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Research in an interdisciplinary field that focuses on using techniques and methods knowledge of the management of public strategies, conduct political science. Thus, the prepared frames to solve a variety of problems of the state. Political science are strictly applied to the mind, in contrast to the Sciences, "pure". Facilities this area is exceptionally wide, so the political can be followed by any discipline, not only social, but also physical, biological, mathematical, sociological.

The Most closely related approach, which is used by political science are political science, sociology, management, law, municipal and public administration, history. Ways of knowing are also often borrowed from areas such frontier disciplines as operations research, system analysis, Cybernetics, General systems theory, game theory and so on. It all becomes a subject of study, if it helps to find a solution to issues of national importance that are engaged in political science.

political science

Goals and tools

Studies are directed therefore, to clarify purpose, evaluate alternatives, recognize trends, and to analyze the situation and then develop a specific policy decision of the state problems. There is no need to talk about fundamental values, we need a proposition of fact, to be examined, and this has been political science. The development of political science is faster, if its members themselves are involved in the selection of targets, talks about the suitability or unsuitability of tools, laid out possible options and anticipate the consequences of alternative options.


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Most of the current and historical political systems necessarily diverted and discharged one of the most important places "at the helm" highbrow experts that provide their knowledge and skills of the main developers of government policy. But really scientific, coordinated multidisciplinary approach to the effectiveness of the state strategy developed not so long ago. The development of political science did not begin before 1951, when it was coined this term by American psychologist and, subsequently, political scientist Harold Lasswell. With the time already been paid the individual contribution of scientists, experts-political scientists in the whole structure of the administration of state policy. And interdisciplinary cooperation really effective.

social political Sciences

Provision of policy science

What you studying political science? They explore everything, depending on situation. It is very well illustrated by the participation in the development strategy of such disciplines as systems analysis that develops first you plan, then programming, then funding for each individual government program. The boundaries between disciplines are blurring more and more, and politicians seriously expect that soon they will disappear completely. This course of events is characterized by the fact that the political process integrated use a variety of scientific knowledge. Maybe they're right, and that studying political science, will make them supradisciplinary.

Keep in mind that this is not the science (that is, most political science) - it is rather that in the title, is the scientific support of the state strategy. The term has already been included in everyday life, applied science, a kind of Institute of political science dealing with regularities of occurrence of various phenomena in the work of a huge state machine. This relationship, and processes relating to the life of the country. Applied science also busy finding ways and forms of functioning, development and control methods in political processes, it cares about political consciousness and culture.

There is Probably no area where there would be the application of political science. The development of political science cannot be stopped, because it covered virtually all human activity. Political science as a pure science studies the real state of the political life of countries, but the application is for the purpose of study and accumulation of knowledge about political processes and transfer them to the widest possible range of people.

political science development of political science


Must distinguish between an objective reality that is independent of the knowing subject and the object of study, there are certain properties, qualities, facets of the studied object. The subject is always in connection with the goals and objectives of a particular study, and the object itself - it is a reality that does not depend on anything. The object can be explored arbitrarily many Sciences.

Social class, for example, is studied by psychology, sociology, and political science, and Antologia, and a variety of Sciences. However, each of them in this object has its own methods and its own subject of study. Philosophers, apologists of science, speculative and contemplative, explores social class, enduring problems of human existence, historians will help with the timeline of the development of this social class, economists will track their peculiar science aspects of this part of society. So modern political science gets its real meaning in the life of the state.

But the scientists are studying in the same object that is associated with the word "politics" in the life of people. This political structure, institutions, attitudes, personality, behaviour and so on (goes on). All this means that the object of study for political scientists - political sphere of society, because the researcher can not change. Items of political studies not only can be different, but from the degree of studying and propagating can be changed for the better (although there are opposite examples, when the result was too dependent on the human factor and objectives were set incorrectly in relation to other political systems, but it is international-political science, read about it below).

Method and direction

Applied science - science is multifunctional, using a variety of research directions and methods according to the materials involved in the work disciplines. Studying certain categories of political science, mankind gains power over the course of historical development of society, adds to the Arsenal of effective methods of influence, gaining particular research methods. Of the main directions of research - political institutions, and that the state and the authority, the right, various parties, social movements, i.e. all kinds of formal or not political institutions. What you need to understand this term? It is this portion of the policy with a set of established norms and rules, principles and traditions, and relationships that can be somehow adjusted.

The Methodology of political science is committed to consider, for example, the institution of the presidency to its rules of procedure for election, competence, methods of dismissal and so on. Not less important direction is the study of political phenomena and processes, which includes the identified objective laws, analyzes the patterns of development of the whole system of society, developed political strategies for the practical application of them in this area. The third area explores political consciousness, psychology and ideology, culture, behavior, motivation, communication and management techniques all of these effects.

History of political science

For the First time, theoretically, to generalize knowledge about politics tried in antiquity. The basis for these investigations was provided by the majority of speculative philosophical-ethical ideas. The philosophers of this direction Aristotle and Plato was interested mainly, not to any real state, and the ideal, what it should be in their submissions. Further, in the middle Ages, Western European conception had a religious dominant and, therefore, political theories had the appropriate interpretation, because every thought, including political, could develop only in the areas of theological paradigm. Direction political science has not yet developed, and the prerequisites for this will be very soon.

I am studying political science

Political views were interpreted as one of the many areas of theology, where the highest authority - God. The civic concept appeared in political thought only in the seventeenth century, which gave impetus to the emergence and development of truly independent methods of research the current political processes. The works of Montesquieu, Locke, Burke became the basis of the institutional method, so widely used in modern applied science, although not yet formed, and the political science. The concept is formed only in the twentieth century. However, in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, namely the study of the political institutions engaged the best minds in their works. What this method is, you need to consider in more detail.

Institutional method

This method, as mentioned above, you can explore various political institutions: States, organizations, parties, movements, electoral systems and many other regulators of the process activities....

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