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Café "Sandro" in Ryazan was opened recently, but already managed to acquire a large number of regular customers. Among them - the true connoisseurs of Georgian cuisine and those who just love a good and tasty meal. And for those and for others this place fits perfectly.

Feature cafes

cafe Sandro Ryazan

Café "Sandro" in Ryazan specializiruetsya on Georgian cuisine. However, it is clear from the title. The school catering is located in the heart of Ryazan, so it is always crowded. Those who love the comfort and quality cuisine is guaranteed to stay there.

The Cafe attracts a nice design and interior. Sofas can rest. Complete design of square tables and unique chairs. They give this place a special flavor and charm. Especially it will appeal to fans of understated classics.

For single visitors and cheerful companies


Here will appeal to both fans of a solitary pastime, which you can spend your time on the summer terrace next to the beautiful fresh flowers. Calming colour palettes aid you to relax and unwind.

Will be Able to fit large and cheerful company. Suitable establishment for business negotiations and business meetings. In the cafe "Sandro" in Ryazan pays great attention to the safety of guests and their comfort. The staff is attentive and helpful. Showing visitors the true Caucasian hospitality, about which many know only by hearsay. But do not forget about the European tact.

Kitchen cafe "Sandro" in Ryazan

cafe Sandro Ryazan menu

The Kitchen at this establishment is in the best samples of a real Georgian restaurant. Here you will find classic Caucasian dishes - khachapuri, khinkali, kebabs, lobio.

All made from high quality ingredients, original recipes, some of which are owned by the chefs of the establishments. It is important that meals are not only delicious, but also combine utility and aesthetics. To resist them will fail.


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In Addition, the presence of a large selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages. To navigate in a rich and multi-page wine list will help experienced waiters who will tell you what exactly the drink for you.

A Nice bonus in the form of free Wi-Fi, as well as compliments and gifts given to visitors.

The institution

cafe Sandro Ryazan provodyatsya

The facility is located in the center of Ryazan. This is a very nice area, is close to Youth square, Lybidska Boulevard, city Park, Ryazan regional Philharmonic, Russian state University named for Esenin, the Museum of history of youth movement, Catherine's Church, stadium "Spartak".

So that guests and tourists is where to go before and after visiting the cafe "Sandro" in Ryazan. Provodyatsya street, house 40, the address where you will always find this place. A good reference is the business - center "Capital", which is a cafe. It works daily from 11 am to midnight.


cafe Sandro Ryazan reviews

Surprise café "Sandro" begins as soon as you are. You realize that you are in a place where you know what is a classic of Georgian cuisine.

Cold snacks lobio with walnuts, eggplant rolls stuffed with nut paste, satsivi from oily fish or chicken breast, milk, chicken and even gebzhalia. It's a roll of chicken cooked in mint sauce.

Large selection of salads presented in a cafe "Sandro" in Ryazan. In the menu you will find vegetable salad in Georgian with walnuts, a salad of Baku tomatoes, lettuce Archie, homemade cheese, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens and pesto. As well as a warm salad. For example, in a creamy mushroom sauce with shrimp, salmon or veal.

The first classic of the genre for any restaurant of Georgian cuisine minestrone. Here it is prepared especially well. Once in Ryazan, be sure to try it. Also from the traditional Caucasian dishes are the mutton soup, hashlama of veal brisket.

Among the hot appetizers occupies pride of place of grits with cheese, lobio in Imereti, qualified-query.

Special pride is the section of meat hot dishes. Then you are ready to offer boiled or fried khinkali, chicken chkmeruli - it is very similar to our char-grilled chicken cooked in garlic-milk sauce. You can also try chicken giblets Georgian, chashushuli, kuchmachi, stewed beef ribs in original sauce adjika prepared by the author's recipe to the chef of this cafe.

True gourmets will appreciate the chanakhi is baked in a pot lamb with vegetables. Soups - roast veal or pork, cooked with sweet tomatoes,with onions, greens and potatoes. There are chakapuli of lamb, abkhazura (beef with pork, barberries and pomegranate seeds), grub-Mingrelian (braised beef in walnut sauce with special spices).

Signature dish of the institution and is called "Sandro". It is delicate veal, which was cooked with vegetables, spices and chicken egg and cheese Suluguni.

Separate page in the menu is dishes prepared on coals. Here and classic skewers of chicken or pork neck, and exotic kebabs from oil fish, and even quail on the coals.

Large companies prefer to order a pyramid of meats on the grill, a special dish from the chef.

Many people like the traditional Caucasian baking khachapuri, kutaby, Cadbury, Ossetian pies and pita bread.

Special offers

classics of Georgian cuisine

For regular guests institution have special offers. For example, organized food delivery to the offices and home. And on weekdays from noon to 16 PM there is a special discount on entire menu 15%.

Particularly here love and revere free. Those who decided to celebrate the birthday of "Sandro", give a 10% discount.

Chefs and waiters the cafe is ready to organize the kitchen.


About the cafe "Sandro" (Ryazan) reviews visitors often leave positive and sometimes even enthusiastic.

Note the convenient location and delicious cuisine. Individual items in the menu are much tastier than the best Caucasian restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg. So what exactly will please fans of Caucasian cuisine in the city of Ryazan.

A Pleasant atmosphere is conducive to leisurely rest and relaxation. Everything is made to make guests feel at home and never cared. Very polite and helpful waiters are ready to organize a nice romantic evening.

Often the reviews are praise desserts that are served in a café "Sandro". Especially good to order them at lunch, then the second half of the day goes by faster and more enjoyable.

In General, to realize all the advantages and possible disadvantages of this institution, it is simply a must to visit. Will meet you here with open arms. The city of Ryazan is always happy to serve its guests.

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