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All kids, without exception, love spending time with moms and dads, especially if they are offered a fascinating game. Riddles trick – it is an opportunity not just to improve a child's thinking, but to force him to think outside the box. Therefore it is necessary to consider what are the questions and prepare them for your son or daughter.

Why do kids riddles

To the boys and girls to fully developed, they need to constantly invent new games that will help have fun. Besides the fact that riddles trick – it is a way unusual and fun way to develop your child such questions help:

  • To Develop the child's perseverance.
  • To Broaden their horizons.
  • Improve memory.
  • To Attract boys and girls to society.
  • To Understand the level of knowledge of the child.
  • Learn about your Chad something new.
  • To Improve logical thinking skills.
What is the catch

These are all important qualities that directly affect the child's development. So riddles trick – it's a great way to spend a useful exercise. One only has to pick up the issues in accordance with the age of the boy or girl.

What is the trick

To parents to understand what content to choose the tasks that you need to find the answers, you should understand what constitutes such issues. The catch – an attempt to confuse, to mislead. These puzzles will help the child to act correctly in emergency situations and learn to get out of an uncomfortable situation. But these skills are very important both in childhood and in adult life.

Riddles trick for kids

Moms and dads need to prepare in advance. And if the parents realized that riddles trick – the fact that their child need for a fun and healthy pastime, you can for example take the following questions:


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What is the right thing to say? Don't see a yellow protein in the egg or not see the yellow protein in the egg?

(No, protein can't be yellow)


On the birch grew four watermelon, and chestnut grown for three melons. How many fruits grow on trees?

(Any. Melons and watermelons don't grow on trees)


The Hare went into the forest to walk how many paws a rabbit?

(Not five, four)

Interesting riddles for kids


Is it Possible to jump from a twenty-meter ladder and remain unscathed?

(Yes, if you jump from the first step)


If the cock boldly call himself a bird?

(No, because roosters are not talking)


Under what Bush is hiding a squirrel in the rain?



The Two brothers, very little, bought in the summer on his feet…

(Not boots, summer boots are not worn. They bought sandals)


A Dog named Ball went to the Park to walk,

This dog's feet exactly…

(Not five, four)

These mysteries will raise the kids mood and helps fun and to spend leisure time. Mom and dad have to come up with for his child motivation, such as a delicious surprise at the end of educational classes. Then find answers will be more interesting and more fun.

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