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Cotton candy is probably one of the most common Christmas treats among children and adults. Just so its in the shop will not buy, it usually sell at various events, such as the circus, the zoo, children's concerts, games rooms. And in the summer the machine that makes cotton candy, can be found in any Park where there is a swing-roundabouts. Incredible, but how much joy can bring regular sugar, turned into a white cloud of air! In different countries cotton candy is its name. For example, in America, this pure cotton sweet, in France - beard grandfather, in Germany, sugar wool, Italy - sugar yarn, and in England it was called a magic silk thread.

How is cotton candy?cotton candy

To make this airy treat, need special apparatus. Sugar, once it is processed: first melted, and then through a sieve a thin stream poured on the cold metal of the cone or drum that continuously rotates. As a result of all these processes is obtained from a thin thread, like a cobweb. The operator standing behind the apparatus, by skilled hands, winds them on a stick and transforms into a huge white cloud. If the sugar add the food coloring, you can get wool of different colors. Advanced craftsmen who already prilovchilis to the operation of the apparatus, you can even twist different shapes of sweet threads. Many parents forbid their children to eat cotton wool, because they are afraid for the health of teeth and buy ice cream instead. But if you look, is actually in a "cloud" of cotton candy contains a maximum of one teaspoon of sugar. But in ice cream it much more. How much is such a pleasure, like cotton candy? Its price ranges from 15 to 40 rubles.


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Homemade cotton candy. Prescription.

homemade cotton candy

Is this even possible? Probably, many in the head flashed now this question. Answer immediately - Yes, perhaps! There is even one good recipe, thanks to which you will learn to make cotton candy without even having at hand a special device.

We need:

  • 0.5 cups of cold water;
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • Food coloring (optional);
  • 1-2 drops of vinegar;
  • Low pan or frying pan;
  • Multiple plugs or Chinese chopsticks (they need to spin the cotton candy).

cotton candy price


  1. First, set up a place for storing of cotton candy. To do this, secure the fork (chopsticks) in a standing position, propping it up with something from both sides.
  2. Prepare the sugar syrup. Mix in a saucepan the sugar, water and vinegar and place on low heat. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, and remove from heat. Once the syrup has cooled slightly, place it on the fire and bring to a boil. This cycle must be repeated 3-4 times. The syrup should acquire a Golden hue, but in any case not dark (it says that it's overcooked). The output will be a dense mass that stretches well.
  3. Now the most interesting. Taking up a fork, dip it in the syrup and begin to drive her around pre-installed sticks. And so to wrap the sugar strands until then, until the syrup, or you reach your desired amount of treats. Well, now you will able at any moment to please your child, because they know how to make cotton candy at home.

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