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"halt" cafe in eagle, which is a great place in town for a meal and relaxing stay. Guests then bribe rich and varied menu, nice hookah room, summer terrace right next to the fountain and ample Parking. In our menu you will find something of their own fans European, Asian, Russian and Caucasian cuisines.

at the halt cafe eagle

The cafe attracts guests?

"halt" cafe in eagle, which seems to have everything. You can not only delicious to eat but also to relax on the dance floor with professional music and attractive lighting effects. Here are able to skillfully combine live music with a pleasant chat and meal.

Every evening you can get acquainted with the hits of club and dance music. Every weekend and festive day, here are organizing a special program - the traditional "Camp show". On it are the most famous command of the eagle, alone invite famous teams from other regions, as well as artists from neighboring countries.

"halt" cafe in eagle, where are ready to organize any event or celebration. To help with planning and organization, pick up a delicious menu, decorate with balloons and arrange a room according to your desire.

In this place a range of meeting rooms from 10 to 150 people. So the celebration will be modest, and in a big way.

Those who came here to relax, on a warm summer evening to enjoy the beautiful views and interiors that open out into an ornamental garden. But if you have small children, you will not have to puzzle over where to put them while you relax. Here is one of the best children's rooms and playgrounds in the city with professional animators. With these services you will receive absolutely free of charge.


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at the halt cafe eagle menu

History of establishment

"halt" cafe in eagle, which opened in 1996. At first it was a common roadside establishment, which was located at the traffic police post on the outskirts of the city. Basically it was focused on truckers.

The Whole history of this institution began with one small trailer. Then came the next a few of these trailers. And soon set up their tents, which are heated in winter time, began to receive guests all year round.

The Symbolic event was held in 2006 for the city of eagle. In the cafe "On a halt" opened "Children's town". One of the first in the city. It began to take the youngest visitors.

A turning point was 2007. Built common room, which accommodates up to 150 people. Soon opened and a summer veranda. Next to the fountain can accommodate up to 80 guests.

In 2010, earned a ballroom that can accommodate 130 visitors. Today, weddings and anniversaries each month. In the same year, the guests began to use the new bar and Billiards room. In 2014 opened a hookah lounge.

at the halt cafe eagle telephone

Dining Rooms

Today in the town of eagle cafe "On a halt" is ready to offer offers a wide variety of rooms.

The Main hall can accommodate up to 150 people. Here the restrained interior, which you can decorate to your taste. By default, the furniture and the walls in chocolate and dairy notes.

Large Windows provide good natural light and provide gorgeous panoramic views. Hall is best suited for celebrating birthday, anniversary, wedding, large business dinner, a traditional family holiday.

A Banquet hall designed for 20 people. This is a very comfortable small room. Furniture with walnut color, the walls in copper-yellow tones. Of the Banquet has a separate entrance to the common room. So that you can spend the evening in solitude my company, but if you want to join in the fun all the guests of the restaurant.

The Furnishings in the room has to cozy family gatherings. Thanks to fabric blinds can be guaranteed to hide from prying eyes.

For those who want to spend an evening in an intimate setting, there is a separate cabin. Here you can spend a romantic evening or to gather a small group of three to four people. You will maintain privacy and enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe. Special mention deserve the karaoke cabin.

cafe on the camp menu prices eagle


The Address of cafe "On a halt" in the eagle - Karachaevskoe highway, 112A. As it is the outskirts of the city, to get more convenient with public transport or taxi.

Notable places nearby only Youth Boulevard and the circuit DOSAAF, which are held periodically exciting competition.

Traditionally, many guests choose to stay "In camp" (a café in eagle). Phone it is better to use if you want to pre book your table and guaranteed to spend the evening in this institution.

g eagle café at rest

National kitchen

One of the main distinguishing features of this institution - the diverse menu. Here are four of the most popular dishes of our country. European, Russian, Caucasian and Asian. Separately you are always ready to offer Lenten and children's menu and a business lunch.

"halt" cafe in eagle, whose menu ready to surprise anyone. For example, there is a menu-barbecue. This is a beautiful, delicious and, most importantly, delicious. Youhere you will find the barbecue pork, spareribs, cooked on the grill, skewers of lamb, lamb bone, lamb liver and language, kebab, Dorado and fried shrimp.

In this section of the menu and very unusual proposal. For example, a salad "Mangal". It consists of a vegetable skewer, which is baked on the grill, and a special spicy or sweet sauce. You can order baked on the grill the mushrooms.

location in camp eagle

Business lunch

Wanting a fast, cheap and tasty to eat come to the cafe "On a halt". Menu prices in eagle one of the lowest. This marks most of the guests. Moreover, they can not only enjoy in the cafe, but to order delivery to your home or place of work.

The menu business Lunches are always present vegetable salads (eg salad, beet salad with garlic and cheese, salad from a radish with butter). And the prices are modest, from 35 to 60 rubles for 100 grams.

Meat salads cost from 50 to 80 rubles per 100 grams. Choose to be a "Meat salad" (beef, potatoes and fresh cucumbers), salad "Slavic" (chicken breast, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and grilled cheese), salad "Village" (smoked sausage, green peas, boiled potatoes, garlic and egg).

The first chef places usually cook okroshka, borscht, fish soup, lagman soup and the lamb with vegetables. Prices again are affordable - from 40 to 78 rubles per serving.

The Main meat dish is always the highlight of any dinner. Why not indulge yourself and order pasta Carbonara, pork with cheese and egg, pork goulash with sauce or risotto with beef. Special mention deserve fillet of chicken leg fried in egg, chicken Kiev, shish kebab.

the city the eagle café at rest

Main menu

In the main menu selection of hot dishes, of course, much richer. Here and pasties (beef or lamb), Ossetian pies (with meat, cheese or potatoes and cheese), kebab with cheese and Suluguni cheese.

A selection of Italian pastas. A couple in a cafe "On a halt" delicious dumplings. With beef, pork, chicken or beef.

For lovers of grilled dishes dumplings can cook. While the filling will remain unchanged and the same rich.

In this cafe make sausages of own production. Pork, chicken or lamb. One of the main delicacies of the establishments considered the rabbit's foot. Here it is prepared with mashed potatoes, Grana cheese, cream and fresh tomatoes.

A wide selection of poultry dishes. Fillet of Turkey legs will be served with Basil, garlic and parsley. In the Turkey with cranberry sauce will definitely add the currants, which will give the dish a special flavor.

Fresh drinks

Also, the cafe boasts a large selection of different drinks. Especially good non-alcoholic fruit drinks of own preparation.

Only 210 rubles will have to pay for one liter delicious cherry juice. The juice of the currants with mint and sugar is slightly cheaper - 195 rubles per liter. You can buy them on the spill.


The Majority of visitors leave mostly favorable reviews about this place. Celebrate the warmth and helpfulness of the waiters and administrators.

Many praised the local cuisine. Especially manta rays and Ossetian pies with meat and cheese. Successfully there are large-scale celebrations such as weddings. Local staff not only help to make the menu, but to choose the right party decorations.

Varied and interesting program in this institution. Thanks for making leader holds and exciting contests over which you can have a good laugh. After this evening, here want to return again and again to this place all the important holidays.

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