is ballast. Its location should be symmetric. Many hydrometers have a thermometer. The device is made of a special scale, provided the unit of density. In order to improve the accuracy of the definitions, you can use a set of hydrometers using a few extra tick marks on the scale.

This method determines the density of mobile transparent solutions using the coincidence of the bottom of the meniscus with the base of the hydrometer. The detection of the density of opaque liquids, read the hydrometer scale, choosing the exact core of the top of the meniscus.

At a smooth immersion of hydrometer after its establishment, calculate the density parameters. In that case, if there are differences from the temperature 20 degrees, carried out to determine density at the existing temperature, then carry out the conversion.

Calculate density

In everyday life people often use the comparative expressions: “light as air”, “heavy, like lead”. However, almost none of them thinks about the fact whether they have a specific meaning.

In a physics class the guys are offered the calculations, which relate three physical quantities: density, mass, volume. For example, to calculate the mass of copper and steel bars that have the same volume. To cope with such a task, the necessary indicators such as density. The denser the metal, the greater mass will have the bar.

How to carry out the measurement of the masses of lead parts, which have different weight? First, you must determine the height, width, length of each of them, calculate on the received indicators. Next, you can use the lever scale, a set of goods. To determine density, you must find the ratio of the mass to the volume of the object.


What is the density? It is a physical quantity, which characterizes a substance. It is defined as the ratio of the mass of the substance to the volume. This parameter is denoted by the letter (Rho), the basic unit of measurement in the international system of units is kg/m3. It describes the substance itself, not dependent on what the volume or weight of the original sample. If you increase three times the weight of the mixture or pure substance, exactly the same factor will decrease the volume, while the density remains constant.


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