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The Overall impression of any city is the sum of the parts. It is a known fact. Here all is important: attractions, entertainment, and hospitality of your host family and much more. The hotel attention is given to catering establishments that subtly adjust the overall impression of a particular city. Cafes and restaurants of Volgograd are always glad to welcome their visitors, offering not only delicious food, but also entertainment program.

Restaurants and cafes Volgograd

It is Worth noting that the cultural and entertainment life of Volgograd is developing quite rapidly. So, lately opened a large number of restaurants and cafes, discos and Nightclubs, and other establishments that offer visitors things to see and do and some time to escape from the daily routine. This will help the cosy coffeehouses where you can sit with a friend over a Cup of coffee, the luxurious restaurants of Volgograd, which has excellent conditions for the celebration of anniversaries and corporate parties, as well as stylish cafes and other establishments – the choice is wide enough for any occasion.

restaurants of Volgograd

However, every major city has a few places that deserve special attention. As such criteria there is no choice – just the restaurants or cafes have established themselves as the best. Now on each of them in detail.

Restaurant “beacon”

It is Noteworthy that this institution has been working for over 80 years. Restaurant “beacon” (Volgograd) first opened its doors back in the 1930s. During the great Patriotic war the building served as a hospital for German prisoners of war and fortification and shelter. Of course, such a rich history only adds uniqueness to this restaurant.


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The Interior and features of its architecture are ideal for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, corporate parties, Proms, and other special events. Spacious room decorated in bright colours, large Windows and stylish, modern furniture create a special atmosphere that will feel comfortable all invited.

restaurant lighthouse Volgograd

As for the cuisine, the emphasis is on Mediterranean cuisine. The widest selection of seafood and salads restaurant puts a “beacon” the leading position among similar institutions. Excellence of chefs to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Restaurant «Grape»

This place is located in the Central part of the city. The cozy interior, made in bright colors, creates a special atmosphere, which is ideal for emotional conversations or celebrations in the family circle.

The design of the restaurant is designed in such a way that the visitors will certainly there is a sense of home that allows you to truly relax and unwind from everyday problems. This is a key feature of the café «Grape» (Volgograd). The restaurant offers its visitors a wide selection of European dishes at very affordable prices.

the grapes of Volgograd restaurant

The restaurant «Grape» has one spacious hall for 80 people and two rooms for 8 and 20 people. The separate attention is deserved signature dish «Grape» - this delicious poppy seed cake, which can be tasted only here.

Restaurant "Pine forest»

This institution is worthy of the highest praise. Only here you can experience the traditional Russian atmosphere, to feel the real Russian hospitality and cordiality and to feel like the most honored guest. Anytime of year visitors are expected delicious dishes of Russian and European cuisine, interior design, appropriate all the traditions of this Russian country estate.

The friendly staff dressed in national costumes, traditional decorations of the halls, the folklore and the present execution of the Cossack ensembles-all this and much more awaits visitors in the estate "Pine forest" (Volgograd). The restaurant is the perfect place to relax with friends and family, perfect for celebrating various events in an informal setting.

Rimini Volgograd restaurant

In Addition to gourmet food, visitors are offered accommodation in a cozy 4-person cabins, a sauna and a plunge pool with mineral water.

“London” in Volgograd

The restaurant «London» (Volgograd) is located directly on the territory of the hotel complex Hotel Ring, in the Central part of the city. Exquisite and elegant European-style interiors, sumptuous meals, which is able to satisfy even the most discerning palate - all this will certainly please the visitors.

The Chef is ready to pamper their clients with exquisite dishes of European, Japanese and Italian cuisine. A wide selection of light snacks, salads and delicacies easily turn an ordinary dinner into a real feast.

In addition, the interior of the restaurant is perfect for special events. It could be corporate parties, and meetings in a narrow family circle. Special attention deserves the restaurant's signature dish «London», which is already appreciated by many customers – steaks on the basis of the Irish salad.

restaurant wedding Volgograd

Restaurant “rn”

"Rimini" (Volgograd) – restaurant, whose name speaks for itself. Located in the heart of the city, it offers a wide selection of Italian dishes. Of course, even the most sophisticated gourmet will be able to appreciate the incomparable taste dishes from professional chefs.

Carefully prepared gourmet Italian cuisine is served in the restaurant, especially at home. Stylish interior design and high quality of service lend the establishment a unique atmosphere.

restaurant London Volgograd

This place is perfect for gatherings in the company of close friends or a small party in an informal setting. Great wine list, and signature dishes prepared by real professionals of the culinary arts-all this is perfectly suited for a pleasant pastime.

Wedding in Volgograd

As a rule, no wedding celebration is complete without a lavish feast. Currently, the problem of organization is practically nonexistent – a huge number of restaurants and cafes offers its services for events of this kind. Restaurants of Volgograd – a wide range of institutions, each of which will be the perfect venue for special events.

While selecting the most suitable option should be considered first and foremost the number of seats, location of the institution, features of its interior and, of course, a range of dishes.

pine forest Volgograd restaurant

To Choose a restaurant in Volgograd for the wedding ceremony is not difficult. Literally every institution offers everything you need for events of this kind: the stylish interior and extraordinary cuisine, and excellent service, and reasonable prices.

Volgograd: hotels, cafes and restaurants

An institution of this kind in each city will always be popular. Moreover, in the current increasingly competitive every establishment tries to offer something more than just a place where you can eat. What is still needed restaurant? Wedding (Volgograd), anniversaries and birthdays, corporate parties and prom, as well as just friendly gatherings in the company of loved ones – there to visit a particular restaurant mass.

It Remains only to determine the choice. Restaurants of Volgograd – quite a large number of establishments, each of which is unique in its own way. Some spetsializiruyutsya gourmet food, other “take” customers with unusual interior or low prices-the important thing is that each of them tries to show their best side.


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