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Fans of Internet shopping are often faced with the problem of how to determine clothing size, not departing from the monitor. The problem is really relevant, and not only for them. Increasingly, manufacturers of garments lay in, it would seem, recognition of its own parameters. But remember a few simple rules which even at a distance to pick the perfect size.

What you need to know the woman?

Choosing the right size, a woman must first choose the category of the clothes she was going to buy. It could be outerwear or underwear. But in any case, you can roughly determine the size of the clothes, based on four characteristics: growth and volume of your waist, chest and hips. All measurements best done in the middle of the day, especially the waist.

However, the easiest way is considered when measured only the volume of the breast. To do this, you should use the new with the tape measure and wrap it around the chest at the level of the protruding points. The obtained result is divided in two. Thus, you get approximate clothing size. So, if the volume of the chest is 103 cm, it is necessary to give the preference to the marking "52”. But this size will fit only the Russian size. And therefore still need to carry out measurements and other parameters.

To determine the growth classification, you need to stand on a flat floor, chin parallel to the floor position and keep your back straight. The measurement is carried out on the mark on the wall at the level of the crown.


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The Removal of hips is calculated according to their most exposed points. If the lady herself conducts the measurements, it is better to stand while in front of a mirror.

Several additional parameters must be used if we are talking about the choice of underwear. In contrast to the above instructions on how to determine clothing size, rules of selection the right set of ladies ' intimate wardrobe operate on several different parameters. First, such category is no longer needed. And secondly, there is a new metering – coverage under the breast.

In order to derive the value of the last, you must stand up straight, raise hands up to encircle the measuring tape part of the body under the chest and give up. The resulting value will be the needed volume. What is it for? The answer is simple: in order to determine the Cup size. To do this, the breast volume take the volume under the chest. The difference is less than 12, then the woman needed A Cup, then every two units of increase the Cup by one value.

The Proposed manual of how to determine the size of clothing a woman will help make the right choice.

What you need to know the man?

There are a few rules that differ from those already outlined for the fair sex. To determine the amount of clothes Men is possible on the basis of growth parameters, chest, hips and waist. You should also measure the circumference of the throat (choice shirts) and sleeve length. The latter characteristic is calculated on line from the cervical vertebra to wrist, bent at the elbow.

Besides, choosing the right size underwear, a man should only measure the hip. Recommendation of professionals is the postulate that if the volume gets to the junction of the two markings, it is best to give your preference greater.

How to size jeans?

The Standard marking of the jeans as follows: “W... L…”. For some, these two values are simply Latin letters, and they call the standard size. But it is actually quite simple. Marking W denotes probjem belt jeans, which was taken 10 units. And therefore it is enough to know the waist or hips (depending on model) and on the basis of the above, to obtain the value of W.

Marking “L” is the length of the jeans is the inseam. If it is 76 – 79 cm, the value of L is 30. Further, the increase of one size is made with the addition of three units to the specified time. Focusing on these simple rules on how to determine the size of jeans, it is possible to determine with accuracy your model.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, of course, the ideal thing you can pick up just in the process of fitting. But if such conduct is not possible, it should be borne in mind the instructions of how to determine clothing size as ladies and gentlemen.

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